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  1. In which case: Ash Williams, to handle that whole pesky army of the dead mess, one ascended Daniel Jackson to appeal to the mystics, Kip Thorne to show the Solarian what those black holes are really all about... i guess i need a powerful healer too. i need to think about that one. we'll be piloting the ship Destiny of stargate universe, largely self-sufficient and self-navigating, fueled by the energy of stars, and with a handy dandy repository of the ancients on board for easy access the the greatest wealth of information and tech in the known universe. is that cheating? :P
  2. I am SOOO excited to hear that. Sounds like a breath of fresh air tbh! She's spoiled AF. I've got a huge succulent and cactus collection, some carnivorous sundews, along with the standard pothos, spider plants, and zz plants. I love the latter 3 for how easy they are to take care of, but my burro tail and string of dolphin succulents are definitely my favorites even if they're highly temperamental. They just look so cool. The sundews are SUPER cool as well and the world's best mosquito control - even if Moonspell tries to eat them as soon as they get brought inside for the winter. reall
  3. 1. The best thing about being near NYC is 100% the food. Literally any cuisine I could think of from anywhere in the world, I can find it here just a stone's throw away. Its kinda dangerous. >_> It almost makes up for the traffic. Almost. 2. What planet am I going to? What might we be up against here? What am I retrieving exactly? All important details before I can form my team. You've gotta give me the opportunity to overthink and overplan the whole affair. :P 3. Depends on his mood at the moment. ;) He'd probably tell you I am a strong, opinionated kinda chick wit
  4. Hi all! I'm Niia, with a bunch of various -iia type alts floating around, but I mainly play my 120 disc priest Niia and 120 warlock, Aiia. I'm more than willing to play whatever the guild needs most, though. I just returned back to retail from an... interesting experience leading a raiding guild in classic that has me itching for a home where I can raid, do some heroics and mythic without the toxicity and perpetual torrent of misogyny and gamer words, and you guys sound like exactly the kind of guild I have been hoping to find (and had kinda been losing hope existed). You may see an app fr
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