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Found 12 results

  1. cluboris

    Hi there

    Hello everyone. I'm Kyle, LOTRO name is Bossjim, I go by Cluboris in other games, a buddy of mine gave me that nickname a while ago and I still use it for gaming since it's usually not taken. Bossjim is another deal which is kind of a tribute to an old band I listen to, I needed a nick and their CD was laying on the computer desk. Anyway, I'm 45, married, 2 kids, a boy, 10, and a girl, 9. Oh, and a dog, can't forget the dog. She's a lab mix, a rescue we got 3 years ago. I'm East Coast, teach history for a living. I have been playing video games forever, but my game time is kind of limited lately due to job/wife/kids. I try to get on as much as I can but it's harder lately. I saw the recruitment post on the LOTRO forums, and here I am. I enjoy lots of different games, but lately I have been into grindy stuff with lots of rewards, World of Tanks, lots of Warframe recently...games that can be played for short bursts and it doesn't feel like you missed out if you can't play for a few days. As far as LOTRO is concerned, I had the game way back in 2007, but WoW was my main game back then and I had too much time invested in that world to start something new. Lately I have been jonesing for a fantasy MMO and came back to LOTRO. I thought about ESO or WoW again, but the level scaling really turns me off. I've been kinda playing LOTRO as a solo game, just hit level 20, finally have a horse, so I am excited to play and thought maybe I can link up with some people and try to hit some instances like the good old days, or just run around and level as a group. I'd love an invite and to hit up a couple of Saturday night sessions and see if it's a good fit. Thanks for reading.
  2. Greetings fellow gamers and enthusiasts! So this is me: My name is Likafoss ("Like-a-Foss" or just "Foss") on literally every site and game, no one takes it conveniently and while I mostly play games solo, I'm starting to play more and more Destiny 2 and other games that are highly group based. I heard about South of Heaven from my friend theRundown, well, I noticed he hadn't left his guild in a while so I got curious as I was beginning my search. Anyways, he spoke highly of your group and I learned enough about it through Grieve and additional reading that I felt I would fit right in to the atmosphere. A little more about myself: I started playing video games since I was about 6 or 7 with my older brother when we got a PlayStation 2 for Christmas one year. I've played just about every genre from racing and fighting to strategy and open world. I have come to highly prefer first person shooters as I've moved from console gaming over to PC and am still getting the hang of it to be completely honest XD. Aside from that, I graduated high school in Georgia, and tried the college thing, unfortunately I got myself into a terrible car accident one Saturday morning and after three months in two hospitals, having 5 surgeries, and recovering for months, I couldn't find the energy to get back on track so I'm trying to make my way in the world while I wait on a better time to pursue the rest of my education. Being only 21 and still living at home for the time being, I have few obligations other than to my job and my dog (an amazing Black Lab I call Toby) so needless to say my time spent on online games has picked up in the last year and I'm looking for others to share my experiences with. I really hope I can call myself part of your community and get to know each of you better! Feel free to reply with any questions and what-not, I'll be happy to tell you more about myself
  3. Hi! My name is Gavin. I'm 23 years into existence. My best friend is Justin (901Krool). I've been playing MMO's since about 2007 and video games in general since 1998. My very first game was X-Men on Sega Genesis. My favorite game currently has to be Guilty Gear Xrd. I enjoy playing the drums with the band, and I love the shoegaze genre the most. I just graduated from a CIT (computer information technology) course and am hopeful to find work soon as a Desktop Technician. I'm a pretty quiet guy, giggly at times, but I love to listen and lurk in conversation. I like a bit of anime, but I usually just watch the popular ones. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have for me! Thanks for reading, TipTappers
  4. Hey there friends, I'm Paige. I'm vibrant & can have a potty mouth. I'm new to ESO and learning the ways of the force... errrr magic. I'm totes into PVE. Please teach me the things, and thanks for having me! *Edit - I'm also super sad you guys don't play D2 on xbox. Otherwise, I'd be cooler and be able to join in that.
