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  1. Clairemont is always down to cuddle and is also really sweet. We were roomies for awhile before she got serious with some boy and decided to marry him (traitor). But Arkady is also really sweet when she wants cuddles, but that's all the time. Mainly when it's cold or when Amaia doesn't want anything to do with her, those are the times she'll deign to ask me for attention.
  2. She definitely is. She also has the most crotchety old man meow I've heard in my life, even when she was a kitten (she's about 10 or 11 now). Clairemont can verify, since we lived together for something like 5 or 6 years. She is really sweet though when she wants cuddles lol.
  3. 1. I have all the cats. I had three cats, then I inherited my dad's cats. So now I have 5 cats and a dog and it's so many animals and they have me outnumbered. This is Amaia: https://imgur.com/38AWGoN This is Arkady: https://imgur.com/pd522NF This is Andellen: https://imgur.com/pYWRVhO This is Loial: https://imgur.com/V4Xh2fH This is my dad's cat Kuma: https://imgur.com/N80u0PG My dad had another cat, Spike, but I don't have any pictures of him. He mostly likes in my roommates room now, but if he comes out I'll try and take a picture. 2. I don't which to pick,
  4. So the book that Jasnah is from is Brandon Sanderson's Stormlight Archives series. There's 4 books out and they are all wonderful. The first is Way of Kings (Jasnah is the best character, btw). The series Jim and I both have tattoos from is Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time. It is, thankfully, finished. It's like 14 books and they're all 700+ pages, but it's definitely a good read. They both would fall into the "epic fantasy" category and the idea that "oh gnoes the world is ending! we must stop it!", but what epic fantasy doesn't have that story line? I enjoy both because I think they have fun ch
  5. Hello! My name is Heather, I live in southern California (not a good part!). I'm friends with Jim and Bagel. I met Jim in a raid group when he got super excited about my toon name (back when I was Jasnah) and we became fast book friends. We even both have tattoos from the same book series having to do with the same character (because Matrim is the best). I believe these tattoos predate our friendship and are just a happy coincidence. I had to move for family reason and now I work from home. That, on top of covid, has me living a pretty isolated life, so I really liked reading in the CoC that
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