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Found 5 results

  1. In my endeavors to find a new home for myself, I run into the issue of striving to stand above my progress and to go further to place myself above the faceless masses of those seeking as I seek. Despite how I might appear at first glance, I tend to be a person entirely my own. I am tenacious, determined, intelligent, and even in some ways chivalrous. From my post in the WoW recruitment forums: "[...] I wish to constantly improve myself. My desire is to always reach new pinnacles of ability. I put a significant amount of time and effort into not only knowing my class and fights, but also know skills as a tank in general. I seek to output the highest damage I can while taking the least that I can. I love to optimize. I always want to know where or how I can move a boss to make the fight easier for the DPS or healers or any other way that I may do better." I am a timely individual and I take my commitments very seriously. Short of grievous injury to myself or a loved one, I make raids on time and prepared to down content. While I am a student, I am able to tailor my schedule to my needs. Most of my major classes are only offered in the morning, preventing any possibility of conflict. I am a very active person. I want to have friendships with all of those I raid with and seek to participate in activities with them outside of normal raiding. I feel that I raid better with people I have taken the time and effort to get to know and befriend than those who have remained strangers to me. As I said, I want a home. I am not looking for a transitory guild, but one that I may enjoy the struggles of progressing with for the forseeable future. As far as my experience with raiding, I have been actively raiding for almost two years. I do not, unfortunately, have any experience with 25m raiding. Notwithstanding, I learn quickly. In point of fact, I am studying aerospace engineering. I consider the opportunity to learn and adapt a joy and it is a challenge that I relish. My original raiding guild was a small guild on a small server, Leviathan of The Scryers. I was with them for about 14 months. In that time we cleared all of t11 on normal and Halfus on heroic when it was current, 1/7 H while Firelands was current, and cleared all of normal DS and (if memory serves) 2 or 3 heroic modes in DS before I was recruited into Kill Stuff Dont Die on the same server, who were 6/8 H at the time. The second night of being with them, I helped them down Spine and we went on to clear Deathwing a few weeks later. All members got their mounts and we continued on to get our server first H Ragnaros and got most members their mounts. The challenge and the triumph of that server first is a large part of why that mount remains my favorite. From there, KSDD progressed into MoP; however, the guild soon fell apart as a rift formed between the guild leader, the raid leader, and the officers. I followed the raid leader back to his server and his own guild, Fatal Americans, which is the guild I am now in. With loot, I find myself caring less and less about it. The particular gear I am wearing does not determine my skill and is thus secondary or tertiary to my personal knowledge and ability. I seek to push myself beyond my limits, to be a tank without peers, and to stand united with my guild. I do not want to settle for mediocrity in myself and view stagnation of my growth as the worst thing that could happen to me. To be challenged is to find ecstasy in my life and tanking is just my sort of challenge. With these closing thoughts, I shall leave you the links to my logs and my armory. Best of luck in your search. Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/246131/ Armory: http://us.battle.net...starriol/simple A small post script of things I forgot to mention: My ping is generally around 20ms for home and world. FPS around 40-50 in open-air raids. I could drop a few more settings to be comfortable. I have Mumble and I am comfortable using it. As for challenge modes, I haven't been abel to stir up interest in my dear Fatal Americans for them, but I've found a few people through the forums and my recruitment post and I hope that I will be swimming in gold medals soon.
  2. I think long and self aggrandizing posts are weird, so Ill be concise and honest. Professional Information: I am a serious minded player who has been tanking since Vanilla. I tanked Zul'Gurub to Nefarion in Vanilla, Kara to Tempest Keep in BC, I took a break during WotLK but pug tanked through Sindragosa, tanked normal T11, some heroic T12, and all heroic T13 content in Cataclysm. I also have 9/9 Gold in challenge modes. Not sure if anyone in guild is into those or not, but it's something I enjoy and would be happy to run with anyone interested. I don't have alot of tanking experience outside of WoW. I played an inquisitor in SWtoR (Darth Darktoot on The Fatman), a Lancer in Terra, and a Chosen in the ill fated Warhammer MMO. Currently I am the main tank for a guild that is fracturing due to pre 5.2 malaise. I have 8/16 HM experience, and I am looking for a guild that loves to raid! I love, love, LOVE tanking! I'd tank even if there were no loot or e-peen involved. If it's a challenge to live through then I'm on board to throw a shield in front of it! If you pick me up pretty please don't make me dps. When I dps the keys all turn to vipers and they bite my face. I am capable of doing average numbers when called upon although I havent geared for it nor have I DPSed as an off spec since Cata. Armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/bleeding-hollow/Barr%C3%ACcade/advanced WOL: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/202184/ Battle Tag: Insanoflex#1178 Personal Information: My name is Kyle, I live and work in Italy. I speak just enough Italian to leave native speakers staring at me with a bewildered look on their face (I assume they are awestruck at how awesome I am at it) and order food. I like rubber duckies and hate babies. I love swimming in the ocean, running, and eating oreos in my underwear while watching farscape. I'm married, 30, and unashamedly (at least on the interwebz) a blizzard fan boy. This seems like a skilled and fun group and I hope I get the opportunity to hurl my body in front of bosses for you. Hit me up any time if you have any additional questions .
