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    I actually had no idea until i stumbled upon it this morning. Now I do! Glad to be a member now! Woot!
  2. Mushi-Shi is on netflix, even in english. YOUR EXCUSES ARE INVALID! If any were given...
  3. Malixx

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    That makes more sense now.
  4. Malixx

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    I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I can't access the member area of the server.
  5. Funny enough, I thought your name was a reference to the anime Mushi-Shi. If you like the slice-of-life stuff, this has that plus a mystery element to it. It's a great short series to watch. I've watched it multiple times when I've forgotten a good amount of the episodes, and it's always just as interesting as the first time. Welcome aboard!
  6. Thanks Vanity! Glad to hear you liked it. I've seen Skillet a few times myself, and am waiting for the opportunity to share a stage with them at some point. Poke and prod all you guys want. I am most certainly NOT prepared for any sort of apocalypse. I happen to have a friend of mine who's dad has a y2k bunker (he's one of those guys), which he regularly keeps updated. So in the event of a world wide catastrophe, I will be heading straight there.
  7. Parade of ashes is an AMAZING song, probably my favorite on the album. The solo gives me chills. As for the darker than black name check, I'm at a loss as to what you are referring to. Not famous, but I regularly am in the same ranked ques as zap, lass, shing, wolfy, jerb, stealth, all the big boys. They would probably recognize my name if asked. I have a few tattoos, all on my back and chest, so they are hidden. I'm the only one of the group who has any though. Just not for some people I guess.
  8. Do you like anime? If so, what do you watch/like to watch? If not, s'all good. - I do in fact. Favorites would have to be Darker than black, Death Note, FMA brotherhood, kekkaishi, and probably Inuyasha just for the fact that I started with that primarily. Most amazing food you've had within the past 6 months? - the steak I had at a brazilian steak house. The name escapes me.. but I thought I was going to wake from a dream any moment. Favorite movie of all time? - ALL TIME?!?! If I HAD to pick one.. it's a tie between Ghost Busters and A Knights Tale. Which do you prefer, IS-LM or AD-AS model? - I wasn't an economics major, and don't feel I have an adequate say on this particular subject lol. Are there hats? There are always hats, would you like to trade? Do owls exist? Who?
  9. Oh, and hi Negido! Thank you for the welcome!
  10. We have a single lined up to be releases some time this summer. Still working out the kinks. Haha, I'll be sure to watch that with non-religious folk. I myself am, but that kind of stuff doesn't bother me. I personally don't listen to them, but I know my drummer does. I've heard him mention them a few times. I'll have to ask his opinion on them. I'm more in to bands like periphery, dream theater, alter bridge, tesseract, ect. progressive metal i guess. Dufor now has a wife and kids, and a very promising career as a lead systems engineer for a company who specializes in red hat server environments. He doesn't have too much time for games anymore. He's played the beta here and there. If he decides to get more involved, I'll make sure the first thing he does is make a post here. we have a few classical instruments in a few intros to new material, but nothing too extensive. If you are familiar with a band called "skillet", they ALWAYS have strings on many of their songs.
  11. Well sir, you have a fantastic name, if i may. And thanks for giving it a listen! We have new material coming out soon, I'll be sure to let you know when its out! What's your best dance move? - None, I'm white. Unless head banging counts. What's one of your guilty pleasures? - Musicals. Say it in front my friends and I'll deny it. Do you ever play weddings? If so, did it involve performing the chicken dance song? Lol, we have never played weddings, nor do we ever intend to. I have however, played many hookah lounges by myself just with an acoustic. Mostly covering tenacious D and oldies. Did you use Red Bull or Ritalin to achieve your #1 Hunter ranking? I'm not one to judge, just looking for pointers! I use to be big in to theory crafting back in the day, min/maxing and all that wonderful stuff. I wrote many a strats for ranged DPS in general for certain boss fights. I would have to credit Dufor (other hunter) for most of my success. I don't think either of us would have been as top tier as we were without each other. He was the left brain and I was the right.
  12. Oh, I most certainly do. And in the extreme cases, I like to give a little love tap on my breaks before speeding off, just as a last little parting gift
  13. Hey guys, My in-game name is reserved as Malixx (Malix was taken HGAAAASKJLGdbklBFS), my real name is Ben. I'm going to be playing a spellslinger mainly as DPS, with a healing offspec (obviously). I've been playing MMO's since EQ, but never really got serious about raiding until WOTLK in WoW. I was the #1/#2 Hunter on my server for the entirety of that expansion, constantly switching between another hunter in the same guild. I played semi competitive in HoN and consider myself among the top players in a game called SMITE. I've become more PvP oriented as far as my gaming style over the past few years, mainly due to a lack of challenge in raid content. I don't think I've ever been this excited about raid content in a game in a VERY long time. My goals will be to see all PvE content, and maintain a competitive presence in the PvP environment. Outside my gaming life, I play in a band as lead guitarist that sounds like what critics call, "a clash of breaking benjamin and metallica". We call ourselves "from this fire" (shameless plug inc -> www.fromthisfire.com) I work at a datacenter for a living, maintaining operations and crisis containment. I live in the overcrowded-with-old-people sunshine state, and love to complain about slow drivers in the fast lane. From what I've read on the forums, SoH seems like the perfect home for me. Poking around the SoH forums a bit, everyone here seems mature and friendly. Gaming backgrounds look extensive, which is something I always look for. Hopefully SoH has room for me among its ranks. I look forward to meeting all of you and building warplots no one is able to pass!
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