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  1. Rahk Aorm

    Welcome here! That was a great intro post and gives me a sense that you would fit in very well with this group. Is your character currently in / able to join the Caldari Militia? What sort of software does your company make? I am looking forward to flying with you soon! I do feel obliged to warn folks that our Friday fleets tend toward sloshy.
  2. Promotions!

    Attention SoH! I'll try to keep this brief: it is my pleasure to announce the following promotions within our little family. First, please congratulate our new Officers. Noguk (Minni), Banzai and Glyff, congratulations, and thank you. Please continue to help me avoid making any huge mistakes along the way. =) Second, we have some additional promotions this time around. Sera, you do so much to help the guild and your mates. Thank you for all that you do, and congratulations on promotion to Coordinator! Skaka, you are an model SoH guildmate. Congratulations on your promotion to Agent! Last, but not least (this one is really long overdue), congratulations to Ruth, on promotion to Member!
  3. Promotions!

    Congratulations (and our thanks) to the following EVE Chapter members for promotion to Senior Member: @Gartius @Iron Guerilla @Practical @Shiror
  4. [EVE] Senious

    Hi spacefriend! I'm not going to add to your backlog of questions, and I'll get your access set soon (seems I can't find the Admin CP on my phone).
  5. Voice Server

    Our Discord server has a public #lobby channel and Gaming Lounge voice channel; all other areas are restricted to Member+. Download Mumble here: http://mumble.sourceforge.net/ Overall, you should find the following to be true of Mumble: much higher sound quality, everyone is the same volume, application has more features, application is a lot fussier, and few MMO guilds are using it. We switched from Ventrilo and we use it primarily for voice comms instead of Discord because we believe the pros outweigh the cons. Regarding Mumble: Please make sure you go through the Audio Setup Wizard and Certificate Wizard in full detail. The Audio Wizard will tune your mic, and this is very important due to Mumble's precision over Ventrilo. It will also allow you to set up your PTT key. The majority of confusion and difficulty we experience with Mumble is caused by people who skip through the Audio Wizard and do not pay attention to it. We do not use passwords. Instead we use a registration system included with Mumble. In order to gain access, you will need to connect to our server and request registration. The registration system causes a few extra steps if you play the game from multiple computers. You need to export your security certificate, send it to your second computer, and then import it with Mumble there. We strongly recommend that you turn the Overlay feature off. It is known to cause performance and reliability issues. We recommend leaving Echo Cancellation on, unless you have an older computer. Auto-attenuation is up to you. It will automatically lower your computer's sound volume whenever someone in Mumble speaks. Folks who play with their music blasting tend to like this feature, but others report it is a bit flaky. If you experience difficulties, check out the FAQ here: http://mumble.source...and_Resolutions
  6. Code of Conduct

