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  1. Sorry Flip! The answer will cost you $28.66 on Amazon, plus S&H. Fork it over! [Edit: I just saw the newest member a few minutes after this post. I get it now!]
  2. Welcome welcome More guard... I mean tanks!
  3. Welcome welcome! Glad to see someone actually rolled a marauder
  4. Darlantan


    Wonderful intro post! and welcome. Your views are pretty spot-on compared with how we operate. Looking forward to seeing you in game!
  5. I can't believe I forgot to drop in here and leave a little purple.picture.php?pictureid=16&albumid=4&dl=1241505379&thumb=1

  6. Hi dar, i beat till!

  7. I joined the guild five days ago, have talked to some of you, and will meet most of you soon.
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