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Wildstar Intro - Indigosha

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Hello South of Heaven!


I have been looking for a friendly mature guild to join Dominion side on Pergo and your post caught my eye. I have 4 years of hardcore progression experience as a healer in WOW from BC to Cata. However, that was back when I was in school and now that I work full time and joined the adult world, I don't have much free time to be as hardcore as I was in WOW. 


I fell in love with Wildstar when i first played it at E3 last year and have been playing the BETA since Nov. I am interested in playing either Chua Esper or Draken spellslinger. However, I will pick whichever the guild needs most for raids. Out of curiosity, do you guys have any raid times locked yet?


Please feel free to ask any questions or tell me about yourselves :D



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Hey Lindels!


Thank you for the warm welcome ^_^. Espers remind me of Jean Grey lol :p 

I work doing social media for Activision and I'm pretty excited to be apart of the Destiny launch :D. LOL I like you already :p Well, I love to run, draw, video games (of course lol), going to raves and playing with my fat chinchilla Loki :3 How about you?

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That's pretty cool.  What exactly do you do when you work in social media?  I'm just curious, because I'm ridiculously behind the times.  Also, I had to look up Destiny but it looks really awesome!  Must be fun being involved in a project like that.  :D


What kind of stuff do you like to draw?  We'd love to see some pictures if you're up for sharing!  (Also pictures of Loki please!)

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Welcome!  Hurray for former hardcore WoW healers.  :3  


Raid times are likely to be three nights a week, two weekdays and one weekend, three hours each night.  But exact days and times are still TBD!  "Please look forward to it."

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@Lindels Thanks! Its def been an adventure so far xD I mostly work on the forums and occasionally Facebook and twitter. Here's some links :3 https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10202513660315284&set=a.1410914645404.53317.1608654451&type=3&theater and https://www.facebook.com/HeyRaven/media_set?set=a.10203242718461282.1073741827.1608654451&type=3


@Midri Hey there! Your icon is so cuteeee o.O. Heh heh yea that's one of the reasons I like wildstar so much, the graphics remind me of WOW :3 I live in PST time zone and work Thur-Mon from 7am-4pm and I don't usually get home until 5pm with traffic. i don't mean to push for too much info, but do you know if raid times would be after my work hours?

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Ahhh Loki's such a little fluffball!  I'm so cute-aggressive, omg.  I would squish him if I got my hands on him.  


As for raid times, Pride and/or Vanity, the leads for WS chapter, can tell you more, but in the past, at least, our WoW raids were at 6 PST.  P&V will definitely do their best to make sure the times work for members in every time zone!  (Well, except for that one guy studying abroad in Japan.  He's a lost cause.)

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@Lindels Thank you thank you, you are too kind :3 I just rescued him from a shelter a month ago, it was love at first sight <3


@Midri I try not to smother him too much but his belly is so round and he's so flahfy xD 

Ah okie, well hopefully 6pm PST will be the case for wildstar as that would be perfect! Im jelly of Japan dude!


@Tilluk Thank you for the welcome! I guess the main questions I have at the moment are raid times and which classes/roles you guys need the most :3

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