  5. Hello everyone! I found this group through reddit's r/evejobs board, where one of your people responded encouraging me to check out this group. Having done a little bit of sleuthing about SoH, as well as Blades of Grass, I have to say I am pretty excited at the prospect of getting to play with you all. The community and atmosphere sound like they would be a great fit. I'm 31 years old and a parent to two lovely kiddos (daughter 6, son 3). I work in a senior technology position in the research integrity office of the local university managing a couple of servers, some specialized software, and working with groups involving regulatory requirements (IACUC, IBC, IRB, EHS... if you know what these stand for you get the idea :P) It can be pretty stressful sometimes, but it keeps everyone fed. I usually feel like I'm doing poorly, but the people I work with seem to think I'm indispensable. My boyfriend claims this is imposter syndrome, but having looked it up I firmly reject the notion, as that would imply that I am, in fact, not just super lucky and barely scraping by. Beyond playing EVE my hobbies include: Alcohol Cleaning up dog poop Sighing in frustration as I discover my son has dumped out the tote of clean laundry I *just*now*brought*upstairs* Roleplaying on DayZ Computer stuff (hardware and software both) A friend recently purchased ARMA 3 for me, so I've been getting into that a little even though I am the worst at PC FPS Hiking!!!!!!!!!!!! Trying, desperately, to convince my daughter it is actually her bed time I used to LARP some but haven't gone in a while (MES, UT, held local leadership positions in each at different points) And pondering if the wet spot I just walked through is dog urine, people urine, or just a spilled cup (for sanity reasons I usually lean towards the cup, but I think we all know the truth) I love punk and when I can manage to go out I go to dive bars. Usually this is immediately after work, so I'm probably a little over dressed. Oh well. When it comes to EVE itself, I am an on again off again pilot of over ten years now. I have three main characters on their own omega accounts: Plyn is my original, a thanny pilot that can do probably ~90% of subcap ships as well. I've gone by this name in different games for wow almost two decades at this point. Got my start in a roleplay group that was fighting for Gallente control of Placid before FW was even an idea to CCP. Went on to do so many different things in this game... Ormus Montgo was my brother-in-law's character, who quit playing and gave the character to me because why not, and he likes the idea the character is still out there somewhere. Ormus flys a thanny and also a moros. He can also do a wealth of subcaps, but leans more gal/min. Artanis Vaille was a cyno alt that I ended up doing some extra training on because if you're already running the account to light candles you might as well train something. Nowadays he mines a little for me when I'm feeling lazy. When it comes to PvP I like to do support roles over dps: Logi, ewar, hic/dic, scout, tackle, probing etc. I'm not an elite pvper by any stretch, but I am good at following protocol and orders, can pilot my ship in fleet situations without just anchoring, and am not at all afraid to die if things go south. I enjoy a good defense fleet, because being reactionary you get to pick ships that make sense against what they have brought. I don't care for ti-di, but sometimes it's a thing. For isk generation I enjoy doing anomalies and belt ratting. Artanis can mine in an exhumer and Ormus isn't far off from it, but that isn't so much a get rich thing as it is something I can do on the side or when I want something a little less clicky. I do exploration some, and have WH experience, so that's a thing too if people are into it.
