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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. So, I saw the post on reddit and I think SOH is what I'm looking for. Essentially a pvp server guild with friendly, mature Dominionites. I've played MMOs on and off for ~8 years or so. I've raided hardcore and softcore in WoW as a ranged dps, with a healing alt, for many years. However, I really like the healing model so far in Wildstar, so I might be rolling a medic healer. Going to give Esper a shot though to see how it compares. Really, it's hard to choose since so many of the classes are fun. I'm sort of melee averse in PVE since I prefer to be able to stand back and see what's going on. Looking forward to some warplots in Wildstar too. Outside of gaming, I do sort of outdoorsy stuff like moutain biking and snowboarding. I'm about a month from graduating from college with a degree in Environmental Science and am working on landing a job working in environmental remediation. Feel free to ask questions and what not. Hope to catch up with you all soon in Mumble.
  2. Hello South of Heaven! I have been looking for a friendly mature guild to join Dominion side on Pergo and your post caught my eye. I have 4 years of hardcore progression experience as a healer in WOW from BC to Cata. However, that was back when I was in school and now that I work full time and joined the adult world, I don't have much free time to be as hardcore as I was in WOW. I fell in love with Wildstar when i first played it at E3 last year and have been playing the BETA since Nov. I am interested in playing either Chua Esper or Draken spellslinger. However, I will pick whichever the guild needs most for raids. Out of curiosity, do you guys have any raid times locked yet? Please feel free to ask any questions or tell me about yourselves
  3. character name: KeziƧ server: Argent Dawn (US) armory: http://us.battle.net...wn/KeziƧ/simple about me: Im a 20 year old nerd that loves playing wow and watching dr. who. wow history: total /played is 195 days 1 hours 20 mins vanilla -> no raiding of note BC -> all of BT/hyjal and up to brute in SWP wrath -> everything killed every encounter except heroic putricide sindy and litch king cata -> didn't play wow during cata was actually not even suscribed this entire time pandaland -> 5.0 i was raided about half of in a progression guild that ended up at 6/16H then moved to a 25 man that was starting fresh and ended up at 6/16 total. ->5.2 experience so far i am 1/12H having killed jin'rokh on 10 man but only 12/12 normal on 25 link to my UI: http://i.imgur.com/qLJEImp.jpg the screenshot is a little old sorry but my UI really hasn't changed much since then. my bars have as new abilities were made more useful in 5.2, but generaly when making a UI i chose to leave the center of my screen open with my raid frames in the bottom middle. I put buffs to the left with weak auras for important ones to note mid fight. anything else things like meters are out of the way on the right so i can look at them outside of combat (my meters actually hide in combat) how i heal/world of logs link: i dont know what you look for in a healer but i have always found healing to be a team event, i cycle my healing cooldowns with other healers during high damage phases rather than using them on cooldown to pad damage meters when possible. here is a link to my world of logs for a night of attempts at heroic jin'rokh 25 man which i think reflects this. http://www.worldoflo...8l3lyufp016r1z/ also my healing probably looks lower than it normally is in that log because healing a 25 man as a resto druid when there are 2 disc preists is kinda painfull as 90% of the time as soon as i rejuve soemone they have a bubble on them that absorbs more than my rejuve does and costs less mana so i decided to spend most of my time healing people with effective heals and keeping both tanks alive rather than padding meters by sniping every bit of damage with perfectly timed re growths some notes on why i choose the non-"cookie cutter talents" that i do. tier1 -> i normally use displacer beast over feline switness as i find the blink effect fallowed by the movement speed increase helps me deal with raid mechanics quickly and get back to healing faster than simple 15% movement speed. additionally i use well placed blinks to avoid damage from some encounters such as the fire lines on iron qon which cant be simply hopped over. tier 2 -> Natures grace is fairly cookie cutter as even the freshly buffed cenarion ward is very underwhelming on many normal mode encounters. tier 3&5-> these two talent tree choices are all about CC and which one i use changes basically every fight where CC is a thing. on horidon it is always mass entanglement + mighty bash to keep unwanted adds off of me but other fights like lie shen a ursol's vortex on the melee can be useful to stop ball lightnings from getting out of cleave range. tier 4&6 -> depending on the encounter i either use SotF + HotW or Incarntion + NV based on weather or not my cooldowns will line up with damage phases (jin'rokh has a heavy damage phase every 90 seconds so incarnation + NV is better) or not. a fight like magera has high damage phases at different times with different amounts of time between them based on what dps cooldowns are avaiable on each head for this i find using SotF + hotw to be better healing as cooldowns only line up with 1 in 3 heads but swift mend + wild growth always does good healing. glyphs -> i always use the lifebloom glyph. if i am going to use sotf for a fight i generally replace the WG glyph with the regrowth one as i am no longer in t14 and the cooldowns of WG and SM better line up this way. the third glyph slot is normal some form of raid utility based on the fight either glyph of stapde or glyph of stampeding roar, or if neither of those are used glyph of rebirth. however i am always open to input from other druids as to which talents/glyphs they find useful for some situations and i normally carry 40-60 tomes on me to switch many talents/glyphs every fight Why i want to join SoH my main reason for wanting to join south of heaven is that your progression is very good, and your raid times match up with my availability very well. additionally a few other members of my previous guild ( which btw fell apart we arn't all just hopping ship to get on a loot train) are also applying here and i would like to continue being in the same guild as them as they are fun people to play games with inside and outside of wow. I apolgize for the way this app looks btw but i was at the hospital (visiting my dad) while writing this on a tablet and as such it looks like complete shit
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