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  1. Tyrlis

    Grieve Promoted to Leadership Council

    Congratulations my friend! Well deserved!
  2. Tyrlis

    Destiny 2 Status -- Chapter

    Congratulations D2! On to Forsaken!
  3. Tyrlis

    New Destiny Player

    You're in the Guard and have to ask your new gaming guild for active duty Soldiers to get advice from?! ... 15 years active duty here, so you got lucky. Ask whatever you want and I'll give you the senior NCO perspective. Random question time! What's your favorite /r/army/ thread? Why did you ignore Grieve's questions? Why am I at my son's college at 7 AM on a Saturday?
  4. Tyrlis

    Intro, Destiny 2 player, PC enthusiast

    Hi potential new friend! Sorry I took so long to respond to your app, I've been busy with work. Ayyyyyy a Michigander! Born and raised in Wisconsin here, but spent a lot of time in da UP, yaderehey. Random question time! What's your favorite Michigan sports team? What is Cayde-6's favorite dance? Favorite movie trilogy?
  5. Tyrlis


    Hi potential new friend! Sorry it took me 2 days to respond, work has been pretty busy. CStrike was my jam back in high school, I used to spend whole paychecks at the local LAN arcade playing with my friends. My son is starting his associates in game design this month, he's spent the last 3 or 4 years just playing around on Scratch or GameMaker. It does seem like a really great hobby that's hard to turn into a reliable living, so I'm trying to push him towards the AI/programming side instead of pure game design. Random questions! Name your top 3 games that were sequels. (Mine are Half-Life 2, Mass Effect 2, and Hearts of Iron 2.) I just stalked Morganton on the map and it looks like the sort of small southern town that cable news reporters come to and ask questions about 'politics in the Bible Belt'. Ever had that happen? What are Titans hiding in their shoulderpads?
  6. Tyrlis

    Singularity80, An Introduction, Undefined

    Hello potential new friend! Sorry I'm a little late on answering your thread. I played The Division quite a bit at launch, then had a brief re-entanglement with it earlier this year. I'll likely log on to run some of the shields before The Division 2. Ghost Recon Wildlands was a bit of an impulse buy after the trial weekend, but I got outrageously addicted to Kerbal Space Program soon after and haven't played in months. I'll likely go back at some point to finish clearing all the provinces. I answered your message in Discord about this. :) For random questions, I'm going to be lazy and copy the question from Life's thread. 1. Have you ever tried to explain Fermi's Paradox to anyone and had their eyes glaze over? Why do you think we haven't been contacted by aliens yet?
  7. Tyrlis

    Life's Intro

    Hello potential new friend! I played Overwatch for all of 2 hours for one of our SoH game nights... it was fun but I was terrible. Grieve did ask most of my questions, so I'm just going to go with one complex question. 1. Have you ever tried to explain Fermi's Paradox to anyone and had their eyes glaze over? Why do you think we haven't been contacted by aliens yet?
  8. Tyrlis

    Washingtron's Intro - Primarily a Destiny 2 player

    Hello potential new friend! I'll second what Rundown said, 640 hours doesn't seem like 'a bit'. But I also would NOT want to know how many hours I've put into EVE Online... Random question time! 1. What are Titans hiding in their shoulder pads? 2. What made you decide to play D2 on PC? 3. Favorite alcoholic & non-alcoholic drink?
  9. Tyrlis

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    I actually bought Blackwake recently. How is it? Do I need a group to play?
  10. Tyrlis

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    Hi potential new friend! Grieve seems to have asked enough questions, so I'll leave it at that.
  11. Tyrlis

    Decker's Introduction

    Hello potential new friend! I also once had a newlywed wife who supported my gaming habit... don't overdo the gaming, or you'll suddenly have a wife who does not support your gaming habit. Soccer fan, eh? I've been watching way too much World Cup... what's your favorite club? What position do you usually play? What's your favorite ship in the history of sci-fi? What's your favorite Pokemon meme?
  12. Tyrlis

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    Hello potential new friend! I was on vacation for the last 9 days so I'm getting to your thread a little late. One of the best games I've ever played. Also, you might be finishing the vanilla story, but there's a whole other world of DLC content - Blood & Wine is absolutely 100% worth buying. Don't leave us hanging, what city?
  13. Tyrlis

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    I brought it up because I was stationed there and knew that they hire a lot of native English speakers to teach English there.
  14. Tyrlis


    Hello potential new friend! I remember having a Spongebob poster up in my barracks room like 13 years ago... it's nice to see he's still a (meme) force to be reckoned with, hahaha. Random question time! What class do you play in D2, and why is it better than all the other ones? Have you ever gone Super Saiyan at a very inappropriate time, or do you irrationally hate DBZ like I do? Would you rather fight zombies or robots?
  15. Tyrlis

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Hello potential new friend! I played EVE Online with a bunch of Russians - some of the best allies, though I was glad I didn't speak Russian when the FCs started swearing at the fleet... Random question time! I don't think I've ever seen a restaurant featuring Russian cuisine... what would be their best dish? English teacher is a huge career in South Korea as well, but they tend to recruit from outside Korea for it. Are there many non-Russian English teachers? What's the origin of "Qi'o"?