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Age Requirement

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South of Heaven is an online gaming community comprised of adults. While members are expected to be civil and remain within the bounds of "good taste", we are nonetheless adults interacting as adults. This includes not only mature subjects, but mature treatment of otherwise mundane subjects. The freedom to "be ourselves" is important to us, and we have found the presence of an unsupervised minor makes this difficult to do.

Therefore, the requirement for all future applicants is 18 years of age.

We do make an exception* for family of existing members, but with the following terms and conditions in place: (a) member agrees to generally be online while the minor is online, (b) member understands that the minor will be expected to contribute to the guild and generally meet our high standards for personal conduct, © member understands that others will not be expected to censor themselves in the presence of the minor.

The in-charge party (Founder, Chapter Lead) is the final arbiter in whether an underage applicant will be accepted to the guild.

*This exception is primarily intended for moms, dads, aunts and uncles.

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