  6. Hello all! Thank you for the privilege of possibly joining your fine corp. A buddy and in-game mentor of mine began looking for a new home recently, and I decided it was time to make a change. About Thorsten Scott.. He's a three month old Omega character almost 8mil SP. This is my first MMO (former GTA/COD nut). Started looking for a strategy game like the old Unification Wars and found this insanity instead. The learning curve is steep, but I love the challenge (ENTJ-A) and the social atmosphere. Right now, my main focus is establishing the character, learning as much as possible and farming ISK for skill injectors and my overall expensive habits. I have some PVP experience and am learning as quickly as I can (mostly by getting blown up in cheap stuff and examining what went wrong, or by asking 59 questions). I've flown in a few fleets and have a basic understanding of etiquette, terminology and following commands. I love strategy. I'm willing to fly whatever the corp may need (would fly a griffin or Blackbird with pride) but I do like to get in there and do damage/get on the killmail too. I like to watch things melt. That being said, I also have an ever growing interest in PVE and I'm currently training into the Tengu, to see where that magnificent beast takes me. My favorite "owned" ships are the Orthrus, Garmur and Hecate (though the Orthrus has been limited to plexing and belt-ratting.. Don't have the gonads OR the savvy to fly her into combat yet, but I couldn't stand NOT flying that thing). Caldari and Mordu's Legion are my main loves as far as ship aesthetics go. Brawling is my main form of PVP right now (Hecate), but kiting is awesome to me and I prefer it.. Trying hard to learn it effectively. Ship I aspire to own and fly: Chimera. It was love at first sight. So big and sexy! I have to fly that thing someday, though I have no idea how useful it actually is on a normal basis. Basically (like real life, ach) I like the big shiny things by default (but plan to use and loose them well). My favorite forms of Isk generation are ratting and mission running. Currently in FW and plexing can be fun too, especially for baiting fights, but it's more of an Isk generating thing for me at this point, as my current corp isn't too concerned with actually fighting the war lol (Gal Fed is dying). Would love to get into more PVE with some peeps who might be interested. I have an alt named Boss Thompson. His bio reads: "I came here to make ISK and chew bubblegum.. And I'm all out of bubblegum". He's a PI alt who makes Robotics and moonlights as a hauler. My plan is to turn him into a master PI/hauling alt someday. I'm sure there's a lot I haven't covered, so feel free to ask any questions you want! About the man behind Thor: I'm 27, no kids, not married. Have traveled the country quite a bit, am a musician and songwriter, crackpot astrologer who can't decide if it's dumb or not, thinker, former motocross racer and part-time adrenaline junkie. Metal was my first love, my first tape was Ozzy Osbourne's "Just Say Ozzy". Metallica changed my life and taught me how to perform. I also enjoy country, Prog (Rush FTW) and a little alt rock. Your corp name had me sold from the start (SLAYER /,,/). I enjoy cheeseburgers, pizza, wine, single malt whiskey, tacos, women and IPA, in no particular order. For work I am a contractor, primarily working on software that is FDA compliant specifically, either on the design or the paperwork/validation/testing side. Now that I'm back home in Michigan I'm looking for something a bit more steady, particularly a path to management. I'm not sure what else to put here and feel I've gone on waaay too long, so thank you again and I hope to fly with you all soon! o7
  7. Good afternoon! I'm Kaizen (Kaizen Nacht on FFXIV and Kaïzen - Bleeding Hollow US on World of Warcraft) and currently I am playing a Dark Knight though I intend to switch to Paladin for the purposes of our raid (and hopefully level Ninja to give Grieve a chance to flex his tanking muscles). In a past gaming life, I've been one of the tanks for a guild that is now top-200 world and at the time was top-25 US on Blackrock (raiding six nights a week for five hours a night while I was still in my undergraduate program). Fortunately, I've grown out of that phase. Though the urge to raid at the highest levels are still there. Working full time for GE Appliances in Louisville and taking two graduate courses a quarter through Northeastern University mixed with living with my girlfriend completely sap any extra time I would of had to raid multiple nights a week. I'm good friends with Minori, who I hope to be joining us at some point soon. We met on WoW back at the conclusion of Ulduar in Wrath of the Lich King and have played a few games together since then, keeping in touch and roping in some of my other friends who I've met on assorted games such as WoW and FFXI to play with us. I played FFXIV during beta and had to give it up because of the lack of quality in the game, but was really excited when A Realm Reborn was announced and released. I was able to get my girlfriend to play with me, but ultimately we decided to move back to WoW after the lack of content got boring for her. She's working full time for the power company now and is also in graduate school and refuses to play again, sadly ! I'm looking forward to meeting all of you in game and talking with each of you as we move forward with raiding Alexander Savage. Hopefully Grieve can teach me a thing or two about Paladin tanking because it seems to be astrophysics compared to Dark Knight tanking so far.
