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  1. /buy lvl 80

    1. Ashin


      enjoy the ride imo

    2. messengir


      yeah, it has been fun so far, just lonely I guess :(

  2. messengir

    Guild Communications

    Can you update the link in the OP to take you to the teamspeak site instead of ventrillo?
  3. just bought a laptop. loading WoW

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    2. Tayomi


      Woot, Epic Win!

    3. messengir


      @ Biscuits, Nope, it was my allowance that I have been hording

    4. messengir


      I wanted to buy scuba equipment with it...but

  4. Heading back to Florida O.o

    1. Darlantan


      No moar driving... :(

    2. Ashin
    3. discofire


      Wah? I thought you *Just* got back?

  5. Just so everyone knows, My playing WoW was delayed because I made the mistake of telling my wife I needed a new laptop AFTER I told her we were selling her car to save more money.

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    2. discofire


      I have encountered that situation before. Tread cautiously lol.

    3. Biscuits


      Whoa. Bad play, Sir! You're fired!

    4. messengir
  6. Are you still "about to be playing WoW"? You have been in that state for some time now. =P

  7. I will be glad when I am on my 2 hour drive home...12 and a half hours and counting. :( WORK SUCKS

    1. Darlantan


      Man :( Well I hope I can put a satisfactory trade together for you by the time you get home =)

    2. messengir


      13 1/2 hours. Now to go home.

  8. Was too busy at work today to pull off a convincing "illness"

  9. Is thinking about "coming down with something"

  10. messengir

    = )

    Welcome to the playhouse :onion02:
  11. messengir

    Membership, Ongoing Qualification

    I think it should be retroactive too. I want to be a ghost