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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone! I found this group through reddit's r/evejobs board, where one of your people responded encouraging me to check out this group. Having done a little bit of sleuthing about SoH, as well as Blades of Grass, I have to say I am pretty excited at the prospect of getting to play with you all. The community and atmosphere sound like they would be a great fit. I'm 31 years old and a parent to two lovely kiddos (daughter 6, son 3). I work in a senior technology position in the research integrity office of the local university managing a couple of servers, some specialized software, and working with groups involving regulatory requirements (IACUC, IBC, IRB, EHS... if you know what these stand for you get the idea :P) It can be pretty stressful sometimes, but it keeps everyone fed. I usually feel like I'm doing poorly, but the people I work with seem to think I'm indispensable. My boyfriend claims this is imposter syndrome, but having looked it up I firmly reject the notion, as that would imply that I am, in fact, not just super lucky and barely scraping by. Beyond playing EVE my hobbies include: Alcohol Cleaning up dog poop Sighing in frustration as I discover my son has dumped out the tote of clean laundry I *just*now*brought*upstairs* Roleplaying on DayZ Computer stuff (hardware and software both) A friend recently purchased ARMA 3 for me, so I've been getting into that a little even though I am the worst at PC FPS Hiking!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying, desperately, to convince my daughter it is actually her bed time I used to LARP some but haven't gone in a while (MES, UT, held local leadership positions in each at different points) And pondering if the wet spot I just walked through is dog urine, people urine, or just a spilled cup (for sanity reasons I usually lean towards the cup, but I think we all know the truth) I love punk and when I can manage to go out I go to dive bars. Usually this is immediately after work, so I'm probably a little over dressed. Oh well. When it comes to EVE itself, I am an on again off again pilot of over ten years now. I have three main characters on their own omega accounts: Plyn is my original, a thanny pilot that can do probably ~90% of subcap ships as well. I've gone by this name in different games for wow almost two decades at this point. Got my start in a roleplay group that was fighting for Gallente control of Placid before FW was even an idea to CCP. Went on to do so many different things in this game... Ormus Montgo was my brother-in-law's character, who quit playing and gave the character to me because why not, and he likes the idea the character is still out there somewhere. Ormus flys a thanny and also a moros. He can also do a wealth of subcaps, but leans more gal/min. Artanis Vaille was a cyno alt that I ended up doing some extra training on because if you're already running the account to light candles you might as well train something. Nowadays he mines a little for me when I'm feeling lazy. When it comes to PvP I like to do support roles over dps: Logi, ewar, hic/dic, scout, tackle, probing etc. I'm not an elite pvper by any stretch, but I am good at following protocol and orders, can pilot my ship in fleet situations without just anchoring, and am not at all afraid to die if things go south. I enjoy a good defense fleet, because being reactionary you get to pick ships that make sense against what they have brought. I don't care for ti-di, but sometimes it's a thing. For isk generation I enjoy doing anomalies and belt ratting. Artanis can mine in an exhumer and Ormus isn't far off from it, but that isn't so much a get rich thing as it is something I can do on the side or when I want something a little less clicky. I do exploration some, and have WH experience, so that's a thing too if people are into it.
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