    We strive to select membership that is a natural "fit" for the guild profile. As a result, we have gotten away with having very few "rules" in our house. Over the course of nine years, a lot of faces come and go. Things drift one way or another, and may even become murky at times. For that reason, it can be helpful to clarify guild expectations regarding conduct. 1. No drama. Disagreements should and do happen. People lose their cool sometimes. Like any dysfunctional family, we have our fights. But drama should be kept to an absolute minimum, for the sake of peace and enjoyment of the games we play. Members often use online games as a sanctuary and do not wish to see ugly or angry words encroach. Drama over loot & gear is considered the greatest sin in this guild, and the Founders' tolerance of it is close to Nil. 2. Individual intiative. Give a man a fish, and you have fed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you have fed him for a lifetime. We are a friendly guild that welcomes both beginner and pro. And if you are a beginner, we will teach you to fish. But no one is here to play the game for you. That, the fun part, we leave to you. 3. Competition. We are not a hardcore guild. We do not have playtime requirements. We don't use point systems. That said, we play to win. All members are expected to continuously improve their teamwork, and be open to (as well as provide) feedback to their peers. 4. Sportsmanship. In PvP titles, we are tenacious, but civilized. We do not harass or "grief" our opponents. We thank them for a good fight. If you are not an Officer or above, you should refrain from engaging in global chat banter. Remember that your actions, even when you are alone, reflect on the entire guild. If you choose to behave poorly, you have made that choice for all of us. 5. Fair play. The guild believes in abiding by the spirit of the game. The use of 3rd party software to "hack", "cheat" or "bot" is strictly prohibited (except for UI modifications permitted by the game's EULA, if any). Likewise, any abuse of bugs ("exploits") is forbidden. There is zero tolerance for cheating, and cheaters will be removed from the guild immediately. If you are unclear on whether something constitutes unfair play, PM an Officer, Chapter Lead or Founder. 6. Community. Our guild is a community unto itself, but also a building block toward larger communities within each game we play. We contribute to and enhance these communities by being tough, but fun, by exhibiting good sportsmanship, and by promoting fair play. Because of the damaging effect RMT (goldsellers) has on game communities, as well as the human rights violations that are often involved, purchasing game currency from illicit sources will not be tolerated. Members who find themselves struggling or short on time should reach out to their guildmates for help, rather than supporting this industry. 7. Friendship. Everyone is expected to treat every Member of this guild as a friend. While this means different things to different people, as a general guideline it works. This includes being social with the guild in game! Minor things like greeting someone when they log in, or responding to their questions, go a long way toward creating the type of atmosphere this guild is about. Always put guildmates first when planning your teams or in-game activities. Remember that allies selected by leadership should also be treated as friends.
  7. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Recruit accepted!
  8. [EVE] RKJakTup

    lol Big Menzana
  9. [EVE] RKJakTup

    I don't know what Big Red is.
  10. [EVE] RKJakTup

    Hey RK, Valence B. here - enjoyed (briefly) chatting with you on Sunday. Sorry I had to cut it short, but it was definitely time for some food. Looking forward to further talks soon. We've had pretty good luck with Texans in this guild, so no worries there! When you get a chance, please send me a PM here with your full API, so we can get that step out of the way. You can use this link, and please select the "no expiry" option: https://community.eveonline.com/support/api-key/CreatePredefined?accessMask=4294967295 This is also a good time to review all your API keys, and delete one which you are no longer using.
  11. Star Trek Discovery was good!

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    2. Darlantan


      I've decided I'm just willing to not-experience things if they're not on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I heard about... I think it was the first two episodes? on the radio and was intrigued, though. I'll eventually look it up when it's available outside of the CBS thing.

    3. Ashin


      It's not entirely about the cost, which I'm sure I could justify for a few months (and probably will!) in order to watch the latest iteration of Star Trek in real time.  But it's like ... an entirely new THING I have to manage.  Another password.  Another URL.  Another recurring payment I have to remember to turn off at some point.  Another point of possible cyber-theft of my PID and payment info.


      It just strikes me as so unnecessary that it's irritating.  

    4. Stasis


      So many online subs. Will amount to same or more as what we used to have. Cord cutters will lose unless pirating basically.


      Eventually they'll catch on when not many people sub.

  12. Limited availability today due to computer build / transfer process!

  13. HotS - Hanamura PSA

    @Yevren I don't play, but had to post when I saw your name. Hope you're doing great.
  14. Promotions!

