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  1. OK Pictures! So this is Momo and Daisy in their brief moments of not play fighting https://imgur.com/EbQyPVH I was thinking more pictures but that's the whole phone to computer thing and I am just not into that today.
  2. Hello Jocelyn! The peanut butter to Jim's jelly. 1. I'm honestly not sure if I've have fruitcake. I come from a smaller family so there is a bit of the if one person doesn't like something and no one else wants to have it, it just isn't introduced to the table. 2. Too cold. You can always put more clothes on or take a hot bath or something but with too hot you do get to the point where you can't take off more to cool off. 3. So this is a humdinger of a question. Because if you had asked money and space no object how many dogs would I like, I would probably
  3. Hello Devotional! I will absolutely find pictures of Daisy for you. I've just got to find them on the google drive as the ones on my phone are too big apparently. Daisy is a big ole baby. She is 9 months old and a dachshund husky mix. She's got oodles of personality and barks more than I wish she would. She also has a bit of an owie (she sprained a muscle cuz she likes to play rough with her friend) so she is being on forced no play for a bit which she does not care for. Okay Questions! 1. My childhood crush was Luke Skywalker. Not Mark Hamill because I don't think I
  4. Hello! I am Clairemont (or Lillian irl). I main a shadow priest and I started playing around the end of Wrath. I live in Alabama with my partner Rathkawe and our puppy dog Daisy Mae and kitty cat Momo. I work at a bank and am possibly the only adult I know who gets Columbus Day off. I became friends with Jim at some point in the past. I particularly dig section 6 of the CoC about being inclusive and eschewing (nice choice of words) those who demean others.
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