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  1. DasWsup

    Interested in joining SoH (Aion)

    Hai! welcome to the forums!
  2. DasWsup

    Hello. :3

    of course. at this point im only running FT to try and get a kromede book. other then that im in MM mostly
  3. DasWsup

    Hello. :3

    hey good teaming up last night! let me know whenever you need another person in the group!
  4. DasWsup

    The Story of Rhyliethi

    Hi! Welcome
  5. DasWsup

    Hello. :3

    Hi! Welcome.
  6. DasWsup

    Majorfalcon Heeding the Call

    welcome to the forums
  7. DasWsup


    ice mexican.
  8. DasWsup


    you forgot latinos and Canadians (siesa) welcome
  9. DasWsup


    Hi, welcome!
  10. DasWsup

    Jestine :)

    epic avatar is epic
  11. DasWsup

    Jestine :)

  12. DasWsup

    Application for Allyisana

    hey u know me! i wanna be 50! nao! ? nice talking to you guys also and im looking forward to doing more runs this weekend.
  13. DasWsup

    Application for Allyisana

    your sig reminds me of this