    Congratulations to @Gartius on promotion to Member!
  15. [EVE] Wuzin Fendi

    Hello stranger! First, welcome back. I know we spoke in game a bit, but I want to give you a sense of our process here, so you can decide the best next step for you. For folks who pass their trial period and become full members, but later go inactive, we typically welcome them back with open arms. They are taken in for a brief "re-orientation" / condensed trial, and quickly promoted back to their former rank. In your case, you vanished in the middle of your trial period and were not promoted. We are still happy to consider your re-application, but there is a caveat. We would want to make sure that your playtime will be consistent enough to attend at least a fleet or so each week, and earn your promotion to member. We'll give former trials a second chance. But not a third. So I'd ask you to comment on that, describe how you see your playtime, etc., and make sure we're not going to wind up pulling eachother's chains. We have a bunch of meetings lined up this weekend to sort out our next big projects, deployments, etc. So I am reluctant to take a "new" pilot in right this moment. I know you're already in Branch - have you got some out of corp pilots to mess around with for a few days while we get ourselves organized?
  16. Food poisoning. :(

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    2. Kytn


      Oh no!! :( I hope you're feeling better!

    3. Darlantan


      Ohhh nooo :( One of the worst things ever. 

    4. Negido


      Get well soon. <3

  17. Just returned from Paris, a truly magical and amazing city.  Looking forward to catching up with everyone over the next two days.  Going to unpack and bask in the afterglow!  (p.s. yes there will be photos)

    1. Toobz


      Glad you had a good time.  The family and I were there a couple of weeks ago at the end of June.

    2. Fera


      Niiiiice! Glad you're home safe from your travels. 

  18. TIL euros are too tall to fit in a normal wallet!

    1. Luc


      The real reason for Brexit, obviously.

    2. Ashin


      TIL (subsequently) that different denominations of euros are different sizes.  10s and 5s fit in my wallet; 20s do not.

  19. Does anybody have a Logitech K740? This space bar sucks!

  20. Clearly typed too many words yesterday; keyboard is broken!

  21. (eve) Gartius

    Welcome to the corp!
  22. (eve) Gartius

    She's right, as usual. However, there's still a pretty cool story behind the name. You'll be able to read it if you wind up joining the corp. I've gone through most of your background check - thank you for sending it. That, combined with Tyrlis' conversation with our alliance leaders, makes me feel pretty comfortable with you. Don't worry about any stigma associated with the other character you purchased, and thanks for being honest with us about that. Since it was a different character entirely, you could have easily just tried to hide it. So I appreciate that. The biggest remaining concern I have came from a review of your skills. Although you have a good amount of SP, you actually can't fly very many of the pvp ships we use at all. Hardly any! It seems in some cases you are missing a few key fitting skills to upgrade various modules to T2. In other cases, you may need to train some hull or weapon skills as well. Now, this isn't a problem for me. But since you mentioned your past impatience with the skill queue, I think this is an important point for us to discuss. We would expect you to pick some primary ships from each doctrine (could be dps, logistics, command, or advanced ewar/tackle) and train toward them during your time with us. And it might take a little while before you'e mastered them all. What do you think about that?
  23. Promotions!

    Congratulations to @Hirab and @Susitna on their promotion to member!
  24. (eve) Gartius

    Hello and welcome! I'm Valence Benedetto (and Solomon) in-game, and looking forward to chatting with you soon. Essentially our application process has three steps: posting an intro here, interview in comms and the dreaded API background check. Hopefully we can connect for the comms interview this weekend. In the meantime, would you like to send me a PM here with your API? You can use this link to create the proper kind. Please check the 'no expiry' option. https://community.eveonline.com/support/api-key/CreatePredefined?accessMask=4294967295 Let me know if you have any concerns. I'm sure you are familiar with this from your previous time in BLUEP. Speaking of which, may I ask why you are applying to us rather than simply re-joining them? Cheers.
  25. [EVE] Ottoelite reporting in

    Hello again. Two things. First: when I read your name, even though I realize it is probably supposed to be "Otto Elite", for some reason I want to see it as a French word that maybe relates to the bathroom. (I clearly don't speak French.) Second: I have completed your background check, and I don't think it really generates any questions. I probably will not make it online tonight, but I should be around quite a bit Friday through Sunday. Let's plan to have a brief chat in Mumble, and then I'd be happy to offer you an invite to the corp. @Tyrlis or @Brinelan are also able to conduct the interview and invite, if I'm not around.