  8. Hey guys! My name is Minori Thanos and I play a black mage with a side of scholar-in-progress. I've been playing XIV since 1.0, though I never got into it heavily until ARR. Kaizen, my friend that just applied as well, and I have been looking for a progressive FC for adults. You guys seem to hit the mark! I haven't heavily raided in ARR yet, but I have raided fairly hardcore in WoW and Everquest while I was in school. I've always been really involved and enthusiastic when it comes to gaming, and I'm a sponge when it come to learning. Spreadsheets are suspiciously entertaining to me. I'm in my early 30s and I live in Boston - maybe two miles from Fenway Park (sigh, Sox, what are you doing?!) - as a web designer and developer. I own two cats and I really like e-sports and taking food pics on Instagram. I hope to meet you guys soon! I'm shy on Mumble, but I'll get over it. I'm excited to do end game content again. I'm finishing a design class tonight, but I'll be around this weekend!
  9. Hi everyone! If you don't know me by now you will sooner or later, because I'll probably end up asking you a question about something really simple and easily Wiki-able, hehe. I came to find SoH thanks to Fera. After lumbering around WvW unsure what I was doing, I was offered a spot and I accepted and have been enjoying my time in SoH since. I've been playing RPG games all my life, so I couldn't give you a definitive list of all the games I've played. Some of my favorites include the original Guildwars, WoW, Dungeons and Dragons, and Neverwinter Nights. The Guildwars franchise has been one of my all time favorites however, and Guildwars 2 hasn't dissappointed me yet! I do miss my lovely heroes and henchmen though. Some additional info about me: My name is Daniel, and I live in Philadelphia. Currently I'm studying to become an Illustrator/Concept artist, so most of the time when we're all gathered for a WvW I'll probably also be working on a painting simultaneously hahaha. The road is gonna be tough but I hope to one day be good enough to take part in creating a wonderful world for a kid like those that came before, did for me. I look forward to becoming friends with all of you! Daniel
  10. Hello people of SoH, I'm Franz and I'm really interested to join your guild for Guild Wars 2. I discovered your thread on GW2Guru and got attracted to how mature your guild seems to be. Regarding activity, I'll come clean: I'm not a hardcore player. My priority will always be school and academics, but that doesn't mean that you will only rarely see me in-game. Reason for joining... Originally I had planned to simply play the game and look for a guild by meeting people in-game, but then I read all about the explorable dungeon mode and realized that I would need a reasonable and organized group of people to play with for us not to fail a hundred times with PUGs - and SoH seems to be that group of reasonable and organized players. Ok a little info about me... Name: Franz IGN: Not yet decided Age: 19 Country: Philippines Type of player: Casual Focus: More on PVE and WvW, but not really allergic to structured PVP Recent Gaming Background... Played a little of WoW (private server only, can't afford the monthly rate). Played StarCraft 2 and reached Gold and I felt that I was about to get ranked up to Platinum because I was already facing mostly Platinum opponents - I stopped however because it started to become REALLY stressful for a casual player to play at the Gold-Platinum level because of the lack of daily practice.
  11. Good evening, I'm applying for a spot in this guild. I just recently re-activated my WoW accound (Within the last couple of days) since I de-activated it shortly after launch of Cata. I've been playing this game since vanilla, though most of my raiding experience come from Wrath. Do to me currently living in Hawaii, it makes getting into raids difficult for me, so my main focus has always been PVP (BGs and Arena). My main objective is to join this guild to be in the same guild as my friends Longtotem and Kantankerous, whom I've been playing with since the early days of BC, though I do hope to some day be able to join the guild in a raid or pvp event. BIO: I'm 24 years old and I'm an avid gamer (when my job lets me). I've been in the Marine Corps since Apr.08 and I've been stationed in Hawaii since Feb.09. Like I said earlier, I do have experience with raiding, though my bread and butter has always been PVP. My main: 85 Goblin Warrior, Arms spec Antolope - http://us.battle.net...Antolope/simple and I have 2 alts; a 80 Hunter and rogue, though they dont get much use as I'm putting most efforts into my Warrior to get it up to par. Thank you for taking the time to go over this application, and have a nice day. -Ant
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