  3. Character basics: Name: Zínn (I plan to name change upon server transfer) Class: Paladin Spec: Protection / Retribution (Off spec) Proffesions: JC (600) / BS (600) Armory link: http://us.battle.net...g/Zínn/advanced Personal: Name: Jacob Age: 23 Occupation: Part time college student / Freelance author. Key skills, applicable to WoW: Fluent in English and Danish, management skills and attention to detail. About myself and my character(s): I’ve always loved tanking. Paladin especially has always been my favorite since I first made one in TBC to play with my brother. I’ve played mage in Vanilla and Cataclysm for a change of pace, but I honestly get bored with DPS classes very quickly. I prefer tanking above all else, just because it is a challenge and I love a good challenge! What you can expect from me: You can expect a player that knows his class. I always strive to be at the top of my game, and always seek improvement, be it studying guides or taking advice from other players. I will learn from my mistakes! I always come prepared to raids, be it flasks, food or watching guides on upcoming progression fights. I’m never afraid of a challenge, even if it means wiping on a progression boss again and again. I always try to offer insight or give my perspective on things in a professional manner and not just yelling and crying when things don’t go my way. I have a lot of experience as a raid leader, and while some say I often sound angry, I’m honestly not, I tend to be more brutally honest and express myself quickly and to-the-point . What I expect of you: I expect to join a guild where people are friendly with each other and don’t mind joking around, not just trying to “1-up” each other, and rag each other. I expect to join a guild that is willing to do guild activities with each other such as Challenge Modes and heroics etc. and not just logging on for raids, only to disappear until next raid. I expect to join a guild that has steady progression. I expect guild leadership to actually lead the guild to success and not just sit back and hope someone else will. Why am I leaving my current guild? My guild is dying on a dying server. My brother, two other officers and I took over the guild shortly before MoP, since the GM and most of our core raiders left or quit. My guild tried going 25 man for MoP and while my brother and I recruited over 50 candidates, only 2 bothered to actually level to 90 and start raiding. While my brother continues to recruit, I raid lead, but it’s hard to do so efficiently when you have a new raider or two every week and a GM that takes no initiative to do any recruiting or raid leading himself and does very little to help our guild other than a “I’m good with whatever” response. Recently our progression has come to a grinding halt and I simply don’t want to put up with it anymore. WoW career: Vanilla: Crybaby Raiders (Neptulon-EU), Alliance, Hemmini, Level 60 Gnome Mage. (Raider) -Full clear of ZG, AQ20, MC and BWL -Freelance raider with RL friends in top guild. Cleared AQ40 and a few fights in Naxx. -Quit the guild in TBC to play with my brother on horde side. TBC: Various guilds (Sylvannas-EU), Horde, Chopstickz, Level 70 Holy Paladin. (Raider) -Semi-Full KZ clear in various guilds. Most guilds disbanded. Coup de Grace (Lightbringer-EU), Horde, Chopstickz, Level 70 Protection Paladin. (Paladin Class Leader, Raid Leader) -Full clear of KZ, Gruul, Magtheridon, SSC, TK and partial BT. -GM took his/her frustration out on the guild, esp. us officers, due to prolonged RL issues, so most of us got fed up and merged with another guild. Northern Expedition (Lightbringer-EU), Horde, Chopstickz, Level 70 Protection Paladin. (Paladin Class Leader, Raid Leader) -Full content exp, except for Sunwell, limited attempts on first boss. Gained experience as Retribution. WotLK: Northern Expedition (Lightbringer-EU), Horde, Chopstickz (Renamed Xinn later), Level 80 Protection Paladin. (Paladin Class Leader, Raid Leader) -Naxx 10/25, Sarth 10/25 (3D 10 man), EoE 10/25, Ulduar 25, ToC limited. -Break during ToC as I moved to the US. Full clear on normal ICC (Did not partake in heroic progression). Cata: BEYOND GODLIKE (Deathwing-US), Horde, Xínn, Level 85 Fire/Arcane Mage. (Raider) -BoT 1/ 4 heroic, 4/4 normal, BWD 3/6 heroic, 6/6 normal, TotFW 4/4 normal, FL 6/7 heroic, DS 8/8 heroic. All done on 10 man. MoP: BEYOND GODLIKE (Deathwing-US), Horde, Zínn, Level 90, Protection Paladin. (Officer, Raid Leader) -2/6 Heroic MV, 5/6 HoF, 1/ 4 ToS (Elite Kill). All done on 10 man. MoP logs: http://www.worldoflo...m/guilds/51043/ Misc. info: - I have Mumble, Vent and Skype. I have a mic, but will only use if instructed to. - I am able to attend all your raids. - I do not plan to transfer any other characters over. I plan to start a new alt (Monk) when I server transfer. If you have any questions beyond what I have submitted in my application, please do ask. I’ll do my best to answer them!
