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  1. Hey Jeskal - I played Aion as well, but it's been so long I barely remember anyone, hahaha. They're trying to do a 'classic' revival just like WoW, huh? These forums are pretty inactive, but we do have a Discord server where a bunch of us are still hanging out. Our current active-ish games are Destiny 2, EVE Online, and a wanderlust/nomadic group that's currently messing around in FO76. It looks like you left SoH on good terms (you created 'Jeskal' back in 2010!) so I'll PM you a link.
  2. Very much so. We took a break for about a year and a half, but Simone started it back up again last August and he's leading a solid crew. Check out the SOHCO Public channel in-game.
  3. Hello potential new space friend! Great app - I almost couldn't come up with any questions. Almost... We just packed up our Remington 870 to let a friend keep for us while we're away in Europe for the next several years. What's your favorite firearm? Looking forward to bouncing fits off you, I play the role of primary Pyfa warrior around here. What's your favorite ship to fly? Mine is the Thorax, I have a fun shield/rail nano fit that tends to surprise T3Ds with the speed and DPS. Favorite caffeinated drink?
  4. Hello potential new space friend! I'm TBert, director in the EVE Cohort. That's funny - I've been USTZ for 8 years, and am about to move to EUTZ for 3 or 4 years (stationed in Germany with the Army). I have friends & family near London (Southend and Hitchen) so I'll be visiting the UK for sure. There's nothing wrong with Maryland though, I spent a few years at Fort Meade and learned to like the parts outside the beltway. Random question time! How often do people assume your nickname is referring to the southern US instead of South Africa? Tell us your favorite 'I was there when' EVE story. Watch any good TV shows recently?
  5. Hello potential new space friend! If you're into theorycrafting and solo, you'll probably enjoy getting to know Caldari Joans. He's a former member that hangs around our Discord and in-game channel regaling us with tales of his solo adventures in blingy ships. Random question time! Favorite ship in EVE? Favorite ship in real life? What television show have you binged most recently?
  6. Hello potential new space friend! It often takes more than once for EVE to really stick, but when it does (and you've got the right group of friends to play with) there's no other game like it. I've got probably 4 years of playtime across 4 iterations. I'm sorry to hear about your bad experiences with a previous corp - EVE is a brutal teacher, and we'll help you out as much as we can, but you should also be prepared to spend some time reading sites like the EVE University Wiki. Random question time! What's the most accurate & least accurate thing about Montana from Far Cry 5? What field of computer science are you looking to get into? What's your favorite planet?
  7. Hello potential new space friend! I gotta know - what's the background on the name? Tell us some more about your previous EVE experience. You didn't do much PvP, but also trained one of the most specialized PvP ships in the game? And to round out with a 3rd random question - ketchup or mustard with your fries?
  8. Hello potential space friend! Omega is certainly not a requirement to enjoy EVE (and our primary doctrines have alpha-friendly fits). When you say late night, how late are we talking? Our weekday activity is centered around 0100 - 0300 EVE Time (9PM to 11PM Eastern Time). We also have fleet ops usually scheduled for Thursdays & Saturdays at 0100 EVE, those will be good opportunities to get to know the group if you aren't able to be online much. Random question time! What's the stereotypical 'unhealthy, convenient, & cheap' college student meal nowadays? I remember eating a lot of Cup Noodle when I was young and had no idea how bad it would be for my blood pressure... What are you going to school for? Are you into history or science fiction?
  9. Hello potential new space friend! We spoke last night, my main is TBert in-game. Like I said - you're going to have questions, or hear us talk about things you don't understand. By recruiting you, we signed on to explain everything we say - don't hesitate to ask about it! Random question time! How do you make your real life ISK? How do you feel about Sportsball? Follow any particular teams or sports? Why is friendship the best ship in EVE?
  10. Hello potential new space friend! I remember having a 2-year-old... my youngest is 10 now, and life is so much easier when all the kids are able to make their own sandwiches. Can you tell us some more about your EVE experience? What sorts of space have you lived in? Were you a part of any corps before? How do you like to earn ISK? Other random (and non-EVE related) question time! What's your favorite flavor of yogurt? What genre of music would you take with you on a trip to Mars? What's the longest train ride you've ever taken?
  11. Hello potential new space friend! Whaaaat! Do you play Kerbal Space Program!? I like space, but not math, sooo I'm sort of limited in my career options...
  12. Hello potential new space friend! Ratting in low sec sounds terrible, but this is EVE so putting yourself through misery is often a great way to make ISK (see: Planetary Interaction). The Sabre is an excellent ship, one of my favorites - also unforgiving and expensive, hehehe. Random question time! Favorite ship in EVE? Favorite ship outside of EVE? What is your current phone background?
  13. Hello potential new space friend! (I'm TBert in-game so this is my 2nd time shouting this at you.) We also learned a lot about EVE in Provi... mostly through the politics of the KOS list! Which we've proudly been on since a couple of months after our inception... I also have teenagers, my son is 19 and my daughter is 18. They haven't moved out or joined the military yet, but I can still hope! Random question time! Have you ever roleplayed as an Amarr like CVA? If Friendship is the Best Ship in EVE, what's the best ship on the /r/eve subreddit? Would you rather learn to play an instrument or learn a new language?
  14. Yeah I was specifically referring to the logo. I still have a beautiful scarf with the 2GTHR logo up on my 'gaming wall' from when Vas had a bunch made. Plot twist! Hahaha.
  15. Hello new (old) space friend! Those were the good old days back in Branch. ISK as far as the eye could see, the CTAs weren't unbearable, and for a while there we even had decent content not too far from home. I blame... uh... the Goons for ruining it? Yeah. Grr Gons. (It was actually inter-coalition politics that ruined it.) Random question time! What did you think of the Demonic Wheat Pineapple? Favorite ship to fly in EVE? The aliens finally arrive on Earth. How many eyes do they have, and why?
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