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  1. WB Cryus. Good to see you again and will catch up with you ingame.
  2. On Crystal Meth.....err Desert and in Guild. Paperwork signed (wasnt gone thaaaat long was I?) Mumble working but after chatting with Huntyre my mike has freaked out and will have to be replaced. Looking forward to the standard SoH Ventrilo response of "What did the Ozzie just say????". Did have a 1001 questions but the forums seem to answer most of them, however I blinked.....and 24 lvls disappeared. All good..... Bal Oh and I KNOW - "change your sig block Bal !!"
  3. Reread, re-signed, reunderstood, reBalmainified
  4. Gday all and Greetings from “Down Under” Having returned from my jaunts around the world, I thought I’d suprise everyone and throw myself into the SoH juggeranaut that is GW2. Grabbed a copy, downloaded a squillion files, read up on the details, strapped on my cloak of invincibility, and prepared my warped sense of humour. All ready to jump in and perform ‘catch up’ miracles and legendary suicidal stunts, and then…………..what the ???? Crystal Desert is “FULL” !! Okay which one of you warned the administrators??? Errrr ummm does this mean I have to start somewhere else and pray for a Crystal Dese
  5. what the.......?? Stop picking on me Caed Welcome Drazo !!
  6. you need more friends!

  7. :Onion08:baaaaaalmain!!!

  8. Grats mate but remember membership comes with a price - "my lifemate as a fellow runie". :eek: I now also understand why, for ages in warhammer you've been looking nervously over your shoulder - "The guild has been in love with Diplo for a long time now". Disclaimer: Previous guilds DID NOT teach him his *Naked Dwarf Healing* antics in case they offend Jokes aside Congrats Diplo and good pick up SoH.
  9. Balmain


    As with the other exDarkwatch players I am also looking to join SoH. Am a SW (rr53) with a lvl21 Engineer alt (he can wait as per your policy). Was blooded in hardcore EQ1 and have had stints in EQ2, WoW and Lotro prior to Warhammer. Being from 'Down Under', South of Heaven seems an appropriate place to be. I speak Australian not English and am a shiftworker so play during your peak times tho may miss a day or 2 here and there due to work committments. Not real good on describing myself personally but Im the sort of player, when the chips are down, will still be standing next to you, come deat
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