  4. Hello everyone, My name is Christian Dale or other people know me as Clisis. I have played sence beta but didnt get into heroic raiding sence Wrath and every sence then I have been pushing myself and other for heroic progression. I remember for hours on end that I would and the group I was with; bang our heads against walls untill we down the boss. I rarely do PvP because I do not care for it. I am a pure PvE player with interest of pushing myself to be the best I can be. I have been in some of the top progression guilds back in wrath and cata on blackrock and The venture co. I am currently on Mal'Ganis and looking for a new home. The reason why I left my pior guild was because I wanted to look for progression. I was contacted by ashin so I hope for the best. My experience with this expansion is 6/16 Normal Mode with a mix of 10 man and 25 man raiding. I am very experence with Prot spec because I have not only played my spec for 3 years now but I also keep up todate with the lastest information concerning my class and how it would affect my tanking. I do also look up my OS and find out what I would be able to do with it and how I can push myself to get the highest numbers. My current Ilvl is 477 Prot and 466 Fury 1H. The reason why I am interested is because, one I was contacted by ashin but also I love 25 man raiding. In my option 25 man raiding is more harder then 10 man so it gives me more of a challenge. If I do not look for a guild that can push myself to be better then I am not spending my 15$ a month wisely for this game. A little bit about myself. I am currently 18 I am a senior in Highschool I have plans to move to Colorado after highschool and do online courses in computer tech I love music and World of Warcraft Friendly Love to get along with people Reason's why I want to join Can make all the times for raiding 25 man Guild Horde Side Stable and has a full roster Progression Can push me to be my best I would love to join South of Heaven and I won't waste your guys time if you don't waste mine my 1 and only rule. SS of my UI Logs: http://www.worldoflo...m/guilds/44295/ Armory link:http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/malganis/Clisis/simple
  5. Hello everyone, I am Crazyindian from the realm Kil'Jaeden. I'll give you a brief history of my raiding / player versus player experience. In vanilla, I was a holy paladin raiding in the guild <Obscured Reasoning> on the realm Dalaran. We were competing for server firsts and were very successful until the guild started dying and people were getting burnt out. Most of us transferred to Alleria and joined <Risen> which was a top US guild. That's when college started for me and I couldn't raid that much so I stayed casual. My brother quit playing WoW and he was a warrior who also played with me. I took over his toon and then fell in love with my warrior. In Burning Crusade I was the main tank in a 25 man raiding guild on the realm of Alleria. Every since then I have been casually raiding and achieving cleared content in time. In WOTLK / Cata, I was on the realm Arthas, where I went Horde to join my real life friends who actually ended up quitting a little after Cata. They were the ones who got me into this game in 2005. It felt promising to me when they were saying how they will start up a guild, and be the realm first to kill Deathwing. So a little while later they quit . I joined Kil'Jaeden from the guild recruitment forums when a tank spot was needed to kite the bloods on heroic spine. I fulfilled the guilds dream of doing that, and then the guild went Horde. After I cleared 8/8H Dragon Soul I ended up starting my own RBG team on the server. I gathered players from top PvP and PvE guilds and ran as a prot warrior flag carrier and got my rated battleground rating to over 1800. So I am here now stuck here with the Alliance on this realm. My experience with this expansion is 6/16 Normal Mode with a mix of 10 man and 25 man raiding. When I read this post, I noticed that this is the guild I have been looking for. So now I am here apply. Couple of reasons why I am here applying are: Stable Friendy Nice community 25 man Perfect raid times that works with my school schedule. Horde A little bit about myself. I just turned 24 (woo go 1988!) Finally receiving my college degree next year (June 2013) From OHIO Friendly Live Stream my Raids / PvP - twitch.tv/sapu2007 Check it out to see some of my gameplay Outgoing Logs: http://worldoflogs.com/guilds/136531/ Armory: http://us.battle.net...indian/advanced
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