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  1. The most important question first. We look at his face and Kevin was the only answer. Generally we just fish on boat with standard line and bait, nothing fancy. I could have bubble tea everyday. My go-to is green tea with honey and plain boba. My husband is decidedly less adventurous in food than I am, but I get him to try new stuff from time to time. We live a few hours from a big city, so it’s only when we can plan a day of it.
  2. Hi Mordigrim! Thank-you for having us. Toast is always watching disc golf videos. My Hobbies outside of WoW are badminton, fishing, finding new exciting places to eat and undercutting Tuna on the AH. Bubble tea, Korean BBQ, any real Chinese food(yes bubble tea is a meal). I love bubble tea, so refreshing. Korean BBQ is an experience and it comes with awesome side dishes. Real Chinese food>Fastfood Chinese. It’s like comparing Mexican food and Taco Bell. We have a dog named Kevin. He is a Pomeranian and the cutest, goodest boy ever.
  3. Hello, my name is Pinktail. I have played WoW since vanilla. I have played holy pally since BC. I love getting achievements and raiding at the highest level that I can. My husband is Toast and I met him while raiding in Black Temple. I love all things pink, anything fluffy, and collect pets and mount of all shapes and sizes.
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