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  1. Solstice singlehandendly got me into to the mutliplayer aspect of GW2 (though I know I haven't been around!! ) ... on of the most stand-up guys I've ever met online. I hope we all welcome him with open arms! I can't recommend him enough.
  2. Toran


    Well that's really great news Err.... !! Thanks for your posts, guys, I appreciated it. Now I just need to get back in the game! Really missing it, and the guild. Fingers crossed...
  3. That wasn't a boring intro at all, Nokomis! As others have already asked, what kind of games have you worked on? Anyway, hope to see you in game
  4. Wondering which of my fellow gamers is a spy.. (front page news on various sites today, e.g., NYT, Ars)

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    2. Toran


      I'm sad GW2 wasn't mentioned. A fun guild mission might have been to identify the NSA. Maybe the character "NSA Ele" I saw the other day ;)

    3. Huntyre


      followed by CIA engi :p

    4. Toran


      lol .. OK, my last reply to my own status, but some of the comments on the Ars Technica article are really hilarious

  5. Signed with a big John Hancock-style signature because I think it was all so right on. Well, except for "no one is here to play the game for you," as I was hoping that on days I can't log in someone would do my dailies for me. I haven't read all 23 pages of the thread, so if someone already made this little joke, forgive me for my unoriginality.
  6. Thanks all! Buttonz, I'm sure Booski won't give me a hard time, and besides, I don't want her computer to "crash" any more than is necessary
  7. Mina -- minus Porq?!?!?! Haha ... I've actually been REALLY impressed with all our commanders thus far. Thanks for the responses, everyone. You're all so kind. And re: PAX EAST --- YES!!! The one other time I got together with NWN guildmates was a total blast. And Makiko -- I've been in Boston so long I rarely wish I were still here either (cold weather stinks!!), but here I am nonetheless. I'll make the best of it till things change. I'm glad your move was the right one. I also forgot a major shout out to Fera, who explained, helped, sent me messages, set up accounts, etc. etc. etc.... *\o/* for the awesome leader of the (SoH) band! Edit: Looks like I need an avatar!
  8. I need to start by saying a big thank you to all who have been so kind in the game so far, explaining a whole bunch of things and making me feel at home even though I'm not part of the guild. My main character in GW2 is Red Rasmussen, a level 79.5 guardian who hails from the Shiverpeak Mountains. Some of you have called me "Blue" because of him, and I welcome that nickname and any others you'd enjoy using. My real name is Mark, and you're more than welcome to call me that as well! My other four are Katalynne the lvl ~30 ranger, Ally Synn the ~25 mesmer, Ralot Goreclash the ~20 warrior, and Darek Doomweave, the somewhat neglected ~20 necromancer. I imagine I'll be buying more slots. I generally prefer mages in other games, but I like Red's combination of up-close battle prowess and team support capabilities (though I have no idea what I should optimally be doing with him much of the time in WvW). I've only been playing GW2 for a few weeks now, but love it so far. I played GW1 but never joined a guild. Other games I like are ... boy, not many I don't like, except maybe FPS, and even there there are exceptions. The only other game I've played online with others in a guild/group is Neverwinter Nights, with two different servers. I guess I prefer RPGs overall, with Planescape:Torment and Baldur's Gate II among my faves of all time, along with NWN 1. I like strategy (XCOM, Galactic Civ, Civilization), action/adventure (Batman), System Shock 2, Bioshocks, Dead Spaces, Fallouts, a whole ton of indie games... I work at home as a medical editor, editing manuscripts written by non-English speakers for publication in the US or other English-language countries; I have an MD but due to chronic health issues couldn't do the residency (postgrad) training required to see patients, which would have been my goal otherwise. I like working out; I especially like inline speed skating, and despite the fact that I live in Boston, not a tiny city by any means, I seem to be one of the only people doing it. Other miscellany: one of my favorite jobs was as a bike courier downtown. I just moved and like hiking in a big wooded area near my house. I was told of SOH by Piper Moonblossom (he said that's probably how he's best known), aka Solstice, another GW2 player. We party in PvE quite a bit, but alas he's already committed to another guild. I'm quite introverted overall, so enjoy doing things alone and am most interactive when I'm with a small number of other people, though I think my times doing activities even in larger SoH groups have been a blast thus far. I like PvE, and most likely always will prefer it, but I know that has to do in part with how new I am to WvW and that type of gameplay in general. I'm definitely excited to learn more. So I think that's it! I'd be happy to answer any questions people have. Mark a.k.a. Toran P.S. Almost forgot: my favorite color is slate blue
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