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  1. I got no issues with it, consider me signed up
  2. I find it kind of funny that everyone who doesn't live in Portland talks about how amazing it is but then the people who live there hate the people who live there (at least that's how it sounds)
  3. Keep on the good soda fight, Don't listen to dem nay sayers!
  4. Maybe I just got stuck with a bunch of horrible guides taking us places. I could also be trying to compare it to when I got to go to China which was absolutely amazing
  5. Don't move to Spain. Went there for school for a month and all I can say is the people I met in Barcelona and Madrid were incredibly rude. Its a pretty country don't get me wrong. They can just smell out a foreigner better than a bloodhound on a convict are well versed at harassing them. The markets for food was fun and we did meet some nice people but it was definitely the rare circumstance.
  6. I wouldn't say she is docile at all, she is very active. She isn't agressive though is how I would put it. I've worked with a whole host of different birds ranging from small guys you can find in any pet store, birds of prey, parrots, and even ostriches. Right now I'm working with eastern screech owls, rainbow lorikeets (if you haven't seen one check it out cause they are so dang colorful they look fake), senegal parrots, doves, and a congo african grey parrot (same kind as Alex the PArrot). The african grey is a complete and total ham and is too smart for his own good. He knows how t
  7. Yes, that is Mufasa and he's my buddy. I helped resuce him when i interned and now volunteer at an exotic animal sanctuary. The animals I want to bring home the most are our dingoes. The best thing is when you go on break and spend the 15 minutes with them. You go in and lay in their hay beds with them and make what we call "puppy piles" and crash for a little bit. Hedgehogs can make good pets if you know what you are getting into. they only live 2-6 years on average and are nocturnal (although they can be conditioned to come out during they day). They can be litterbox trained but they
  8. Ok, lets try and wade through the sea of inquiries! 1) Depends on the day, I have 4 cats and 2 dogs. My favorite pet I've had though were my hedgehogs 2) I pride myself on my ability to make really good food. Most people think im great with a microwave but they haven't really seen me behind a range. 3) You can judge my style all you want, I promise to give you a lot to talk about seeing as style is something I lack. 4) Do I have to choose one? =( I guess I'll have to go with Ole Smoky Apple Pie Moonshine 5) Ahhhh the old Fermat's Last Theorem. Well rather than me type it all out I'll s
  9. Hello everyone, I'm shooting this out here for you guys as my Wildstar application. I was found on the wildstar forums by Zach while looking for a guild. I'm Forrest. I go by it, Etoro, or Moose which are both names i usually use in games. I'm no stranger to MMO's as I've played everything ranging from UO, EQ, WoW, swotr, warhammer, and countless other similar games. I've always considered myself a semi-hardcore player. I love seeing endgame content but in no way am I an elitist that has to see it first. That takes the fun outta it and it is a game afterall. As far as class/race I'm pr
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