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  1. I miss MoP



    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Kantankerous
    3. Hyna


      There’s a name I haven’t seen a while 

    4. Estarriol


      I miss Dino Isle fun times.

  2. Good news everyone!

    I have resurrected dar's pc.

    Seems it was what I thought it was, the cmos battery died put a new one in and boom.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Kytn
    3. Ashin


      Do computers still use CMOS batteries???

    4. Tilluk


      yes they do, usually isn't a problem cause people tend to upgrade before they die.

  3. Sad day today, Dar's pc officially died. nerds and geeks pls raise a glass for dar.

  4. Just found out my uncle ed passed away in the philippes. he was my mom's eldest brother.


  5. We miss you sunny:(

  6. Wonder how my order through amazon market place for some art primer could be delivered to Bedford, NY instead of West Jordan, UT.

    1. Kytn


      It's a sign to come visit the east coast! :p

  7. GJ this last weekend in team league folks hopefully we and can have more good play this next weekend!

  8. Reminder to everyone playing Hots, tomorrow, Tuesday, April 25th 2.0 goes live don't forget to login to get loot boxes and to pick your free 20 hero mega bundle! =D

  9. Are we doing team League tonight? If so be warned I am still focused on leveling character bwahahahaha!

    1. Derodek


      Agh, crap. Knew i forgot something. Got too wrapped up in P5... Sorry

  10. Hots patch 22.0 and Overwatch  patch 1.5 went live today> \o/

  11. Feeling like it might be a mumble karaoke night :D

  12. 1st day of fall! \o/

    1. Stasis


      I'm kind psyched too. All my best clothes is fall clothes really.

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