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  1. Hi Ashin, send me a message next time you're in game
  2. Vooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Welcome
  3. Hi and Welcome Exxel. Hopefully I'll beat this queue soon and say hi in /g
  4. Are you sure? I mean it says Pride in the image and everything
  5. Spotted Cow is a delicious light ale from New Glarus. They don't distribute in MN though- Any time I happen to be within a half hour of the border I drive into Hudson and pick up a case or two Changing brake fluid is easy! The key is to avoid air bubbles in the line. Scoop out all the old brake fluid in the reservoir (I use a turkey baster) and put the new stuff in. Bleed each corner of the car using clear 1/4" tubing into a soda can or water bottle. The clear tubing is so you can see air bubbles coming out as well as the nice new amber colored fluid. You can also buy tinted brake fluid if I'm not mistaken and alternate colors between flushes so you know without a doubt when the new fluid has been bled.You just need a helper to depress the brake pedal in the car and hold it while you open the bleeder valve, then close it before they do another push. Or you can get a Motive Power Bleeder (I have one if you're in MN) and avoid the brake pedal altogether. Happy mechanicalizing!
  6. Rest assured, I recovered the picture!
  7. Let's see: Perhaps I'm an engineer and have been playing MMOs for a while. I started with FFXI in 2003, moved to WoW when it came out and played right up until the TBC. I took a break since school was getting harder and harder and didn't start again until GW2 released. I am enjoying being hooked again. I love to work on cars. At the moment I'm in the process of frankenstein-shoehorning a later model TDI diesel engine into my beloved 28 year old Volkswagen. The wiring scares me .. It feels great to be close to Wisconsin, as the cheese (and curds!) find their way into being features at many restaurants. What I DON'T LIKE is that Spotted Cow will not supply across the border I will try to think of an embarrassing story, or at least manufacture one and get back to you.Hi!
  8. Where in Minneapolis are you? I live in Mac-Groveland area of St. Paul
  9. Kendyl beat me to the punch! My name is Phil and have been playing Wildstar since the second closed beta tier. That said, I don't know anything about the game and my highest character is level 23.. I played GW2 with Pride and Vanity on Tarnished Coast and have heard nothing but great things about SoH. I'm excited to be a part of this great community. Also, I cheated and already received my guild invite. /cheer
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