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  1. Hello potential new space friend! Whaaaat! Do you play Kerbal Space Program!? I like space, but not math, sooo I'm sort of limited in my career options...
  2. Hello potential new space friend! Ratting in low sec sounds terrible, but this is EVE so putting yourself through misery is often a great way to make ISK (see: Planetary Interaction). The Sabre is an excellent ship, one of my favorites - also unforgiving and expensive, hehehe. Random question time! Favorite ship in EVE? Favorite ship outside of EVE? What is your current phone background?
  3. Hello potential new space friend! (I'm TBert in-game so this is my 2nd time shouting this at you.) We also learned a lot about EVE in Provi... mostly through the politics of the KOS list! Which we've proudly been on since a couple of months after our inception... I also have teenagers, my son is 19 and my daughter is 18. They haven't moved out or joined the military yet, but I can still hope! Random question time! Have you ever roleplayed as an Amarr like CVA? If Friendship is the Best Ship in EVE, what's the best ship on the /r/eve subreddit? Would you rather learn to play an instrument or learn a new language?
  4. Yeah I was specifically referring to the logo. I still have a beautiful scarf with the 2GTHR logo up on my 'gaming wall' from when Vas had a bunch made. Plot twist! Hahaha.
  5. Hello new (old) space friend! Those were the good old days back in Branch. ISK as far as the eye could see, the CTAs weren't unbearable, and for a while there we even had decent content not too far from home. I blame... uh... the Goons for ruining it? Yeah. Grr Gons. (It was actually inter-coalition politics that ruined it.) Random question time! What did you think of the Demonic Wheat Pineapple? Favorite ship to fly in EVE? The aliens finally arrive on Earth. How many eyes do they have, and why?
  6. Hey Zivoca! Glad to see you turned your EVEMail into an app. We're quite a violent bunch nowadays (we haven't even had a proper mining fleet since re-starting over a month ago). I love the idea of having someone around to help with hauling, though I'm sure we don't have enough to keep you busy full time. Most of our social interaction is in PvP fleets, and we often don't have big enough fleets to warrant a logistics ship - do you mind flying DPS and contributing to the pew-pew? Random question time! What's the weirdest thing you've ever moved in EVE? How do you make your real-life ISK? How much sugar & creamer do you put in your coffee?
  7. Hello potential space friend! I just spent two hours chatting with you in Discord so I'll dispense with the usual random questions. Glad to have you in the corp!
  8. Triggered. I've got a story about Keith David. Ask me sometime when we're on a slosh op...
  9. Hello potential new space friend! Active duty Army here myself - sorry to hear you got messed up. My knees are falling apart but I'll be able to finish out my 20 years at least. Random question time! Favorite Sega Genesis game? What do you listen to when you drive/ride long distances? How do you earn ISK to support your benevolent vigilante lifestyle?
  10. My fault - I just upgraded you to 'recruit' level. EVE story - My most famous moment in EVE was back in 2017 when all the big alliances just decided to have a fight one day. Our alliance brought a Jackdaw fleet and I was in a Sabre. At one point I caught a WAFFLES Nightmare fleet in the middle of a fleet warp. Half their fleet landed in a bubble 40 AU away, the other half was stuck in my bubble, and both fleets got wrekt. Subreddit - just discovered /r/historymemes/, and while I'm sure I'll eventually tire of the excessive Hitler memes, there are some funny (more original) posts. I prefer cats, but my family prefers dogs so... that's what we have.
  11. If you don't have any structures anchored, you aren't eligible for a wardec. If they had made that change 10 years ago, who knows how many additional people would be playing right now. I'll answer the rest later, gotta finish this essay I procrastinated on...
  12. Hello potential new space friend! Some of the richest people in EVE simultaneously run 10+ accounts all flying the capital-class 'Rorqual' mining ship. They make billions of ISK per hour... no way to laugh at that. If you're ready for a little more danger, try mining in our wormhole. The 'roids last much longer, but there's always the chance of a surprise hostile... makes things spicy. Random question time! What did you have for breakfast this morning? What class did you main in SWTOR? You have to stand up and give a 10 minute speech on something with zero preparation or notes. What topic do you choose?
  13. Hello potential new space friend! If you're interested in missions, you can also give combat sites a try. I spent years mindlessly farming anoms in null (back in the AFK VNI & carrier ratting days), but I've had a blast flying around in a combat explo Stratios. Random question time! Favorite Friday night beverage? Tell us your favorite EVE story! What's your favorite ship and why?
  14. Hello potential new space friend! We aren't currently in null, but we have easy to access to multiple regions. With the wardec scourge removed, I'm finding empire space to be much more palatable... Random question time! What's your best/favorite EVE story? Favorite subreddit that ISN'T /r/eve? Cats or dogs?
  15. Welcome potential new space friend! Like I told Jamroar, you guys have the willingness to learn and take risks that will make you successful in this game. Looking forward to playing with you all as you develop. Random question time! What's your EPL team? I'm a fan of the US national teams, and I tried to pick an EPL team a few years back and failed. I'm moving to Germany (near Frankfurt) soon and might just cheer for a Bundesliga team instead. What's your favorite beverage for relaxing on a Friday night? How would you fit a square peg through a round hole?
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