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  1. Sad to hear that, enjoyed talking and flying with you mate. Hopefully we'll get to play a game of stellaris or perhaps fly together again in Star Citizen. Don't hesitate to add me on steam if you use that Galaad97. Take care my friend!
  2. Hopefully it'll all work out. I joined very recently myself and can safely say now that I made the right choice. The people are helpful, mature and easy to get along with. (Mind you the boss can be a bit Strange, but don't let him know I said that.). I'm not a person that integrates very easily, a bit shy you could say, and I've felt very comfortable here...oh and they're also quite patient to endure my questions :P.
  3. I haven't played HoI4 yet, but I'm looking forward to trying it out as well if I ever get enough time =P.
  4. Heh, too many questions to answer them all I'm a bit lazy.... But i'll try to answer a few that were asked in no particular order. While I don't dislike cats, I prefer dogs by far (Have a Bernese Mountain Dog) and I'm sorry but I tend to prefer Fall... I managed to go out there last night yup! and Its hard to tell what Im looking forward to in my adventures in null-sec...I guess just that, adventures, fights and actually experience the game in other ways than just missions. Can't really say which space I like the most due to lack of experience I fear and I do like pancakes as long as they're covered with REAL maple syrup. Name was Gunpowder Korgh in Darkfall and I was fighting along The Shipwrecked Pirates... We played on Euro server and owned Erinthel as part of SBA (Shadowbane Alliance) until NA launched and we then moved there. I don't dip my chips into anything, I try to buy chips that already taste good in general :P....as for Stereotypes about my hometown? Hard to say, it's a small place that isn't known for much outside of strawberry fields. Though I'm sure there's a lot of stereotypes that are accurate about french Canadians in general, but I couldn't say which on top of my head, sorry! Games I play besides MMO, strategy games, roguelikes and RPGs. I like stats too I guess! Here's some more titles I really like: Shadowrun Dragonfall, Mordheim City of the Damned, Wasteland 2, Darkest Dungeon, Stellaris, Europa Universallis, Out of the Park Baseball (OOTP), Valkyria Chronicles, Betrayal at Krondor, Battle Brothers, Space Rangers etc... There's a lot more games on that list but I guess that gives a basic idea. Oh and games I'm looking forward to are Crowfall and Battletech (
  5. Hrms pardon my ignorance, but would there be any way to change my display name? It looks like I wasn't paying attention when signing up and ended up using my email as a display name.
  6. Here's my little introduction so you get a basic idea at least =). My character's name is Gared Calimehtar, Although I normally go under the name Korgh or Gunpowder Korgh when playing online...but this account and character were made on a whim back in 2005 before I used those names. So it looks like I'm 34 now, been gaming for many years. I guess I started my online gaming "career" on a MUD from 1994 to 2002. (The Two Towers LP mud...if anyone around even remember or knows what a mud is heh!) I then moved on to Shadowbane and eventually WoW, playing along with a group called Ministry of Chaos until the group mostly fell to inactivity and then I ended up with a bunch of misfits called The Shipwrecked Pirates with whom I've played Darkfall, Guildwars 2 and various other non mmos. I've been intrigued by EVE since late 2005, and I've tried approaching the game a few times but never really had a decent corp or friends to fly with...and to me having a good group of people around you really make or break an online game. So that's pretty much what I'm hoping to find here. I unfortunately don't have as much play time as I used to in my "younger" days, but I still try to log on multiple times a week =). Don't hesite to say hello in game or here K.
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