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    [EVE] Senious

    Bourbon is the signature drink of my homeland what are some of your favorite brands?
  2. Plyn

    [EVE] Susitna

    Welcome, Susitna! I absolutely get what you're saying about enjoying consequences for PVP. It makes things a lot more interesting when you feel like you've got something on the line. What are some of your favorite ships? Armor vs Shield? You've been trapped in an inter-dimensional prison where you will be forced to listen to a single album repeatedly for the next thousand years. What album would you choose?
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    Code of Conduct

    I am one with the code of conduct; the code of conduct is with me Read, agreed, and signed
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    I'm a little late to the game, but congrats @Practical!
  5. @Tyrlis Thor ended up going a different direction for now. Liv hasn't been on EVE much and I think he may have just lost momentum. He's been on Space Engineers a fair amount, so I'm suspecting he is getting his spaceship fix elsewhere for the time being. We've also found a nice ARMA 3 server that matches our playstyle pretty well, so have been messing around there a bit.
  6. Just wanted to say that I've been having a lot of fun since joining. Sorry I haven't been the most talkative in "corp chat" but since a war started basically as soon as I moved in and I love flying logi, it's hard keeping track of. People with a similar, obsessive need for info will understand I'm not exaggerating when I say I tend to have about a whole square inch of space available when I join a HD/Strat-op/CTA fleet as logi lol. It feels like we are doing well, though I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg, but the form-ups have been fun and the coalition as a whole seem really responsive. This house is becoming home very quickly
  7. Thanks for the welcomes! @Ashin it's an inconvenience, but a small one. I expect I'll survive.
  8. @Ashin ^_^ that should work out. I've given up on my ISP and am going to buy a modem after work. I'm not much of a salesperson and so try to stay away from recruiting (not that I think it even needs selling, with this group) but you can probably count on me for favorable comments!
  9. Thank you for the kind words, @Oshri Paliako. Regardless of how everything works out in the end, I want to say it has been very enjoyable getting to chat with everyone here. When a lot of corps advertise that they have a great community I tend to smirk a little bit and think to myself, "We'll see." It's obvious, both from the process and the involvement of the group as a whole, that this is a group of players with value that extends well beyond what any character may or may not be doing in EVE next week. Normally looking for a group to play with feels a lot like playing Russian roulette; what an incredible stroke of luck to have stumbled in here!
  10. @Ashin the pleasure was mine Going to apologize in advance here, this is going to be a real story-time lol I started playing again in 2015 when I slipped on some ice and shattered my left elbow (capitulum to be precise.) One of my arms was mostly useless and EVE is a game you can play entirely with your mouse if you're feeling like it. I don't really remember anything about FSI... I think they were a renter group maybe? IIRC my agreement with them was I was just going to login to make wallet tics. I was medicated at the time, not really sure what I'd be capable of in game, and also sort of depressed. I ended up regaining a lot more of my arm than my occupational therapist thought I would. My partner and I flew out to California for about two weeks to show off the kids to their family that April. My old laptop didn't make nice with EVE, so I was away for that, and not long after we got back myself, the departments I was supporting at the time, and the department I work for now started negotiating my move to my current position. We eventually settled on they would give me x-pay (basically extra hourly pay over top of my normal salary) to come over in the evenings and keep everything running. I was looking at being gone 12 hours a day, and my son was about a year and a half old which is around the time they begin to transition from cute and mostly helpless to fully mobile, accident-prone murderbots. Jesus, thinking back to it that whole time period was kind of crazy. Anyways, the tl;dr I guess is I just didn't have the time to play I thought I would. I recall joking to some people that EVE is a game where you can't use the restroom in less than two hours. This past fall I was able to end my obligation to my old departments and, having some more time, started to get back into gaming where I could commit to being around more regularly. Played around with a couple of communities in different games, but nothing really stuck (DayZ RP communities outside of one or two of the largest ones tend to be rather ephemeral.) I started reading through EVE dev-blogs that had come out since I left and sort of fell back down the rabbit hole. I joined the corp recruitment channel and started advertising that I was looking for a WH corp to join, as I had day-tripped before but living in one was one of the few pieces of content I thought was neat but had never gotten to do before, and that's when I hooked