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  1. Hey Dan, glad you finally made it over here. 1. Texas or California? (there is only one right answer) 2. If you could be any other toon besides a Shammy what would it be? 3. Favorite Food?
  2. Cryus


    Hey, Glad that you decided to join us. I hope that you enjoy it. These are good people and we have a tendency to have a lot of fun :P Im sure that there will be a barrage of questions, both random and serious, once people come back from their crazy holiday weekend.
  3. Cryus

    Hey guys!

    Hey Rachel, Glad that you found your way over to us. We have a pretty good showing in our WoW cohort. I just sat down to my computer for the first time today without having to worry about where my kid is and will get you a Discord invite sent out. To SoH: Skoogey, Persi, Grample and I (I think I remembered everyone lol) raided with Undaene/Rachel back in Legion. She is looking for a home to play Classic.
  4. Cryus


    Lol. when you said you were going to make a vague post, you were not kidding :P But this is a good guy.
  5. Cryus


    This guy right here is a good dude. I am really excited to be playing some WoW with him again. If I heard those rumors correctly then there may be some D2 in the future as well :P
  6. Ya I know its early but the Extra Life team page is up. I am going to start streaming and fundraising. Part to raise money and part to stay sane since I am still stuck in my house. Need something productive to do. 

  7. We are still looking for people to join our team for Extra Life this year! If you have any questions feel free to pm me. We dont do any fancy streaming stuff. Just enough to raise money for those sick kids that are stuck in hospitals all across the country. 

  8. Welcome :) The thing that has worked for my wife and I is that we agreed that raid nights were my "Game Nights" So basically the one or two nights a week that I had raid were the only nights that I would play online once she got home. The other nights I logged off once she got home or soon after. Has kept us happy and me off the couch :P
  9. Stuck by my promise to shave if I met my Extra Life goal. Now my head is cold :( Now on to growing out the hair and beard again for next year \o/

  10. Guild Rocket League at 8pm est. Come out and play some car soccer with the Extra Life team :)

  11. Verian AND Ragnaros coming to HotS. Still going through the opening ceremony and Blizzcon is spitting out so much new stuff :)

  12. New modem!! Hopefully that will solve my internet issues :)

  13. Hey WoW raiders, please remember to (re)watch the Fatboss video on Xavius for Sunday's fight. Less time explaining = more time killing and a better chance at trying heroics. Please and Thank you :) 

  14. Good job everyone. 2 bosses down on our first raid night. Lots of fun :) 

  15. WoW players: Tentative raiding nights have been chosen. A poll has been added to the Raiding Post. 

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