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  1. Arrhytmia is my reserved character and guild forum name

    1. Jackal


      It wasn't overt, but a handful of officers and administrators just updated the dozen spreadsheets we have going. :) Thanks!

    2. Vanity
    3. Arrhythmia
  2. As a family doc I'm not really involved with daily life or death situations, but I do like them in game. Mostly I manage diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.
  3. Patton acts like he's part badger...
  4. Makiko: I have 2 free dogs (they were given to us) so I don't know they're exact pedigree, but we have some good guesses. The first is a 14 year old black lab ?Chow mix named Stacy. She's a trooper, still likes to escape out the front door if left open and run around the neighborhood avoiding us so she can pee in other peoples yards. Other than that she is very sweet and patient with the 5 year old. The second one is about 6 he's a Terrier/ Lhaso Apso/?weiner mix named Patton who is very cute, but is a complete bastard. He likes to sneak onto my side of the bed and sleep in my spot and wi
  5. Proof, I'm rooting for the Kings. Very classy way they honored Teemu Selanne after beating the Ducks.
  6. Thanks for the welcomes. Noesis: I have given medical advice over vent, but it's always better to see a doc in person. No way to do a physical exam over vent yet. No I don't own a pipe, and my kid is an xbox junkie, although he may eventually dabble in computer games. Jackal: I've never seen events where alcohol is involved go well, but that's the point, isn't it?
  7. Yes Mattplex, but still it's a cool coincidence!
  8. Yes I'm a medic. Angina is chest pain, so appropriate. Asystole(flatline) was a taken name, so I'm sticking with Arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). I just felt it was appropriate with the shock paddles. Best dance move is the white man overbite, Scotch and Bourbon are my guilty pleasures as well as home brew, I will embarass my kids with pictures of them playing Xbox in their underwear, and there's a saying that if steroids and antifungals can't cure a rash, send them to dermatology! Try hydrocortisone or micatin over the counter. And I forgot to mention that Slayer is one of my favorite ba
  9. Hi all! I was perusing the forums when I saw your post and enjoyed what I read about your guild and I'm impressed by your website. A little about me: my only MMO experience was with WoW which I thoroughly loved from vanilla until Cataclysm. I joined a casual guild on a small server at level 59 when I got a PM "Hey guy, why don't you have a guild tag?" I stuck with that guild through Cataclysm, eventually becoming raid leader and guild leader. We were small and casual, but I was proud to take down Lich King with them on 10 man and work halfway though on 25 man (we had trouble getting 25 d
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