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  1. Following your responses I have to ask.... are you actually Canadian?
  2. Hi! welcome ~ Looking forward to seeing you in discord - We demand animal pix a lot but do note that a lot of us are crazy cat ladies and cat pix dominate our discord. If you were a video game protagonist, which would you be and why? What are your thoughts on poutine being served with tater tots instead of fries? How many maple trees are there in Canada and do you think the Canadian army is doing a good job guarding them?
  3. Which library do you work at? Do you mind if I just showed up and visited you and said HI IM MINA FROM SOH
    1. Show previous comments  25 more
    2. Xander117


      we should make the chat ingrained into our brains so we can always chat together whenever we want


    3. Inedit


      RIP best Chapter in SoH!

    4. Grieve


      Long live Chat Chapter!

  4. Heart broken and crying. I have never been so afraid to live in this country.

    1. Fera


      :( I feel your pain my friend. Chin up -- we survived Bush/Cheney, we can probably survive this evil as well. You are always welcome to move to Red Wing, MN! Nice small town full of Dems. I have a room for you ^^

    2. Mina


      <3 Fera, thank you for offering. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area - biggest bunch of liberals you'd ever find so I haven't really had any issues, everyone around are sad and angry.  Lots of protests and riots. I live in a big bubble. I'm just afraid to leave it.

    3. Mina




      I stand corrected.  This happened on BART (the transit I take to go to work each day) 


      All the ugly people are coming out of hiding. 

  5. Chat is empty :( Where are my Chat Chapter friends?

  6. Chat works now! Yay! 

  7. I won $7 from the Powerball (from my mom's set of numbers I made her give me...) I spent $20. -$13 huzzah!

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    2. Scp


      I'm not sure how you spent $15 @ $2/play >.>

    3. Grieve


      Maybe he did the powerplay option for the extra $1 per pick.

    4. Scp


      forgot about that.. i always decline the power play when i do buy PB

  8. Chat error QQ Is it just me? :(

    1. Darlantan


      Tried to enter in another tab. Error central!

    2. Merriwhizzle


      Got kicked and can't get back in.

    3. Derodek


      nah I'm locked out too

  9. In chat by my lonesome because I have to work on Christmas Eve :(

    1. Tilluk


      Awwww :( /hugs merry xmas mina

  10. Specifically for Minori because we had this conversation... but don't eat at Chipotle: http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/chipotle-outbreak-grows-80-boston-college-students-n476316?cid=sm_fb

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    2. oXJerXo


      I try to hit Chipotle once a week. It's a fav of mine. Lunch tasted really good today too, maybe it was the ecoli...

    3. Minori


      I'm getting some when it re-opens! Nom!

    4. oXJerXo


      You are brave Minori!

  11. Technical problems at work. Including internet down. Instead of calling in someone to fix it, they expect me to do it. Definitely in my job description.

  12. Forgot to mention this, but new update for Steam for phone is beyond awful. Uninstall/10

  13. I approve of your avatar. I won't have to shoo you from chat until you returned with one! +1
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