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  1. Congrats! I wish you the best of luck with the baby. Yikes, I hope it doesn't have to come to that! I'm pretty much in the same boat here, and I'll have you know, I'm doing okay despite my lack of experience and SOHCO offers a great support network, with great resources both in game and out of game. There will be plenty of people who will readily help you along your way if you feel like you need it. How long ago was it when you left the game, and how long have you been back? I know that a return from a long break can sometimes be a little jarring, especially since CCP puts out a lot of updates.
  2. Woah, I'm interested in this tidbit of info. As far as I know, there aren't too many SOHCO members that play Dota. I'll admit that I don't really play it regularly anymore, but I always find it 10x more fun when I'm on a team with someone/some people I know. Also kinda interested in this. What's, in your opinion, the coolest job you've worked on? Do much welding outside of work, like as a hobby or anything?
  3. Do you by any chance mean solo pvp? I've always wanted to get into it, but never been able to get over the fear/panic of the actual engagements. Maybe you can give me a few pointers on how to get more comfortable with solo. Maybe I just need to get myself blown up more. Man, you know what's up. As someone who shares this opinion, I do love the fact that CCP has given a lot of Caldari ships visual redesigns recently, including the new Cormorant/Flycatcher and Chimera. If you've already lived in WH space, you might find null similar; it is probably more secure than WHs, since both local and intel channels are readily available. However, like has been said by those before me, the more important thing is ultimately to determine if SOHCO is the right choice for you. It seems like you have some great friends in Plyn and Livictus, so I hope that you'll find SOHCO a good fit.
  4. The Svipul may have been nerfed, but it's still really powerful. Probably still the most powerful T3D at the moment, although the margin is smaller than before and it's more debatable now. For what it's worth, Goonswarm uses Svipuls as one of their staple doctrines. Also, it might still be worth training for Minmatar Destroyer V (if you don't already have it) since the Sabre and Bifrost are both well regarded ships as well. As for TV shows and such, there are some obvious recommendations I have to make: Westworld, if you haven't seen it yet The Expanse Don't know if you like anime but One Punch Man Also anime related but coming soon in live action (with Scarlett Johansson!): Ghost in the Shell
  5. Hey there! Fellow newbro here. I can reassure you that SOHCO is never a toxic environment to be in, and you can get all the support you want or need should you ask for it. I also have a couple of questions: Besides logi, what other type of ships do you enjoy flying? Do you prefer regular drones or the glorious Caldari technology that is self-piloting kamikaze drones (sometimes known as missiles)? Any hobbies outside of EVE? If you have time for them, of course. I'm looking forward to flying with (and receiving reps from) you!
  6. I have read, understand, and agree fully with the code.
  7. Thanks @Simone and @Ashin, that's really useful information about null sec fleets. Fortunately, my core fitting skills are decent, so hopefully I won't have to train those much more. Training into everything eventually sounds fine to me although EWAR, logi, and tackle all sound like exciting options that I have not been able to test out before.
  8. Hi Ashin, What are the typical doctrine ships? As you mention, Caracals and Cerberi are probably the best bet for me at first. If you guys ever run an armor doctrine and/or turret weapons, I will need a significantly higher SP/time investment to make that work. I do have some SP invested in projectile weapons and turret support skills but not a lot. Of course, I'd be very willing to train skills to fit fleet doctrines over time. At the moment I fly archetypical Caldari ships, missiles and shields, although I have flown a few shield-tanked Minmatar ships in the past. The Tengu is what I use most often, but I've used it exclusively for PvE purposes and in the past I mostly flew the Caracal. My missile skills are also not completely rounded out as the only tech II missiles I've trained thus far are HAMs, although my support skills are decent so it wouldn't be hard to train into other types of missiles. Just tell me what would work, and I'll modify my training queue as necessary . I guess I'll just PM you to set up an interview time unless there's a preferred method of communicating. If there is, just let me know.
  9. Thanks for the warm reception, guys. I'm looking forward to flying with you all. Well, Atticus, I'm not too certain of where my education will lead. Like I mentioned earlier, the ideal scenario for me would be a job in the bike industry, probably doing stuff like stress-testing frames or components. Even if I'm not specifically in bike industry, I could see my self doing that type of work in other applications. For Netflix shows, if we're talking strictly about Netflix originals, I've thoroughly enjoyed House of Cards and Daredevil, and I might start watching Narcos. Favorite sandwich: corned beef reuben with sauerkraut. Favorite beer: I'm not a huge beer drinker but I have a friend who's big on beer and he let me taste a stout from a local brewery in Pittsburgh that he saved a few of. It had a really strong but smooth taste, about 28 IBUs. I'll have to find out the name from him when I can.
  10. Oh, so this is your bike. Pretty cool, I have to admit, you pull it off amazingly well.
  11. Since you say gloriously, I pick A. If choice A did not specify "gloriously" and only said "Die with your compatriots" I might have to pick D .
