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  1. Definitely the third option. It seems like it would be a great way to keep having fun while making money and not having to deal with keeping up the reputation of Bruce Wayne. I am looking forward to raiding and warplots. Those two things seem pretty fun to me. Right now I'm thinking about being a Chua Spellslinger (Healer), but I'm not completely sure yet. I'll also probably be either a Settler or an Explorer.
  2. Not really, not a big ice hockey fan. :/ I actually started school late so I'm still in high school. :/ Sigh. Senior year though. Other than gaming, I sing in many choirs and play a lot of MTG. Yes, I am comfortable gaming with a bunch of "crypt keepers" lol. I am super excited to join the Sub25 if accepted.
  3. Best dance move: Not sure, don't really dance Embarrassing story: Well. Hmm. In-game in WoW. I went back to it after a 6 month stretch of not playing and decided to do a faction change on my level 90. Well apparently that made all of my progress since level 85 disappear and I had to do all of it again. Sigh. Living: I go to school. Pretty boring. Name Reservation: AWWW. Well I'll come up with some variant on that. I got the name Squeaky when playing Tera. I was a popori (animal things) and looked like a hamster, so I thought, hamsters go squeak, so I'll name myself Squeaky! I was hop
  4. I live on the outskirts of downtown Columbus. Nice to see someone else from Ohio!
  5. Hi South of Heaven! I was looking around on the Wildstar forums and found the page about this guild. It seemed like the perfect place for me. I've been following Wildstar for about a year and a half now, anxiously awaiting its release. I started looking around for a guild about a week ago and I was disappointed at what I found, until now. So, a little bit about me. My real name is Joe (you can call me Joe, Kingfrog, or Squeaky (my hopeful character name in Wildstar). I'm from Central Ohio and I'm 18. Even though I am still pretty young, I have played a lot of different games. The first MM
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