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  1. Yeah I had a blast doing those runs last night and being invited along for forts. It was my first time ever being in Miren and Krotan and honestly, while the mob xp might not have been the best, the company was (and so was the quest xp) and that's what makes or breaks a run. I have to admit, I couldn't stop the fit of giggles I had during the Krotan run when half the group showed up as polar bears (which made me just have to eat one of my own so the giggles continued on). I just now realized that it was the melee group who was all in polar bear form - maybe that's why we zerged through there so quick - the mobs died laughing at what was attacking them. XD I'll send off a whisper next time I catch someone online. I'm at work right now and once I get home, it's food and then an in game event I'm needed at with my sin, but you'll get that whisper Huntyre! Again, thanks for the instance run invites!
  2. Snow, snow, and more snow - first day of snow was on the first of Dec. Will it ever stop??

    1. Biscuits


      I miss snow. :(

      Don't miss snow bewts though. ^^

      And mittens. Mittens suck.

  3. Ok, this has been a long time coming I'm a slow leveler at times, so please forgive me for that, and for my long absence from the boards. Rhyliethi, my assassin, has had a gender change and is now Cimmerian and is sadly only lvl 38 at this time. The character I love to play now is my Chanter Anatanasia who is level 43 and climbing. I'm hoping to be considered for SoH on her. I've kept in touch with Mordrid and Huntyre and have been in fort alliances with them a few times. I also had a ton of fun doing my first Miren run today with a group of you guys and look forward for any possible future invites. Hope to hear from you guys soon and feel free to just say hi to me in game! (For further info, page 2 of this forum has my initial intro thread "The Life of Rhyliethi" I believe)
  4. Hit 25 Thurs afternoon Now to figure out how to do things in the Abyss... I'm so lost lol
  5. BC is dust under my feet - sights are set towards TC now that I'm 24
  6. Wow - went from 17 to 19 in one night and finally went to bed around 8 this morning... I wonder if that's why I'm tired?
  7. I already have my ditzy moments - trying to make me dizzy too?
  8. Thank you much! Within the past day, got myself up to lvl 13 - highest I've ever gotten on an Asmo toon and so I was doing a happy chair dance yesterday =D Realizing, especially living in one of the midwest states that loves to grow corn, Fright Corn is frightening because now I can go past a grove of cornstalks and just picture those things.... ewwww *shudder* **Thanks again to everyone who has, and any who do so in the future, given me such warm welcomes. Games like this are a wonderful way to de-stress and just have fun, and having a great group of people to do that with makes it even better. Feel free to add me to your friend's list, any of you (am usually on in the evenings - from about 7 p.m. or so til the wee early hours of the next morning), and please say hi. Sometimes it gets kinda lonely grinding out there with no one to talk to
  9. Wow, thanks a ton for all the warm welcomes! I already had a great impression of the legion just from talking to Mordrid last night (or would that be early this morning? lol) but this here is the icing on the cake and the cherry on top of the perfect ice cream sundae.
  10. And please pardon me for my very wordy intro post I do have a bit of a problem with diarrhea of the mouth (or in this situation, of the hands) - i.e. I talk too much! Guess it comes from being a writer and having so much zipping through the peanut shell that resides inside my skull! It's so small that my thoughts have to come out in some way, shape, or form, so other thoughts can crowd right in!
  11. Well hello there! I'm Rhyliethi, though you may call me Rhy or even Evi (long story, that, which I will get to in a second, and give the Cliff Notes version of as well =) ) I'm 31 years old and a student currently working towards my Associate's in English/Communications with the intention of transferring to a state university to get my Bachelor's in Creative Writing/Journalism/Literature. I love to write and am also the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper at my local community college. I started playing MUD's about 13 years ago and from there graduated to playing Guild Wars, then WoW, and now Aion. I began playing Aion before it went live, first toon was in fact an Asmo, but the legion I had joined and continued on with to live ended up disbanding because of some unfortunate RL stuff going on with the head of the Legion - the people who the legion was passed to really had no idea how to run it and things just splintered. I couldn't find a legion I liked at that point in time - saw too much in-fighting with legions I had tried, so I went and rolled Elyos and have a level 22 'Sin on another server. I found a great legion, but things got quite heated there with the same problems I found in Asmo legions. They were, unfortunately, so bad though that between that and RL issues of my own, I stopped playing the game last October. I have finally come back and since I prefer Asmo over Elyos, created another 'sin and got her to level 10 within a few hours. Ok - now on with the story of why you all can call me Evi. I have a WoW toon who I still play from time to time with that name - have played her so long that I've found I actually answer to that name... somewhat embarrassing really, yet completely hilarious at the same time The reason why I chose to post my gaming life story here is because after reading about what the legion stood for and the types of people found in here, I realized that it sounded so much like my guild home in the other game. They are also a multi-game family, but Aion is not one of their games. While I don't really play WoW much anymore, the people there are so much like family that I keep an open sub just for the camaraderie and to help with raiding when they need me. I know I am not anywhere near the level requirement for the legion, but I hope you'll still give me a shot If not, well at least you know one of the quirky personalities on this server and I will always welcome a hello from anyone. Oh, before I forget - as I told Mordrid when I spoke to him in game, I am not one to beg for quest help, items, or money. If I have difficulty with something, I'll ask for suggestions first, and if I still can't do it after a few more tries, then I'll stick my head out of the sand, wave the white flag, and ask for an assist.
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