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  1. Cohort Proposal - ESO

    This Saturday evening sounds good to me! Simone, I think you are also on EST? And yes, I am having a ton of fun making all the noob mistakes! Hopefully we won't be entirely inept by the time Saturday comes around, but I'm sure it'll be interesting either way.
  2. South of Heaven: Reimagined

    I think these are very smart changes! Thanks to Ashin and the Council for putting them together. One small housekeeping item: some of the pinned posts on the Policy & Leadership forum are now outdated.
  3. Cohort Proposal - ESO

    After spending some time with the game today, I'm definitely interested in seeing more of it. Will keep an eye on the cohort status here, and looking forward to playing with more SoH folks!
  4. Cohort Proposal - ESO

    Fera talked me into checking out this title. Going to download it tonight and put in a few hours tomorrow! If anyone is around, we'll probably be hanging out in Mumble.
  5. I wore my first pair of heels tonight. It was a lot of fun, but I can't believe women wear them regularly! Brava!

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    2. Fera
    3. Tyrlis


      I bet your calves looked amazing though.

    4. qqemokitty


      If you're interested in some never worn charcoal gray snakeskin platforms in an 11 wide let me know, they take up too much space in my closet. :p

  6. As a part of Senior Week, my university department hosted a table-top gaming day, which is the best way to spend a day at work. :)

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    2. Darish


      Pandemic really is a great game

    3. Fera


      <3 Pandemic!

    4. Jackal


      I was glad I picked up Pandemic for this event; it was entirely too much fun! And there are two new role cards since I played it last?! Yes, please!

  7. I just found out there's a board game cafe down the street from my apartment. How did I miss this for two months?!

    1. Midri
    2. Lindels


      oooh one of these was supposed to be opening in Cleveland sometime this year. I should check back and see if they did. Thanks for reminding me :D

    3. Fera
  8. Super Random Question: Does anyone know of an organist in the Boston area looking for a job?

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    2. Stasis


      In the dictionary, this should be the example given for a term called "super random question".

    3. Huntyre


      oddly enough I know an organist.. If you'd like, I can see if he has anyone in his network in Boston.

    4. Jackal


      Followed up with Toobz and Huntyre. Big thanks! Finding an organist is always tricky work.

      Fera, I take my organists seriously, but I always joke about pianists ;)

  9. I thought I'd use the day off to check out ArcheAge. My Glyph account was banned 30 minutes after I created it while the game was still downloading, though. :(

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    2. Jackal


      I ended up doing that, but it's tied to an e-mail account I don't monitor.

    3. Makiko


      Why the ban? O.O

    4. Ashin


      Because they know he's a naughty boy!

  10. Wildstar Application- Mindphucked

    You're in good hands with Proof Welcome to SoH! We have a penchant for asking recruits all kinds of questions; so you may be on the receiving end of a few bizarre scenarios. While we're a mature guild, we also follow EULA naming conventions--this is important as we span multiple titles and work to protect our members across each. I don't doubt you'll mindphuck us in BGs with your penchant for Aurin blood. In the interim, would you be OK with providing your in-game name so I can make your forum name match? And for a few questions! What's your main class and role? Do you have any alts? If so, what made you pick up that class? What's an embarrassing moment you're willing to share? (In beta or in real life) Which TV show have you binge-watched on Netflix? Aside: Fera bites are the best
  11. My apartment hunt is done! Super excited! Zomg!

  12. Wildstar Intro - Lantheru

    Glad to have you on board, Lantheru! Vax has been an upstanding member of the guild, so it's great to meet one of his friends. The leatherworking sounds really cool, and you should definitely show off your belt with the shoulder strap. Sharing pictures is always encouraged I would've gone medium-rare on the steak question, but your answer is much more vivid. Somehow it made me think of cooking lobsters As Etol noted, we love poking at recruits with random questions. I'll forgo that if you'll grant me a simple request: Please share an embarrassing story about Vax with us. Or, if you're too kind, you can share an embarrassing story about yourself. Welcome to SoH!
  13. Artaxerxes - Lvl 50 DPS Warrior

    Dominican Republic is on my hit list for places to go! I've only ever been to the other half of the island, but a former coworker grew up in the DR. She visits regularly and always comes back with amazing stories. Welcome to the SoH
  14. Just found a new WS access boss! The roommate who didn't pay the internet bill.

  15. Wildstar Intro - Mildstar

    Mattplex the Nature Boy? I finally met him in Mumble today. Or at least heard his voice as we were all swarming the channel. Like Huntyre said, we aren't a crowd that's going to let you get away with being 'quiet and mysterious'. We're a community, and we have a lot of questions for those who come knocking! It's just our way or getting to know you. In addition to the standard fare of gaming history and your interest in joining SoH, here are a few other ice breakers that might help you out: How do you know Matt? What do you do for a living? What are a few random facts about yourself? What significance does the quote you included have to you?