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  1. First time in NFL history that a 6-10 team has played in a conference championship game. This is a historic day indeed..

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    2. Sunny


      I have to admit that the final 4 mins of the SEA/GB game was some exciting football. The GB kick off returning must feel terrible about messing up that onside kick

    3. Darlantan


      I can't feel good about anything I saw before the last four minutes, except maybe Sherman's great pick in the endzone and our defense's monster goal line stands in the first half.

      It takes something special to pull off a comeback like that, though. And the drive in overtime to seal it was as pretty as football gets.

    4. Sunny


      Also i feel that this Football issue could be the catalyst for a SoH civil war. Obviously NE is the far superior North, and Seattle will have to be the South. Who's side are you on?

      Massholes unite!

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