up with Zam and 3.14rates. WH didn't go as planned, I wanna say mostly because the corp was recruiting a lot of newbies who couldn't actually run any of the content. We lived in a C4 w/ C3 C2 static and were constantly getting poor C2 connections to much larger groups. Only a small handful of us had the skills and resources to roll holes, and I was making efforts to generate content for our lower SP people, but it just wasn't a good fit for the size of our corp and the general abilities of a lot of our pilots. I told Zam I was going to leave with a friend of mine to do FW so he could get his feet wet with pvp without breaking the bank, and after Zam called a meeting basically the corp agreed that was a good idea. So, instead of leaving corp, the whole corp left the wormhole. Things haven't improved much, though. We aren't fleeting much, the roaming is kind of meh. We fly over to shoot at Conoco. a bit but I'm just kind of feeling done trying to catch omens in plexes that have 3+ warp core stabs on them. Plexing isn't bad ISK, even in Tier 1, but I'm dying of boredom. Told my friend I wanted to start putting feelers out for a null group to join because the content is better in literally every single way. Annnnd here we are There are some other, cultural things I'm not thrilled about, which I tolerate because it's just sort of the nature of this game, but those are things I'd feel more comfortable discussing off the record. The players in that group are great people and I've really enjoyed flying with them, but the corp itself is kind of dead in the water. I haven't told Zam I'm leaving yet, because I don't want to break the poor guy's heart, nothing's officially official yet, and also letting him talk me into staying the last time I packed up my bags was probably a poor choice.
  11. We had another pit named Stella who was black with a splash of white on her chest. She and Roxie got along well for a long time but then eventually started fighting. She was recently re-homed to a family we know that is a fantastic fit for her, but we miss her and my son keeps asking where she is. They are a good fit for her, though, and it's better for both the dogs and us, as having to keep them separated wasn't just a pain on us, but meant that one or the other had to constantly take turns being put up. For hiking I prefer lots of ups and downs. I used to do a lot of backpacking when I was young, so the day trips I manage to squeeze in these days need to feel like they have some bonus adventure. Depending on time I usually aim for something 5-15 miles that is considered strenuous. There are some shorter/easier trails I take people on if they haven't done much hiking before, though. I'm afraid I don't have any good war stories for my capital ships. Mostly structure bashing or waiting to be cyno'd in when escalation might be needed, but it just didn't happen in those instances. I guess I can fly FAX too; I keep forgetting they split carriers into two different kinds of ships. My most recent hiatus was a bit longer than I would have liked and I've been catching up on changes. I used to be a lot more risk averse than I am now, so I'm hoping for opportunities to do more stuff, at least when the situation is appropriate. I don't do much threatening with the kids. I'll admit to being the pushover parent sometimes. Mostly it's just timeouts or taking away TV (doesn't work on the little one).
  12. Your list is spot on NoFX has, in particular, dominated my listening for a great deal of my life. I also adore the Pixies, but more of Doolittle and less of Where is My Mind
  13. Fleet beverage is hard to say a favorite. Most often it's vodka, but bourbon (neat), beer (IPA or sour), or wine (Riesling, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Merlot) are all options Favorite taco is carnitas on flour. Greasy. With cheese. I do have an aversion to cilantro, though. If I'm making them myself I usually do chicken, though, because it is a lot less work. In this case I'll do corn tortillas and sometimes I fry them a bit in a cast iron skillet. "I'll pass the message along for you ;)" My favorite ship is the Thanatos. I found it browsing through ships when I very first started playing and fell in love with it. I decided right then and there that someday I would have one. Ishtar is probably my most piloted ship, though. The "nerf" to it hasn't bothered me much, because I always liked to armor tank it anyways (I'm a blasphemer, I know) Favorite current TV series.... I don't do a whole lot of TV but started the Santa Clarita Diet the other night and omg it is hilarious. Supernatural is a long standing favorite of mine. Pie. Cake is fine too, but in smaller amounts for me, plz... both pair well with icecream I read an article, I think on Cracked, the other day that referenced a peer-reviewed scientific article RE: the amount of wood a woodchuck could chuck. I can't remember the outcome, so I'm gonna' say 15. I haven't gotten to try Breaking Point yet, I don't think. We've exclusively been on an Exile PVE server since I started with a bunch of mods for roaming AI and missions and such. I'm pretty new to that game, but having some fun when we do it. My Roxie is a gorgeous fawn colored pit. She looks like she might have a bit of lab in her, but hard to say. She was a rescue and is skittish around strangers, but she is such a big baby lol.
