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  1. Grieve

    Howdy Folks - Intro to Join

    Welcome Kerstov! Hope you find our community to be enjoyable. I am curious where/how you found out about us. Also, that reference is definitely obscure, at least for me, had to use a bit of my google-fu to find. (Wondering if any of our older members recognize it.) Anyways, you've left yourself open for some questions so here's a few. What do you actually do for living? (If you are willing to share) Any non-gaming hobbies? Cat or Dogs? Do you have any of your own? (Pet pictures are always welcome.) Pop, Soda, or Cola? Also, it might be a couple days, but I'll take care of getting you set up in the clan after I'm back from visiting family for the holidays.
  2. Grieve


    Welcome Mike! Glad to have you joining us! I'll be sending along a forum mail shortly with a few things for you to check out.
  3. Grieve

    Greetings Earthlings

    Welcome Asmo_deus! Glad to have you joining us. Hopefully you'll find South of Heaven to be a great new gaming home for yourself. We've got people playing multiple different games & groups in WoW, LOTRO, ESO, & soon Fallout 76. With respect to the Destiny 2 group, you may have a somewhat difficult time grouping up with us outside of Crucible & some strikes or patrol zone activities as the majority of us bought Forsaken and are highly enjoying. That said, I hope to see you in game and joining us. Now, some questions! Any non-gaming hobbies? Got any pets? Also, cats or dogs? Tacos or Burritos? Looking forward to any games? (Single or Multiplayer) Follow any sports? Anyways, I'll be sending you a forum mail in the next day or so with a couple things for you to check out.
  4. Grieve

    howdy y'all

    Welcome Brick! Glad to have you joining us! Got any hobbies besides gaming? As you must be an expert, what BBQ food is the best? Also, any preference for cats or dogs? I hope you find South of Heaven to be a great new home. Definitely explore the forums and check out everything we have going on. I'll be sending you a forum mail with some info for you to check out later today.
  5. Grieve


    Welcome Daeth! Glad to have you joining us! After seeing that list of games, I definitely think you'll fit right in here. We've actually had stints in a few of those games. We actually also have a group getting going again in WoW so definitely feel free to check them out as well. Since you told us about the MMORPGs you've played, Any notable favorites in the FPS genre(Single or Multiplayer)? Got any pets? Lastly, I'll be sending you a forum mail in the next day or so with a couple more items to look at.
  6. Grieve

    Hello all

    Welcome to our forums Diggle! I'm going to take a wild guess that you prefer dogs to cats. (Pet pictures are always appreciated.) Also, congrats on home ownership and all the freedom & stress that comes with it! Looking forward to any games? I'll be sending you a forum mail with a couple items for you to look over later today as well.
  7. Grieve


    Oh man! Wolfenstein: ET was my jam! I have fond memories of cross-map killing people with rifle grenades. It was an art form. I was big into GW 1 & 2 as well. Actually, joined SoH back when they were active in GW2. Also, I'll be out in Madison over the holidays. My brother's out there working on his PhD.
  8. For those looking to go to PAX East 2019, now is the time to start getting your alerts ready. Ticket sales will likely be happening before the end of the month.

  9. Grieve


    Welcome to the forums Roj! Glad to have you join us! You're in good hands with Simone & Fera so I'm sure you'll settle in just fine. Got any pets? Play any non-MMO games recently? Anyways, hope to see you around on Discord!
  10. Grieve


    Welcome Fern! Glad you took the leap to join us here at South of Heaven! Let's get a few more questions out there for you! What's one of the first games that you really enjoyed? I know I'm not as experienced, but as you may be able to tell from my avatar, Commander Keen was my jam back in the day. What are some recent games you've enjoyed? What were the other games that caught your eye on our forums? Favorite food? Favorite alcoholic beverage(s)? Cats or Dogs?
  11. Grieve

    Voice Server

    Open the Connect Menu under the Server tab Click the "Add New..." & then fill in the fields.
  12. Grieve

    This is Me!

    Welcome to our forums! Glad you found us! Also, sorry to hear about the accident, but glad that it sounds like you are recovering okay. Definitely post pictures of Toby! I'll leave the crazy questions for others, but keep an eye out on your forum mail. I'll be sending you a message with some more info in the next day or so.
  13. Grieve

    Destiny 2 Status -- Chapter

    Awesome! Now, I have an excuse to make my GOs do more work!
  14. Grieve

    Grieve Promoted to Leadership Council

    Thank you! I'm glad to be here and hope I that I may continue to help grow our community. South of Heaven is like a second family to me and definitely don't want to let that go.
  15. Grieve

    New Destiny Player

    Welcome to the forums! You'll find we use them fairly often. Also, welcome to PC gaming & may your Steam library grow vast and plentiful! :P Thank you for serving! We have a few active & retired military members so I'm sure one of them will chime in when they get the chance. As per tradition, lets get some questions rolling! What do you enjoy the most about NYC? Tacos or Burritos? Got any pets? If not, do you prefer cats or dogs? (Or, are you allergic?) Ps4 games! Favorite multiplayer game? Favorite single-player game? Any bars or restaurants you'd highly recommend in NYC? I'll have a forum mail coming your way shortly with some info to help you get acquainted with our group better.