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  1. Stuck by my promise to shave if I met my Extra Life goal. Now my head is cold :( Now on to growing out the hair and beard again for next year \o/

  2. Guild Rocket League at 8pm est. Come out and play some car soccer with the Extra Life team :)

  3. Verian AND Ragnaros coming to HotS. Still going through the opening ceremony and Blizzcon is spitting out so much new stuff :)

  4. New modem!! Hopefully that will solve my internet issues :)

  5. Hey WoW raiders, please remember to (re)watch the Fatboss video on Xavius for Sunday's fight. Less time explaining = more time killing and a better chance at trying heroics. Please and Thank you :) 

  6. Good job everyone. 2 bosses down on our first raid night. Lots of fun :) 

  7. WoW players: Tentative raiding nights have been chosen. A poll has been added to the Raiding Post. 

  8. HotS Machines of War

    just announced at Gamescom
  9. Finally. Legion pre-patch is July 19th. So excited for this to get started :)

  10. Stunned by the news that is going on in my backyard tonight. Dallas, Tx Police Department is in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Something needs to be done. 

    1. Ashin


      Yes, I worry that something which has been building for decades is starting to boil over.

  11. Vi-De-Oh!

    This fight is a perfect example of not giving up until the very end. I thing at one time we were down 4 level and came back to win with 1 level ahead of them. Never know how a game is going to pan out until its all over.
  12. Going to be out for the rest of the week. Im heading to south TX to hunt some hogs. Im going to try and bring home the bacon :) and get out of the house that ive been stuck in for the past 5 months... later

  13. So the level 50 dailies hurt.... Definitely going to need some help. *CoughLevelCough* The rewards are good too. #Incentives

  14. BDO members: Please check in on the "Member Family" and "Guild Mission" poll if you havent already. Thanks.