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  1. HotS 2.0 Update

    If you have room I'd like to play a few during the 2.0 event. I haven't played HoTS much but I kinda want those Overwatch skins so I'll give it a shot. I have a decent amount of time played in LoL so I have experience in MOBAs.
  2. Code of Conduct

    Read and signed!
  3. FFXIV - Shakko

    7:30 EST will work. Talk to you then!
  4. FFXIV - Shakko

    @Minori I actually didn't have too much opportunity to purple-club many people in EQ1. Though I remember in Plane of Nightmare the camps were so boring and long that I had to make things interesting by watching the tank panic when he got low. Other than occasional Plane camps, I mostly duo'ed with a ranger, and if I remember correctly rangers didn't go unconscious, they just died as soon as a mob looked at them. I did manage to finish my leaf-blower quest though! @MidriThanks for the advice! I bought HW, so I should hopefully get some levels while catching up now. I'll be available any night this week, just let me know what works for you. Here is kitty, she's very smart and sweet but kinda has a derp eye which I think is even cuter: @sup3rg00seUh you're really putting me on the spot here. They are small. And I have a sneaking suspicion they are actually the true ruling class of Eorzea.
  5. FFXIV - Shakko

    Hey everyone, I saw a reply from you guys in a recruitment thread on Reddit and I ended up here. It looks like previous introduction posts kinda went over history, so here you go. I'm a 31 year old IT Professional (systems management) who has been playing MMOs since EverQuest. I played EQ1 for a few years but was mostly just solo, played a druid, always had fun camping the dwarves in Butcherblock for easy xp / monies. When Everquest 2 released, my guild switched over and I spent most of my college years playing that. Most of the time I was running dungeons, but was also on a pretty strict raiding schedule (6 out of 7 days--still burnt out from that). Around 2008 I started playing WoW and tried all of the expansions since then, but never played them for much longer than a month or two. There were a few MMOs in-between, including SW:TOR, Aion, Rift, Eve...really just tried most of the "big" ones but didn't stick with any other than EQ and WoW. A lot of my old guildmates are friends I know in person, but they aren't too interested in MMOs anymore, so I've decided I'd like to branch out a bit on my own. I have a lot of experience with healers, as that is the majority of what I play in MMOs, but have played DPS a bit. Healing seems much more dynamic to me, and I enjoy that challenge. Also I avoid tanking since I'm terrible at it. I played FF14 when ARR was released and got my white mage to level 50. Didn't spend much time in the game after finishing the main story, and I think I quit before the first major patch. Now it looks like I have about four or five patches worth of quests before I can even start Heavensword, so that will be fun. Let me know what else you'd guys like to know Oh...also, I have a cat.