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  1. Destiny 2 people please reply to the poll so we can try to plan for a raid this week and/or next before Curse of Osiris hits. I realize it's short notice and during a holiday week, sorry. :( 

  2. May be late informing people, but PAX East tickets are on sale!!

  3. For anyone looking to go to PAX East, it looks like today is going to be the day. Get ready to get your passes!

  4. Damn... the calendar didn't warn me >.< 

    1. Grieve


      Aw... :(


      Well, donations are always accepted. You'll just miss seeing my lovely face on stream :D


    2. Fera


      Yes! And that annoys me too ^^

  5. Extra Life is underway! We have 4 guildies streaming today! Stop by and check us out on twitch and show your support!

  6. Heard about this at work today. Just FYI.  https://www.armis.com/blueborne/

    1. Derodek


      well that's no good....

  7. @Grieve I AM A GOLDEN GOD! watch this video:


    Also, hit plat in doubles

    1. Grieve




      What a play!

  8. We're running another SoH Fantasy Football League this year. If interested, check out the thread!

  9. Paging Dr Pibb! You got a job to do! :D

    1. Ashin


      D'aww, Pibb.  I wondered why suddenly everything I ever looked at on steam was generating "hey its on sale!" e-mails this weekend...

  10. First leg of my road trip is in the books. Time to enjoy a night out in Cleveland. It better not let me down.

    1. Grieve


      And made it to Madison last night. Now to spend the weekend helping my brother move.

    2. sup3rg00se


      Coming back this weekend?

    3. Grieve


      Just got back into DC tonight after a long 13 hour & almost 900 mile drive. Now to enjoy my time off at home.

  11. Ran my first Maze and it had to be beginner's luck. I popped the Outpost only to get popped moments later, but all my expensive mods were left intact!! And, to top it off, I got a Rattlesnake BPC! :D

    1. Ashin


      Bet you're hooked now. :p


      You need to invest in a Tengu.

    2. Grieve


      I need to train up my Tengu's skills before I can do that, but yes I'll probably run any Mazes that I get inside our pocket.

  12. Comcast why you do this to me... Sitting in a random coffee shop so i can get work done on a Friday...

  13. Netflix Live Canceled... wow. just wow.

    1. Grieve


      For any confusion it's Netflix's April Fools joke.

    2. Mina


      Best 50 minutes ever

  14. DC Meet-up People, please confirm attendance and note any strong preferences for food and/or post-dinner board game night.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. sup3rg00se


      I'm down for afternoon and dinner activities but will probably need to head home afterwards due to old man status. 

    3. Kestrel



      will probably need to head home afterwards due to old man status



    4. Kestrel
  15. To EVE chapter: Apologies for the screaming POSes. Both myself & Brinelan have been unable to get to them this weekend. It will be handled by this evening.

    1. Simone
    2. Ashin


      ^ but also thank you for taking care of them (eventually) !