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  1. Ashin - I'm going down to California with a few friends for the rest of my summer. I get out the last week of July. The place we have down there is only $200 a month, so its extremely affordable. Estarriol - I prefer prot and holy, the third choice is non-existent to me. I could just play a warrior
  2. Hello SoH, my name is Sharper, and I'm reintroducing myself! I've played games on and off with SoH since 2007 starting with Warhammer, then Aion, a little League of Legends, and most recently WoW. I often go on long breaks between games, almost always for school. Speaking of school, I have one 5 credit class to take this summer before I can graduate with my BA in economics...Wooo! As I only have one class for the next six weeks I'm going to pick up WoW again. I'll be playing through MoP now that I have the resources to do so. I look forward to meeting all the new people and especially thos
  3. Sharper is a punk.

  4. These cats don't even know

  5. Hmmmm....

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    2. discofire


      Are you returning to us?

    3. Sharper


      Not to play WoW, but to lurk on forums of course :)

    4. discofire


      That's what I meant, silly.

  6. I could photoshop the awesome smoking crocodile onto a disco'esque floor, if you prefer, your lordship.

  7. Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarper.

  8. That seems like a very one-sided version of the story!

  9. Sharper


    What if some of those clerics leave! You always comment on how healers tend to disappear end-game.
  10. I thought your subscription had run up, so I kicked your toon. But then someone told me they saw you online that morning. So I'm confused and potentially apologizing if I kicked you prematurely.

  11. See I had a reason Ashin.
  12. Sharper


    There is a chunk of text in there about Tyrilis that is definitely not true But I can forgive you for a minor lie. Welcome to the boards!
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