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  1. And now soloing bright wizards, archmages, and knights of the blazing sun in a lost daze of bloody glory...hehe.

  2. I miss X too. I still think of him as our stray puppy.. found in the wilderness of the desert with his lock in pewpy greens, but still soloing heroic beetles.. and how we rescued him and he, in turn, won a place in our hearts. *awwww*

  3. X, miss ya man.. wish we could hook up on a game again and go kick some ass

  4. Xvim

    Hello People!

    Welcome. Don't you mean the grand privilege of being related to an awesome archmage?? (I hope this comment means I no longer have to watch my combustion level when she's around.
  5. Pffft, if you were good I wouldn't die so often.
  6. Very true. *waits for marshmallow rain*
  7. At least I'll have someone to talk to at night while I'm at work....err....wasn't me, I didn't do it, you didn't see me do it, you can't prove anything.
  8. I guess I'll give my last statement as well (sorry for the complete derailment). They had even said it is a game they want based out of raiding --that being why it has the best gear. I agree they really don't care about the PvP needs of people or the balance required to do so. At the same time they're also alienating some of their raiders --ie my boss-- because things are easier to reach and they no longer feel 'special' for reaching those goals / raids.
  9. Sorry hunters (now) and warriors (as of next xpac) are worse than locks were.
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