  12. Well, not too familiar with hockey to be honest. I've watched a couple of games, including a few live, but on the whole I'm not very familiar with it. I will say that the fights are entertaining to watch, to say the least . There was a time when I would have picked a fixed gear over a road bike, but having ridden a good deal of fixed, I'd now choose a geared bike any day. Fixed gears are really fun, but I live in New England, where the hills are short, but very steep. I mostly ride road and do a good deal of commuting but recently I've been craving dirt. Coming from mostly road riding, I'm drawn to cyclocross and gravel riding, but who knows, maybe I'll find myself riding a mountain bike one of these days. My major is Mechanical Engineering, although it's possible that may change in the upon returning in the future. Fortunately, Olin makes it very easy to switch fields of study. I'm kinda hoping that ME will lead me to a job in the bicycle industry.
  13. Thanks Hotsync, I enjoyed talking with you as well. To answer those questions: Mostly through ratting, although it depends on where I am. In high sec, I run missions but in low, null, or W-space, it's a combination of ratting, exploration, and some occasional mining/gas huffing. I'm very familiar with how jump clones work but I haven't really been able to make use of them. While I was living in a WH, most activities were conducted in the wormhole or neighboring ones, so having a jump clone(s) in K-space didn't make a ton of sense since using it meant I basically wasn't participating in the corp. And in K-space, I primarily run missions, so I haven't used jump clones for pvping or anything like that. Never been on a roam. I don't really have a reason why, just haven't done it I guess. I do have an idea of how it works though, fleet compositions and such. Yes, we used voice comms. In the WH corp, we used TS3 in fleets, but pretty much only in fleets. Since then, I've found out about Discord, which I find wonderful and would immediately recommend to anyone. It's also what my current corp uses, and everyone logs into a voice channel whenever they're playing. Well, I have say, I though Rogue One was pretty great, but that's at the top of my mind since I saw it recently. I think if I wracked my brains some more, I might come up with another one. This is also in part due to my watching a number of good TV series this year (Westworld, anyone?). Least favorite? Oh god, it has to be Independence Day: Resurgence. That thing was excruciating to watch. If any of you have seen it, you know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, do you self a favor and never watch it. My main passion is bicycles, and all things bicycle related. In addition to working in a local bike shop, I also volunteer at a non-profit that teaches people how to work on their own bikes and offers a friendly workshop setting. Recently, I've invested in some raw materials with which I plan to build a bicycle frame jig, which is a tool used to hold together the tubes in a bicycle frame when welding or brazing it together. After that's done, I'll build myself a custom bike frame. Hurricane. There's a silly reason for this and it's that I like the appearance of the Hurricane. It looks like a mini Star Destroyer. I mean how cool is that? I generally enjoy flying ships that I find visually appealing even if I can't spend a ton of time looking at them. I guess it just makes me feel good to know that the ship I fly isn't just a blob-shaped hunk of metal .
  14. Hello all! I recently saw the recruitment ad posted in the r/evejobs subreddit and immediately became intrigued by the possibility of joining this corp! I just chatted with TBert and Hotsync in the public channel and that has only made me more interested. As you've probably guessed, my character is Dmitri Blok and I'm a fairly new player to the game. Technically I started back towards the end of 2014, but I put the game down for loooong time beginning in the early summer of 2015. I was part of a small and friendly WH corp at the time, and recently found the allure of EVE to be stronger than I remember, prompting me to return to the game. But alas, the members of my former corp have all gone inactive, forcing me to leave and seek out a new one. I was eager to look for people to fly with, so I just joined a recommended corp in the corp window in EVE. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like my current corp is very active during my time zone While my EVE history is not really pvp-focused, it has become an interest of mine and I'd like to participate in and actively contribute to a pvp-focused corp and eventually improve my pvp gameplay. I imagine that having a few mentors and good FCs can't hurt . Right now, I'm skilled mostly into the Tengu as well as a few Minmatar ships, with a focus on ratting and exploration. I feel that my previous experience in W-space has given me a good sense of how to survive in null/WHs and I'm partially seeking the thrills of null sec by applying to this corp. Another thing that made that recruitment ad stand out to me was the Blades of Grass code of conduct; it struck me as exactly the mindset I would like to see from myself and my fellow capsuleers! About me I'm an undergrad college student taking some time off from my school, the Olin College of Engineering. Outside EVE, I'm an avid cyclist and am currently working at a local bike shop while working on a few personal projects before returning to school. Obviously, I'm also a gamer, and I seem to find that I play relatively few games, but tend to get really serious about them. Among those games are EVE, DotA, War Thunder, Super Smash Bros: Project M, and board games. I'm also about to start a DnD campaign with a few friends of mine. If you have any questions, ask away! I excited by the opportunity to join such an organized and classy group of people! Best, Dmitri
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