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    Married to Gravey, three spawnlings, two dogs...It's loud in our house.
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    Cleaning wounds, splinting bones, holding puke bags. Good stuff!

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  1. I would like to be pvping with my man right now. ><

    1. Bryant


      Is that what you call it nowadays?

    2. Bryant


      BTW, realms are up now (6:18 PM PST)

  2. I would like to be pvping with my man right now. ><

  3. Biscuits

    Wildstar Intro - Arrhythmia

    It is a pleasure to meet you! Gravey and I are older (37, 40) and in the medical field too. I look forward to talking banana QT intervals while digging in some war plots with you! It's nice to have fast-paced teamwork with life and death consequences in game -- where people don't really die but you still get the teamwork, do-or-die rush, no? Love it. ^^
  4. I'm very excited for today. Going to enjoy every hour!

    1. Ashin


      That's a generally healthy life-attitude!

    2. Huntyre


      That sounds like an amazing day!

    3. Biscuits


      Well, had a fire break out on the hill and was mandatory evacuated.


  5. If Gravy plays with me, esper. If he doesn't play with me, soldier.

    1. Biscuits


      errr...warrior. ;)

    2. Huntyre


      wow.. Warrior? BATTLE!

    3. Ashin


      Gravy needs to at least make a token alt and play casually.

  6. If Gravy plays with me, esper. If he doesn't play with me, soldier.

  7. Is the guild going Wildstar? Should I be researching this game?

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    2. Ashin


      some form of SoH presence is almost guaranteed at this point - but we're still discussing how much of a commitment the guild will make. And, hi!

    3. Fera


      Biscuits! \o/

    4. Tyrlis


      Yes! Come back!

  8. 5 weeks, 2 days till preceptorship. Almost there...

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    2. Biscuits


      Have a high probability of being hired under my interim permit in the ER as well (verbal confirmation, but nothing written in paper yet) I can't help but be super excited. Few nurses get the opportunity to intern. That experience plus a solid orientation period will be so valuable to me as a new grad. It will benefit me greatly, but it will benefit my patients more by far. I am nervous for them under a new grad's care. I must be as prepared as I can possibly be for their safety....

    3. Biscuits


      Feeling the pressure, but excited anyway!

    4. Stasis


      The ER is nuts. If you can make it there to start, everything else will be a breeze!

  9. Headed to MT in the morning. If we are not back in 3 weeks, alert the authorities. ^^

  10. Tired. :(

    1. Zombryo


      Dont give up , its almost the weekend !

    2. Bryant
    3. Biscuits


      That's it. I'm taking two hours to game. Now.

  11. I believe I can game today! Wewt wewt!

    1. Noesis


      I hope it's spent on PvP!

  12. The absence policy of this program is stupid. One absence. I took it yesterday, and now I'm going to overmedicate myself and fake wellness while treating people who are immunocompromised or I'm out. So retarded.

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    2. Biscuits


      In cali, programs are required to have a certain amount of clinical hours a student must attend to qualify to take the boards. Due to budget constraints, programs only staff for the minimum + 1 day. Thus, you are only allowed to miss one day else you do not have the hours of practice on real people to qualify. I get that. It still sucks. Damn budgets.

    3. Biscuits


      My instructor was awesome yesterday tho. Did NOT send me home despite fever (omg thank you so much!) but instead put my in a mask and made up an assignment whereupon I had no care of patients but was technically in the hospital. I love that man. <3

    4. Biscuits


      *me in a mask

  13. I do not have password for punish place. :( Also, connection probs with gw2. :(:(

    1. Huntyre


      happy to see that has been worked out. :)

    2. Biscuits


      I'm a computer GENIUS!

  14. Four papers due on monday. FOUR. I can't... I just...

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    2. Dililah


      You can do it! Or make Gravey do them!

    3. Gravey


      Gravey's not doing them! Yea team!

    4. Fera


      We have faith in you!

  15. Hosting a get together on Fri -- no wvw for B&G that night.

    1. Fera


      We'll miss you! Have fun at your party :)