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Casual v. Hardcore

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(As discussed at our 10/26/09 Aion Chapter meeting.)

Summary: To the extent that "casual" and "hardcore" refer to the amount of time you spend playing, the distinction is not relevant to this guild. We do not have a playtime requirement. Attitude and communications matter more.

Discussion: Because our guild has played a variety of different games, we have developed a membership that covers a wide spectrum of playtimes and playstyles. There are times when this may cause some conflict, or at least some anxiety, particularly when folks are leveling up their first characters in a new game. Pace will vary considerably, which leads to seperation. Sometimes, provoked by this seperation, the old argument of "casual" vs. "hardcore" will surface. Here's what you need to know, if and when it does:

1. These terms are almost meaningless.

2. To the extent they refer to playtime, the bottom line is that we have no playtime requirement.

3. To the extent folks get seperated while leveling, keep in mind that this seperation is temporary. We all end up at the same place, eventually.

4. If you are among those with a high intensity playstyle, or lots of game time, you need to make some effort to stay connected with your guildmates. Be social, offer advice, share your experiences, and, when you're able, help out a bit. Most importantly, be patient.

5. If you are among those with a low intensity playstyle, or limited game time, you need to realize that there is an extra importance placed on your communication. You should not be resentful of those who progress faster. When you need help, ask, but do not be expectant. Most importantly, learn to enjoy your own unique style and pace.

6. In other words, people at both extremes of the level curve have an extra responsibility to demonstrate a friendly attitude and good communication.

We have several members with limited playtime. Yet, they check in on the boards periodically, they say hello when they log in, let us know what they are doing, etc. Such members could be the slowest levelers in the world, yet no one would consider them a burden. And no one would question whether they feel like part of the family.

So, while we do not have a playtime requirement, we do have an attitude requirement. If you are enthusiastic, engaged, and balance independence with good teamwork, then you fit the bill, even if you only play five hours a week. On the other hand, you can be the best and most intense gamer in the world, but if you do not have the right mindset and right attitude, you cannot stay here.

If I am asked whether we cater to casual or hardcore gamers, my answer is neither. We cater to avid gamers with good attitudes. This is the most unique aspect of our guild: a balance between intense & competitive gameplay, with an acknowledgement of real life; a balance between good management & organization, with respect for each member's personal choice about what to do with his or her free time.

For more insight into the desired "attitude", please see our Code of Conduct.

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