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  1. It me (Introduction)

    Hello potential new friend! Looking forward to rocking Leviathan with you. Random questions! Who is your favorite character in Destiny 2 and why? I don't watch anime, but I do enjoy making fun of my son (who does) by enthusiastically performing the Super Saiyan Scream at inappropriate times. Is that wrong? If I had to hazard a guess, 901 is your zip code and Krool is a character from an anime?
  2. Greetings, Guardians

    Hello potential new friend! You have been appropriately interrogated, so I'll just save my questions for the next unsuspecting victim. See you in D2!
  3. Greetings from the west!

    Man, that sounds awesome. I'm ~4 years away from retiring from the Army as well, and I'm constantly plotting how to convince my family to tolerate some rural (and lower-cost) living, to stretch my retirement check a little further...
  4. Hail and well met!

    Hello potential new friend! What sort of poems do you write? I mostly stick to composing awful mathematics-themed rap lyrics to make my kids cringe. They're not a big fan of 2chainz-plus-3chainz-equals-5chainz. You said you've played a lot of MMOs but haven't stuck around in many of them - we have lots of discussions on the MMO meta and how it's evolved over the years. Why do you think they've had trouble 'clicking' with you? You have a chance to go back in time and re-write Neil Armstrong's speech as he steps onto the moon. Do you change it?
  5. Greetings from the west!

    Hello potential new friend! Far Cry 5 just came out and is set in Montana - Have you played it? Are there really have constant, random, and violent encounters between bears/bulls/cultists/panthers/preppers/wolves? Vanilla WoW was the last time I really played the game as well - do you remember trying to loot and getting stuck in the kneel? I scooted all over the place in that kneel... How do you make your living?
  6. Hi SoH! Prospective ESO guild member here!

    No, I was way too deep down the EVE Online rabbit hole to even give it a chance...
  7. @MorpheusZero - Hey Guys/Gals

    It's a pretty brutal sandbox survival sim with a bit of shooting, set in the Canadian wilderness. They recently came out with the first story episode that got solid reviews, and features my favorite voice actor ever Jennifer Hale.
  8. Hi SoH! Prospective ESO guild member here!

    Hello potential new friend! I don't play ESO, but I <3 the folks over there, so you're in good hands. Random question time! What do YOU think happened to Amelia Earhart? What's the largest amount of money you've ever found on the ground? A lot of people dismissed BDO as a very expensive character generator without a lot of game behind it. What hooked you?
  9. @MorpheusZero - Hey Guys/Gals

    We just shut down our EVE Online chapter last month, but we were very PvP-focused. We felt like plenty of other games have really good PvE, but the PvP in EVE is second-to-none. To each their own though - I love all the industrialists and miners that keep ship prices down! About 20 minutes into Factorio I saw how deep the rabbit-hole went with programming the trains and everything... I just had to step back, for the sake of my sanity and my marriage. Did you play The Long Dark? Speaking of MMOs & shooters, did you ever play The Division? And one more random question: Which fighter jet is your favorite?
  10. Hey all new D2 recruit here!

    Nice. My screen-name is from hitting 'Random' in WoW in 2004. That's dedication. I think I've played TW1 two or three times, TW2 at least twice, and TW3 once through vanilla, and another with Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine. Who's your favorite character in the series, and why is it Zoltan? Other random questions... Through a series of unfortunate events, you've fallen out of an airplane without a parachute. You're in luck though, you have some choices on where to land. Do you aim for the haystack, the net, or the snowdrift? Destiny 2-wise, what class do you main and why?
  11. Hi Everyone :D

    Hello potential new friend! You've got a great group over there in ESO, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I live in South Florida, and there are approximately a billion French-Canadians here during the winter. I encounter a lot of them at a little roadside food/ice cream stand called 'Dairy Belle' where they call out the numbers in French before English. I get my poutine from there. Random question time! If you were a member of a zombie survival team, which role would you fill (medic, sniper, explosives expert)? What's the PvE raid you're most proud of completing? Tell me your favorite Elder Scrolls-related joke.
  12. Intro

    Ooof. Which wormhole misadventure story? The one where half of my Caracal fleet of 25 was trapped in a wormhole that was stable/stable when we started? The one where our return wormhole died and we had a 40-jump trip home? I can't keep track... Anyways, a belated welcome to you, potential new friend.
  13. Introduction and Hellos

    Sorry to hear that. I'm 5 years out from a regular retirement myself, enlisted side in the Army.
  14. Introduction and Hellos

    Ayyyy another Division player. I've been using TD as a nice change of pace from Destiny 2 for a few months now, so much has been added since I quit a month after launch. My Ubi handle is Fyrlis if you want to link up. What's your favorite gear set? Other random questions! What's your favorite line from a movie? How do you make your IRL money?
  15. My intro :)

    Hello potential new friend! Your intro post is your big Hello to the guild, so we're going to try and draw more out of you - hope that's cool! How do you make your RL gold? Tell us some more of your gaming history. Are you exclusively MMOs or RPGs? Which describes LA better - GTA's version of Los Santos, or the movie La La Land?