  14. Hello everyone! I found this group through reddit's r/evejobs board, where one of your people responded encouraging me to check out this group. Having done a little bit of sleuthing about SoH, as well as Blades of Grass, I have to say I am pretty excited at the prospect of getting to play with you all. The community and atmosphere sound like they would be a great fit. I'm 31 years old and a parent to two lovely kiddos (daughter 6, son 3). I work in a senior technology position in the research integrity office of the local university managing a couple of servers, some specialized software, and working with groups involving regulatory requirements (IACUC, IBC, IRB, EHS... if you know what these stand for you get the idea :P) It can be pretty stressful sometimes, but it keeps everyone fed. I usually feel like I'm doing poorly, but the people I work with seem to think I'm indispensable. My boyfriend claims this is imposter syndrome, but having looked it up I firmly reject the notion, as that would imply that I am, in fact, not just super lucky and barely scraping by. Beyond playing EVE my hobbies include: Alcohol Cleaning up dog poop Sighing in frustration as I discover my son has dumped out the tote of clean laundry I *just*now*brought*upstairs* Roleplaying on DayZ Computer stuff (hardware and software both) A friend recently purchased ARMA 3 for me, so I've been getting into that a little even though I am the worst at PC FPS Hiking!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying, desperately, to convince my daughter it is actually her bed time I used to LARP some but haven't gone in a while (MES, UT, held local leadership positions in each at different points) And pondering if the wet spot I just walked through is dog urine, people urine, or just a spilled cup (for sanity reasons I usually lean towards the cup, but I think we all know the truth) I love punk and when I can manage to go out I go to dive bars. Usually this is immediately after work, so I'm probably a little over dressed. Oh well. When it comes to EVE itself, I am an on again off again pilot of over ten years now. I have three main characters on their own omega accounts: Plyn is my original, a thanny pilot that can do probably ~90% of subcap ships as well. I've gone by this name in different games for wow almost two decades at this point. Got my start in a roleplay group that was fighting for Gallente control of Placid before FW was even an idea to CCP. Went on to do so many different things in this game... Ormus Montgo was my brother-in-law's character, who quit playing and gave the character to me because why not, and he likes the idea the character is still out there somewhere. Ormus flys a thanny and also a moros. He can also do a wealth of subcaps, but leans more gal/min. Artanis Vaille was a cyno alt that I ended up doing some extra training on because if you're already running the account to light candles you might as well train something. Nowadays he mines a little for me when I'm feeling lazy. When it comes to PvP I like to do support roles over dps: Logi, ewar, hic/dic, scout, tackle, probing etc. I'm not an elite pvper by any stretch, but I am good at following protocol and orders, can pilot my ship in fleet situations without just anchoring, and am not at all afraid to die if things go south. I enjoy a good defense fleet, because being reactionary you get to pick ships that make sense against what they have brought. I don't care for ti-di, but sometimes it's a thing. For isk generation I enjoy doing anomalies and belt ratting. Artanis can mine in an exhumer and Ormus isn't far off from it, but that isn't so much a get rich thing as it is something I can do on the side or when I want something a little less clicky. I do exploration some, and have WH experience, so that's a thing too if people are into it.
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