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  1. Constantly grinding for Unidentifiable items now.

  2. Hope everyone had a good Easter! Spending this week gearing up for raiding in FFXIV.

  3. It's almost Christmas! Awesome! Got to i202 today.

  4. Relaxing at my parent's with a nice Expert run. Almost at the 990 eso for my new weapon!

  5. Gonna be at an anime convention this weekend! Hooray!

  6. Yeah, i193! Going to grind for an i200 Eso weapon or i205 weapon from Thordan.

  7. SCH at i189! Gonna try and get some Mistbreak items.

  8. Thursday! Gonna update my SCH, as I want to focus on healing more effectively.

    1. Dililah


      No, no! FRIDAY!! At least my Friday!

  9. They are precious little things and should be hugged. Except when they stab you. (please don't stab me)
  10. I played a Red Mage on Asura in XI - it's my all-time favorite class in all of Final Fantasy. I only played for a little bit, about 7 months or so. No real end-game involvement - I just played through the story. I like cooking up some stir-fry. I make my own sauce, too! I'd be a piece of alexandrite anyday. It's a beautiful gemstone with amazing color-changing properties!
  11. I love dogs, but Pusheen is fine by me lol. I don't have a PS4, but I plan on getting one soon so I can try out Bloodborne!
  12. Hello everyone, I'm Mitsuko. By day, I work as a UI designer for mobile applications. By night, I'm a summoner on FFXIV! I've been a huge fan of Final Fantasy ever since watching my friends play FFX late at night. Since then I've played I, III, VI, VIII, X, XI, XII, and XIII - all of them very entertaining to play. I'm eager to see what XV will be like! Other fun facts: - I enjoy cooking food for myself and guests, and I like to think I've gotten pretty good over the years. - I'm an avid reader. My favorite genres are sci-fi and fantasy novels. - I know a lot of things in pretty much any subject. I played a lot of Trivial Pursuit and watched a lot of Jeopardy when I was little. I hope to make some good friends here, and I can't wait to see what's in store!
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