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  1. Jackal


    It was good gaming with you today! Looking forward to more!
  2. Welcome, Oolong! I hope you'll make yourself comfortable here. Yes, I really liked that Simone highlighted the 5 Dirty Words thread in the recruitment post--it immediately weeds out so many bad apples from the applicant pool. Before joining SoH (years ago!), I ran with a single-game guild that was full of selfish, foul, immature members. I don't know what decisions I made in my life at the time that led me to them, but it was all incredibly exhausting to endure. Fortunately I found a good thing with good people here. I hope you'll agree once you get to know us better.
  3. Welcome, Arty! Glad to have you here. Yes, running with a group is so important in MMOs. It's funny, when Fera and I first started playing ESO, all we did was complain about it. ("Why is this jump mechanic so floaty?" "What do you mean I can only have 25 quests at a time?!" "#@$% this inventory UI!!") But we were in good company and ultimately found a sense of excitement and wonder in Tamriel. Having loads of fun now, and having friends along makes all the difference. Here are a few more questions for you: I'm someone who rents and has moved very frequently in
  4. Welcome, Celestial! Looking forward to gaming with you! I love that you mentioned FFX and Mass Effect in your intro. FFX is one of my favorites, and the wedding scene was my most memorable moment in that game. I had to rewatch it on YouTube just now. So good! I have a gap in my gaming career where I completely missed Mass Effect when it came out. Fortunately, one year at PAX East, Tyrlis, Grieve, and Toobz pointed out what a huge oversight that was on my part, and they put the game on my "must play" list. I'm so glad they did! In keeping with tradition, here are a
  5. Apologies for the late welcome, Paige! It's good to have you on board! Your pup is insanely cute! I'm super jealous of those who own dogs. My work/life setup isn't in a place where I could properly care for one, but someday I will have a dog again! In the tradition of asking questions, here are a few more for you: Moving to Indonesia sounds like a big adventure! Is there a reason you chose Indonesia, or did you throw a dart at a map? What is one of your favorite or most memorable moments in a game? What was the last thing Warlock chewed apart that you
  6. Apologies for being so late to welcome you, Vaaza! But it's good to have you here! I think we can all relate on game time being replaced with adulting. I used to practically live in a virtual environment until having a career got in the way. I don't get a chance to log in too much during the week, but I do carve out a good chunk of time on the weekends to slay orcs and stuff. Here are a few more questions for you: What do you find most interesting about your job as a test engineer? What's one one your favorite or most memorable moments in a game? Do y
  7. Welcome! It's good to have you here. I totally understand what you mean when you say gaming to us is like reading for others, and Elder Scrolls really highlights that. Final Fantasy too, but I wasn't a fan of all the driving around in FF15. Here are a few more questions to add to your list. Does the 503 in your handle mean anything? What is one of your favorite or most memorable moments in a game? Are breakfast foods superior to all other foods? (Please note: there is a right answer and a wrong answer to this one. )
  8. Thanks for taking this on, Simone and Fera! I'm totally hooked on this game and glad to see the cohort move forward. I know this was mentioned previously in the thread, but just to make it clear for the announcement, we are playing on PC, NA server. Unfortunately, the game is not cross-platform, and there is no way to transfer an account between platforms or NA/EU servers.
  9. Yes, Saturday night was a lot of fun! Looking forward to more of it A good thing about this game is that content is not gated by player level--everyone scales to the same level. So even if you're new and low level, you can still be a contributing member of the group! Here are some of the patch notes from when they introduced the concept of One Tamriel in 2016: Game content is no longer gated by a character's level Right out of the tutorial you'll have the freedom to go anywhere in Tamriel and play any content, in any order, just like other Elder S
  10. This Saturday evening sounds good to me! Simone, I think you are also on EST? And yes, I am having a ton of fun making all the noob mistakes! Hopefully we won't be entirely inept by the time Saturday comes around, but I'm sure it'll be interesting either way.
  11. I think these are very smart changes! Thanks to Ashin and the Council for putting them together. One small housekeeping item: some of the pinned posts on the Policy & Leadership forum are now outdated.
  12. After spending some time with the game today, I'm definitely interested in seeing more of it. Will keep an eye on the cohort status here, and looking forward to playing with more SoH folks!
  13. Fera talked me into checking out this title. Going to download it tonight and put in a few hours tomorrow! If anyone is around, we'll probably be hanging out in Mumble.
  14. I wore my first pair of heels tonight. It was a lot of fun, but I can't believe women wear them regularly! Brava!

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      I bet your calves looked amazing though.

    4. qqemokitty


      If you're interested in some never worn charcoal gray snakeskin platforms in an 11 wide let me know, they take up too much space in my closet. :p

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