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Loler - WoW Intro


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Good Afternoon Yall,


I'm Loler and yet another former guildie of Shey / Dev from the days of Church of RNG.  Back in the day, I was won of our 25 man officers and the lead recruiter.  I lurked on the forum boards and probably have encountered a few of you by chance while attempting to bolster our numbers.  I quit playing after Cataclysm and I finally just built a PC after all these years to start playing some games again.  I haven't been entirely away from gaming or anything, just lurking on discord and playing my consoles.  


I took the break when graduating from college and travelling around a bit for work and until recently, I had never picked it back up.  With my two kids being out of "infant" stages now.. (2 & 5) I finally decided to build myself a new PC.  https://pcpartpicker.com/user/Sephirofl/saved/#view=KRYsXL


I was hoping to join up as a casual for now, but may turn into more in the future.  I used to be the BEST feral dps cat in Church of RNG (we only had one cat) and I plan on sticking to that, unless I can be persuaded to play something else.  The most fun I had in the game before was spending time on Ventrillo with that entire group just BSing late into the night while doing random group activities.  I got Insane in the Membrane with them and want to get back at it again soon!


I hope this finds you all well... and here is a little of the random old pictures I found while checking out an old hard drive!




Best Regards,


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Hi Loler! We're always open to and happy to have casual friends here! I'm Esta and I'm a dedicated prot warrior, so I feel you on your dedication to kitty. 


So the most obvious question here is what have you been playing lately? Any particular favorites? Any sleeper hit recommendations? 


What'd you study in college?


What's your favorite smell?


Have any pets? 

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1) I've been playing ESO online with my wife on XBOX for quite a bit.. this was her first MMO, but she is a seasonal gamer (winter time gaming).  Outside of that, I have been all across the board on console games.  My favorites as of late are:  Stardew Valley, Undermine, Graveyard Keeper, Moonlighter, & Ark..  If you can't tell, I love the indie style survival/growth games.  


2) I went to school for Health & Safety.  I am now a Director of Environmental Health & Safety for my company


3) Warm Vanilla Sugar.. hands down.


4) I have a doggo (pitbull terrier mix).  



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I love pitbulls and that's one cute puppo!


I also love Moonlighter! The music, especially, is fantastic. Haven't heard of Undermine or Graveyard Keeper, but I'll have to check those out. I've been playing a ton of Hades lately (when I can). Since you seem to be into at least some roguelikes/lites, I'd highly recommend!

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