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  1. So if the EVE people haven't seen this already, it's pure comedy: http://www.fleetr.space/

  2. You have piqued my interest.
  3. If you don't like bread, I'm afraid this won't work out. Welcome!! I'm Andreas/Tinymanz/Tsia/Joaquin in game
  4. Matt&Steves Extreme Bean pickeld beans are literally the best I've ever had.

    1. Tinymanz


      Fantastic drink garnish or eating alone.



  5. Finally windows remembers I have a real copy!

  6. WOO! Swtor! What server did you play on?
  7. @Darlantan has christened my dog "Druid of the nose". 

    1. Darlantan


      Show the picturrrrrre

  8. It's so weird sitting outside my tent, on my phone, browsing the SOH forums. Cell coverage is getting HUGE. That said I'll probably be out of signal range tomorrow as I kayak further up lake temagami. 

    1. facets


      Have fun in the wilderness! Don't get eaten! :D

  9. First thing I did at work today was drop my phone on the floor and smash the screen. 

    1. Kytn


      y u do dis.. D:

  10. Unearthed my old gameboy color and gameboy advanced when going through boxes from storage. Also came across Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Silver and Gold.


    The temptation to waste my evening is so real.

    1. Mina


      So jealous. I don't have a single clue where i've put all of those ;_; 

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