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Found 7 results

  1. Hey there I'll start by saying I have come here from Wildstar (Widow) where I play a character named Kiya (medic) and have been playing with my husband Chaotika, and my dad Cromarti. We've played many games together including GW2, Swtor, WoW, Rift, Tera.. My first mmo was wow, and it is the game I've played the most. Its the game that sparked my interest in pvp and raiding. I was super excited about GW2 because I thought they had solved what had become so boring and routine about wow, and wow clones.. But then I found myself seriously missing the trinity, and finding that I need a carrot o
  2. Salutations! I am known around the interwebs as Maelzrael. My Wildstar character is Chaotika. I have a 2 year old daughter and a newborn baby boy on the way. I would like to join the guild South of Heaven as me, my wife, and my father in law are all looking for a good active guild to game with. My play time is severely limited at the moment due to real life, and I play about 1-2 hours a night, and several more over the weekends. I am interested in all aspects of wildstar, esp arena and houseing. Chaotika is a dps esper primarily but also totes around a healing spec and a few pieces of insig
  3. In-game Nickname: Artaxerxes Race: Mechari Class: Warrior Focus: PvE DPS (Could have a tanking build and gear on the side if needed). Professions: Armorer, Master Crafter (Currently working on getting the crafting vouchers to learn the Adventus armor set). I'm applying to your guild by reference of Darlantan. I played with him and 3 other of your members in a Crimelords of Witevale veteran run. The run was smooth and fast wich peak my interest to join your guild since I still don't have one. My goal is to experience end-game content including veteran adventures, veteran dungeon, 20-man
  4. Hey, I've been playing Wildstar for a bit now and have been looking for an active guild for awhile. My friend Nurve is in your guild, and I play with him all the time. I used to raid in WoW, and Rift and enjoyed it a lot. I haven't really play many mmorpgs since because I have been primarily playing league of legends trying to climb to challenger. I was at d2 50lp before I went on a losing streak. I am a level 50 esper healer.
  5. Our contact was Musushi. I'm Codepage9, I've got extensive gaming experience in RPG, FPS, and turn based/real time strategy. I was a secondary tank for hardcore raiding guild <tys> horde side on Spirestone (starting on Runetotem) from Burning Crusade to Wrath of the Lich King (I quit Feb 3rd, 2009 due to the game negatively effecting my education). I was also the founder of the Day of Defeat clan (pie) of [RFSS].(pie). We ran four 32-player 24/7 map servers that pretty much remained full except between 3-8am, and lasted for ~2 years before the release of DoD:S caused a rift among our pl
  6. Hello, My name is Oxidious, long time gamer. My friends and I are always looking for a good PVE/PVP (especially WPVP) MMO to play, and have been constantly let down. Wildstar finally seems to be a game to fit the bill, and after the beta we are all excited to play. After deciding on the game the grueling task of finding a guild began, after alot of research we decided South of Heaven felt like the right fit, Vansung and Mobilefiber have already applied, now it is my turn. A little about myself, I am 35 and the Director of IT for a development firm in Ohio and I have a 2 1/2 year old. I have
  7. Hey guys, My in-game name is reserved as Malixx (Malix was taken HGAAAASKJLGdbklBFS), my real name is Ben. I'm going to be playing a spellslinger mainly as DPS, with a healing offspec (obviously). I've been playing MMO's since EQ, but never really got serious about raiding until WOTLK in WoW. I was the #1/#2 Hunter on my server for the entirety of that expansion, constantly switching between another hunter in the same guild. I played semi competitive in HoN and consider myself among the top players in a game called SMITE. I've become more PvP oriented as far as my gaming style over the
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