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  1. Aloha, Traxx! I guess New World has a lot of people checking up with old crews ... my own plan is to follow one of my favorite streamers into the game (SolidFPS). I had a ton of fun during the beta. Odd are we won't cross paths (and wouldn't recognize each other if we did) ... but best of luck to you and your Sacrifice peeps!
  2. "Way back in the day," he says. Pup! I ran the House Davion call list when Kesmai released the first multiplayer MechWarrior on GEnie ... that's how you go "way back" ...
  3. Lol -- I wasn't actually questioning your policy statement. I think it's brilliant, and lays just the right amount of framework for hanging situation-by-situation rulings on. I've always enjoyed seeing you at work. Not to hurt your feelings, but ... the post wasn't actually addressed to you at all. All 3 points were directed at sites like D2jsp. It's a year out of date, so it wasn't really a direct response to anyone, but I hoped it might open eyes a bit for anyone using a site like D2jsp, and help him or her notice things that might otherwise slip past -- to get people thinking in ways they
  4. Even though it's a year old, I do love a good philosophical debate. Of course, Sebby would kill me if I tried to get into "morals," but let me just float this: 1. Somebody paid for the development of this game. Yes, he was an ego maniacal, scum-sucking corporate pig, and his grave deserves its daily quota of spit ... but he still supported the people who built it, and he still "owns" it. If he (the EULA) says you'll be banned for trading currency and/or items outside the game ... well, it's kinda rude to go behind his back and break his rules. How would you feel if you came home every day and
  5. It's actually really funny to hear about this, because I considered re-upping my WoW account on Monday (just to goof off while I was sick for a couple days). In the end, I chose to download the latest of the Civilization III "Game of the Month" scenarios and tackle that. I might end up in WoW yet, though. Darkfall beta has taken way too long to get here.
  6. Not to be argumentative, but I'll flatly state The Truth: life is 100% about your relationships with other people. Everything else can be measured only by the effect it has on those relationships. And, one of my favorite sayings: money is for doing things, not for having. I totally respect your position, Single. If you're not enjoying what you're doing, right now, this minute, then you really have to ask yourself why you're doing it. Levelling grinds aren't my cup of tea. And, one final thought: if God had meant us to be promiscuous, we would have been born naked.
  7. Skydance


    I'm looking forward to trying out Darkfall, because of the possibility of land control. The FPS concept makes me wary, though -- I'm just not good at FPS games, and I don't know how much I can enjoy one. The history of Darkfall's production schedule is a sore point, too. Hard to keep faith. Horizons was the most innovative game I've seen come to market since Shadowbane. It really had a flavor, to toss around a word that's been used often in this thread. Nothing can get past broken gameplay, though, and the large-scale combat just didn't work. This, in a game that was designed around large-scal
  8. Oh, is that the name of that place? I never did figure out what it was called. Crypt of Home. Butt-whooping Tentacle Monster. Got it!
  9. I can't imagine what COH is, but it's nice to meet you.
  10. Friends hurt you the most, because you don't expect things to ever go badly. Misunderstandings and contrary goals do get in the way, though, just as much with friends as with anyone else you know. It's human. I wish you luck, Banz, wherever your wanderings take you. I don't feel like I ever really knew you, but I did enjoy gaming with you.
  11. It was nice grouping with you this weekend. Welcome to ... here.
  12. Nice to meet you! Is it okay if we call you Tony, or does that nickname bug you? (Ashin, you should know better than to think I'd make fun of someone who works with disabled people for a living. *wink*)
  13. Skydance


    The Rock's actually on my "A list" for actors. When he lands a role, he always brings a little something surprising to it. I might see it this weekend. I usually wait for stuff like this to come out on DvD.
  14. True story: I was having dinner with a young lady this week (on my birthday! *bounce*), and I was explaining MMORPGs to her. I described creating a paper doll, and dressing it up, and then going into the game and hunting rabbits and wolves. I explained about seeing other people's dolls in the game, and they were really people all over the country, and you could team up together and hunt together. She immediately made the leap to, "Could I attack the other people instead?"
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