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  1. Why haven't we been contacted by aliens? I'd have to go about that for the same reason Fermi established the paradox is the same reason you could argue it's unlikely. The universe is vast, and most of it appears to be the way it is randomly...or, if there's instructions, we haven't deciphered them yet. But, if you think about the mechanics of just how our planet works and its ability to sustain life...that's hitting an impressively small target. Earth's orbit shifts just enough and this rock is nothing but ice or fire. So Fermi is probably right, there are probably many earth like worlds orbiting many Sun-like stars...but how many of them have advanced life and civilization on them? Long odds. Maybe they did and they had extinction level events like Earth has, but humans didn't manage to survive them? Could be all of that, could be none of that. Of course I say all that and next thing you know a comet could come whizzing by with some space lab attached to it in a desperate attempt to get here. In the absence of warp drive, that would be one way to get somewhere in the galaxy fast...land on a comet and ride it. And, I glaze my own eyes over thinking about that. In a good way. :)
  2. Ah, I guess it wants account name...that would make sense...I gave you a character name. Out of touch doesn't describe that. Anyways, haha...my account is @Singularity80.
  3. Welcome Life...and you're kind of playing...this is your...Life...there's my meta points for the day. What's your take on the current state of WoW? It appears if the gaming media is informed correctly, things have gone a little sideways in that world for the first time in a long memory.
  4. Thanks all for the welcomes and questions...let me see what I can do here: Grieve: When I first moved to KC (that's not even been 3 years yet), I was treated to a lot of BBQ, so I've waned off it for some time. However, probably the two most "go-to" BBQ places are Jack Stack and what is now just called "Joe's BBQ". Formerly Oklahoma Joe's, but, due to a spat I know little about, the Oklahoma part had to go away. Backlog clearing...well, I re-visited the first Assassin's Creed game cranked up nice and high at 1440p and running at 60FPS, which was simply not achievable in 2007 when it released. It's a totally different game that way. There's still a particular level of appeal that franchise has to hold for a player, but, if you remember liking the game 11 years ago, playing it with modern hardware is a transforming experience. Assassin's Creed II was a much better hitting of the stride originally, but, even now it still was a noticeably better experience. On the flip side Spec Ops: The Line was...I can't even begin to describe it. Mechanically the game worked, but that's hard to screw up when you're copying and pasting Gears of War, a game with some of the most robust control mechanics around. Other than that...well, let's just say it's a mess...a dark, definitely wanted to be Apocalypse Now mess. I'm glad I got it for free. I'm definitely playing other games and have been, most of my backlog clearing has been solo. I majority solo-played both The Division and Ghost Recon Wildlands. I didn't want to, but, at some point I wasn't interested in repeatedly hearing "we should play!" and then it never happen. So I just started playing. I want to keep clearing out the backlog when I'm not contributing to SoH activities. I did play Destiny 1, but only to the end of the main game. I've always been a Titan so far. Destiny 2? Well, I would like to know what happens...I mean that Gaul guy shows up and says "Imagine a world without light." So, I assume he's a very menacing collector from the electric company. So finding out if The Traveler ends up getting the bill paid and making Gaul go away would be nice. On a more serious note, I want to see the ends of the story content (this is my "backlog completion" benchmark)...how far I go down the PvE rabbit hole I just don't know. I know I will not be interested in PvP. To some degree I feel like that's an era come and gone for myself anyway. At some point or another I've had my hand in most of the bigger MMOs, and been burned by a few (Age of Conan, Hellgate: London)...somewhere...there's a lifetime account for Lord of the Rings Online registered to me...was in WoW years ago...EVE Online...ESO is the only one I really sunk any particular hours into. The quest chains, big and small, all have their fun and unique twists. Hobbies...while not regular like daily...when the weather is tolerable, I like good whisky and good cigars. I like to try a lot of different coffees. I played around with doing YouTube and Twitch content for a while. Since I don't have a lot of obligations in life other than my career, I can explore my curiosities at will. And while it isn't a hobby, really...black cars. My cars must be black. I currently own two slick black Cadillacs. Feel free to queue up the Quiet Riot song. It will feels alright.... Fera: I haven't been in ESO super regular since I started tackling my backlog, but I'm @Armahael on the game. I can't say I even know what a trial is. Dungeons and delves, those look familiar. I remember where I was trying to just knock down the quests and such...but I'm open to anything that represents progression. Rundown: I'd go with Joe's if you ever get back to KC...Jack Stack has the notoriety but Joe's is the local favorite. The backlog business is tough, you're truly leveled up on mental discipline if you start doing it...I've been spending time in a subreddit called r/patientgamers which has a lot of people trying to work backlogs. I try to help there when I can. I see it generally, as two-fold...you have to decide on a goal to achieve for any given game so you can call it "done" at some point, and then you also have to stop or slow down adding to the pile...because even if you set out to not 100% a game like say Skyrim as your goal...that one is going to take time. It won't seem like much progress if you acquire 20 more games in that space of time...or as I like to call it, what Singularity did the entirety of 2016. I bought 40-50 games in 2016, and I finished none. That was a breaking point. Edit: My most recent backlog completion was F.E.A.R., earlier this week. I scrapbooked some of my journey through that game on Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/744OU72
  5. Greetings to everyone of south of heaven...is that a moment to self realize I'm now in hell, or just purgatory? I'll work on that next time the power goes off. And no joke, 10 minutes later, my power did go off. I happened upon your group after a frustrating search in many directions for some other adults who were playing Destiny 2. I didn't think anything in the world would be harder than finding my car keys, and that's what I get for thinking. So I suppose I'll be somewhat concise, otherwise this will start to sound like that person who talks loud enough in airports that ensures the 20 people closest to them are also involved in their conversation. Normally, I'd go on about how I'm old and crusty in some varying ways, maybe mentioning the Atari 2600 or Crystal Pepsi or Entertech water guns (batteries and water...the 80's was a special time)...but, I suspect my near 38 years of age doesn't make me the oldest 'round these parts perhaps. I presently work live and work in Kansas City, Missouri, as a contractor doing information architecture stuff. It puts a roof over my head and my dog and keeps most other problems manageable. Gaming wise I've seen and played a lot, lately my favorite activity has been killing the backlog of games I've barely touched. Since January of 2017 I've knocked down 30 games, some classics, some not known at all...and I tried to do Destiny 2 by myself...but, the game just seems rather unwelcoming by yourself. I've spent some time with ESO as well, and even while it certainly looks enjoyable with friends, it just..."feels" like it welcomes a solo player more. Other than that, I guess on a more serious note, just trying to make some gaming friends. A while ago I realized I only know people who like to talk about games, they don't like to play them. I spent a lot of time talking as well, and now I'm back to playing. But, if I continue solo, someday the backlog killing won't be enough, and then I'll be searching for a new hobby. For now anyway, I'd rather trying to get the most out of this. Hope to see you all around the Discord soon.
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