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  1. Rohj

    Destiny 2 Status -- Chapter

    Congratulations and well done!
  2. Huzzah! Thank you for your hard work and loyalty Grieve! Well done!
  3. Rohj


    Hello and well met friend of Fera! Glad you have found us at last, and I look forward to gaming with and getting to know you. hmmmm questions...…. Favorite element and why? Best meal you have ever had? Wood, Stone or Metal?
  4. Rohj


    Glad you found us! Welcome home!
  5. Rohj

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Hello and Welcome!
  6. Rohj

    Intro to madestro

    Hello and Welcome! Hop in guild, say hello and don't be shy about asking to hang out doing whatever.
  7. Rohj

    Intro-Returning ESO player

    Hello there! Come on in the water is fine! Look forward to hanging out and getting to know you.
  8. Rohj


  9. Rohj


  10. Rohj

    Greetings from the west!

    Hi there, DAoC! What Realm? What Race? What Class - these are the things we need to know! Soooo much fun and fond memories there! Welcome to the show!
  11. Rohj

    Hail and well met!

    Hello there and Welcome!
  12. Rohj

    ESO guild into

    Welcome! We are all about chill and respectful......well a focused chill mostly.... heh What was the last dream you had about? The last nightmare? Seriously now.......what is your favorite snack food? See you in game!
  13. Rohj

    ESO Intro

    Hello and Welcome! What is your favorite room of your home? If you could remodel your home - what would be the most used material - wood, stone, or metal? Look forward to getting to know you and bash baddies together. Glad you found us!
  14. Rohj


    Austin - very cool town - reminds me of Boulder Co a bit, but bigger and so much hotter....and flat.....and that Austin traffic -oiy
  15. Rohj


    Congratulations! Thank you for your service and commitment!