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  1. Pibb! Where art thou!

  2. Grieve

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    The only people I've ever met that would say this were competitive swimmers, whether it was club, high school, or college. I'm going to take a wild guess that you swam competitively at some point because that smell is definitely an acquired one!
  3. Grieve

    Intro, Destiny 2 player

    I grew up on those games! What did you think of the Doom reboot? I know I'm looking forward to hearing more about Doom Eternal at Quakecon this summer.
  4. Grieve

    Intro: Destiny 2 Player

    Welcome to the forums! Glad to have you! So any other hobbies/interests besides gaming? What other games have you played recently or just highly enjoyed? And now some rapid fire questions... Pancakes or waffles? Tacos or Burritos? Coffee or tea? AMD or Nvidia? Street Fighter or Mortal Combat? East Coast or West Coast? Traditional or boneless wings?
  5. Grieve

    Intro, Destiny 2 player

    Welcome to the forums! Glad you'll be joining us! Any notable games you've played or are playing? What are your others hobbies? Could we get some pictures of the pets? I'll leave the more crazy questions to others. Anyways, you'll be receiving a forum mail shortly from me with some more actions to take.
  6. SoH Game Night next Friday 6/22 9pm EDT! It'll be Fortnite: Battle Royale. Jump in and play a bit with other members of SoH!

    1. Cryus


      Even if you cant shoot a gun, I can always use someone to build me a good wall to hide behind. :P Should be lots of fun. 

  7. Grieve


    Okay... I'm going to break the awkward silence here and try to move past the cringe that we have just endured and give you the benefit of the doubt since I know the guy who referred you is a good person. Anyways, welcome to the forums! And, @901Krool Did you really need to egg him on? Since I could barely decipher your first posts, excluding a couple items, let's start the question process and Intro over. What type of business do you run? What is your actual favorite food? You've got a son and he's bilingual. So English & what? What other games do you play besides Destiny 2? Any hobbies? Athletically? Musically? I'm getting the impression you like anime. Which shows are you currently watching? What are you all time favorites? Do you have any pets? I look forward to your responses.
  8. Grieve

    Intro, A Tamriel Wanderer

    Welcome to the forums! I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself here! Also, Adam is a great name. I should know.
  9. SoH Game Night this week! Friday 6/8 9pm EDT start. We'll be playing Heroes of the Storm! 

  10. Grieve

    Intro, Primarily Destiny 2 player

    Welcome to the Forums! Looking forward to running with you as well! We have a few people playing Competitive together trying to work towards that Redrix's Claymore and you'll definitely get a chance to run that raid content. We actually have both teams running this tonight jumping into Prestige Leviathan and planning for Spire of the Stars next week. Also, nice to see another Rocket League fan. I've been playing on and off since launch. Still only sitting at the Platinum ranks though. We also host Community-wide game nights and Overwatch pops up occasionally for that. Anyways, I'll have a forum mail coming your way later today or tomorrow with a couple threads to check out.
  11. Grieve


    We just had two more promotions to member tonight. Congratulations to @Exile & @Teroz!
  12. SoH Game Night this week! Friday 5/25 9pm EDT start. We'll be playing Overwatch!

  13. Grieve

    intro to Harmacist

    Welcome to the forums! Looking forward to gaming with you! @Fera No raid on Tuesday. I was actually tied up with after hours work. I'm not sure about the others. 😛 Anyways, getting back to Harmacist. I'll have another forum mail coming your way shortly with a couple more things to look through, but for now some questions! What Single Player games are you most looking forward to in the next few months? What are some of your favorite single player games that you've played? Why? Any other hobbies or interests? Favorite food? If you were chosen by the traveler to be a guardian, what class would you be?
  14. Grieve

    TipTappers Introduction

    Welcome to the forums and glad to have you! Others should be stopping by to say "Hi!" as well. Anyways, I'll get you started off with a couple questions. What MMOs have you played? Got a favorite? (not including Destiny 😛 ) Favorite Class in the Destiny? I assume you've built your own PC. What's your current build look like? What anime are you watching currently?
  15. Grieve


    We've had another couple promotions to member in Destiny 2. Congratulations to @Velius & @901Krool!