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Leadership Council Members

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March 2018


Ashin, Fera, Midri, Darlantan, Huntyre, Tyrlis and the inimitable Rohj


Last week I quietly placed this list here but as Ashin has said, a bit of fanfare is needed! And he's right.


For SoH, creating and installing the Leadership Council is a wide departure in governance, and it is an auspicious change, indeed.


Earlier this year, we recognized that the guild was at a crucial turning point: the landscape of gaming had changed drastically, fewer "big title" MMOs were in the offing, and for the first time in many years we were facing the possibility of not having an active Chapter in a massive multi-player RPG. This drove Ashin and I to assemble a group of our most trusted advisers, including past and present Chapter Leads, to help us re-imagine our gaming community.


As a result of our conversation on the future of SoH and its need for growth across gaming platforms, the Cohort (a smaller, more casual group of players) was born. In light of this flexibility and on the growing time constraints on leadership, we realized we needed to establish a formal steering committee and that we had the perfect group right in front of us! Thus, the Leadership Council was founded as a way to govern more effectively, to promote leaders, and to ensure continuity for future generations of SoH gamers.

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Grieve has been promoted to the LC -- the full list of Council members now includes:


Ashin, Fera, Midri, Darlantan, Huntyre, Tyrlis, Rohj and Grieve

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