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  1. Hey Mordigrim, I know Soju and Jim, and a few others to a lesser degree. I also have raided with you guys a couple of times as a fill on my hunter named Bowgak. My cats names are Winchester and coco. As far as their breed goes, Winchester is orange and coco is like coco colored, thats about all I know. Really the only question I have is, if and when I can join 😉
  2. Hello, my name is Threeiiis. I've been playing wow for like a while, off-and-on since mop. Most of my time has been spent playing Boomkin, but I'll most likely be playing warlock in Shadowlands. My favorite things to do in wow are run countless sims and just be an absolute nerd about warcraftlogs. I love raiding, im pretty passionate about it and i try my absolute best to be as good as i can be. I have previously played and am friends with a few people in the guild already, I would like to join back up with them in this guild. The idea of a strong, community based, drama-free guild
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