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  1. Why haven't we been contacted by aliens? I'd have to go about that for the same reason Fermi established the paradox is the same reason you could argue it's unlikely. The universe is vast, and most of it appears to be the way it is randomly...or, if there's instructions, we haven't deciphered them yet. But, if you think about the mechanics of just how our planet works and its ability to sustain life...that's hitting an impressively small target. Earth's orbit shifts just enough and this rock is nothing but ice or fire. So Fermi is probably right, there are probably many earth like worlds
  2. Ah, I guess it wants account name...that would make sense...I gave you a character name. Out of touch doesn't describe that. Anyways, haha...my account is @Singularity80.
  3. Welcome Life...and you're kind of playing...this is your...Life...there's my meta points for the day. What's your take on the current state of WoW? It appears if the gaming media is informed correctly, things have gone a little sideways in that world for the first time in a long memory.
  4. Thanks all for the welcomes and questions...let me see what I can do here: Grieve: When I first moved to KC (that's not even been 3 years yet), I was treated to a lot of BBQ, so I've waned off it for some time. However, probably the two most "go-to" BBQ places are Jack Stack and what is now just called "Joe's BBQ". Formerly Oklahoma Joe's, but, due to a spat I know little about, the Oklahoma part had to go away. Backlog clearing...well, I re-visited the first Assassin's Creed game cranked up nice and high at 1440p and running at 60FPS, which was simply not achievable
  5. Greetings to everyone of south of heaven...is that a moment to self realize I'm now in hell, or just purgatory? I'll work on that next time the power goes off. And no joke, 10 minutes later, my power did go off. I happened upon your group after a frustrating search in many directions for some other adults who were playing Destiny 2. I didn't think anything in the world would be harder than finding my car keys, and that's what I get for thinking. So I suppose I'll be somewhat concise, otherwise this will start to sound like that person who talks loud enough in airports that en
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