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  1. For me, it's too close to call between Fiddler and Trull, but everyone else you listed would be a close second. Tehol and Bugg had me laughing out loud on a regular basis. I'm also partial to Dancer and Hood. Thanks to both of you! I should be around the next few nights and through the weekend trying to get my gear in decent shape.
  2. A fellow Malazan reader and a Karsa name drop in your first reply!? You're off to a strong start in my book (pun not intended). I wanted to pop-in and say hello. If you're looking for some company as you get established on Stormreaver let me know. I'm recently returning from a 3-year WoW hiatus and as slowly working my way through the BFA content. With regards to questions (since we're on the topic), whose your favorite character from the Malazan series not named Karsa?
  3. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! 1. My personal favorite are Nike Frees. They're not the best running shoe out there, but I mix in a lot of crossfit/circuit type work outs and they're a good all around shoe. A lot of my friends run in Brooks. 2. I'm currently in the military and have a degree in International Relations. I get to play in the dirt a lot, just with different goals. I'll transition out at the end of the year and am looking to go back to school for a MBA. I'd probably make an exception for a beer like that. It sounds delicious. I'm currently on a Stout/IPA kic
  4. 1. Scout. She's a mutt but mostly American Bulldog 2. I'll use a Wildstar example. I had just hit level 15 on my stalker in the Beta and jumped right in to the first dominion adventure as a tank. Earlier that day I had completed the Exile Adventure on my Engineer so I was pretty confident it wouldn't be too difficult. From the first pull on, no matter what I did I could not hold threat. I tried changing my abilities, taunting on cooldown, asking the group to give me some time to build threat before they attacked; nothing worked. We eventually makes it through the adventure, but only afte
  5. Hello South of Heaven! As the Wildstar Open Beta drew to a close, I realized two things: 1. That I really wanted to play more Wildstar 2. I would have much more fun if I found a good group of people to enjoy it with. Since then I've been on the hunt for a guild and stumbled upon one of your recruitment messages the other day. After a few days of stalking...I mean exploring the website, I think this might be a great place for me to hang my hat. About Me: I'm 28, work full time and live just north of Austin, Texas. My real name is Rob and I'm married, don't have any kids yet, but I h
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