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Re-Structure: Update

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With our new Cohort instillation in its early stages, I thought it prudent to give everyone a quick update on some of the behind-the-scenes goings on. Some (or many!) may have questions. Please feel free to ask them here, but also, please be patient ^^


Several of our policies are in need of updating and are currently being worked on now. They will be reviewed and pinned in as timely a fashion as possible.


The SoH roster requires updating and purging. Some of this has recently been accomplished and notably, many of our Ghosts are now ranked Veteran and will remain so until we decide on whether or not there will be any ongoing qualifications. This rank change is typified by either current activity in a Cohort, recent activity in a Chapter, or present and obvious engagement w/ the larger gaming community (on boards &/or Discord).


If you think you've been overlooked, or that something has gone awry, please PM me on boards or Discord and I will address it at my earliest possible convenience.  Pease note that not ALL of our Ghosts have had their ranks changed to Veteran. Some will become Members, while others who have been absent for a long time may even be purged.


** Please take a moment to check your forum rank. If you are of Veteran rank, please take note of the Veterans' Lounge (in Guild Affairs), stop in -- and more importantly, be aware that our Game Officers are counting on you to visit Recruit Intro posts, say "hi" and engage w/ them on some level if at all possible. They may become a part of our growing family and it's up to you to help us help them to feel welcome. Discord users should keep an eye out for these newer folks and answer questions, etc. You know the score! You were new once, too ^^


Ashin may have additional bits to add, but until he's available, you can rely on the LC to do our best!



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