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  1. Got a new job! :D

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    2. Huntyre
    3. Lindels


      Doing some office work and bookkeeping at a small company :)

    4. Fera
  2. So much snow today. :(

  3. Lindels


    Yay Fera!!! Congratulations! <3
  4. Hello Arcanais! Nice to meet you. Just one question for you -- are you a cat person or a dog person?
  5. It was nice getting to know you. Stay in touch!
  6. Yes, we want to know more! Do you have any special hobbies, talents, or skeletons in your closet?
  7. Nice to meet you! Can you tell us more about the leatherworking please? I'm intrigued. For instance, how did you acquire such a hobby, and what exactly does it entail?
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