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  1. If I were to guess, it may be the Minnesota Windchill maybe?
  2. Even though I don't watch football as much anymore, I will always be a fan of the Patriots. My favorite ultimate team is definitely at tie between the DC Breeze and the Madison Radicals. 100% the city no question about it. I'm not a big outdoorsy person. This may come with a bit of nostalgia goggles, but I've always loved Ashenvale. I used to play on the Alliance when I first started and loved the questing experience, architecture, and lore there. That and I spent a ton of time there when WSG first came out and you had to physically be at the location and wait for a battleground. It used to be a thing on my old server to do world PvP between the horde side in the Barrens and the alliance in Ashenvale. It was overall just a great zone for me.
  3. I took some time yesterday to read up on the Code of Conduct/policies. I do have to say, "fulcrum" may have to be used if necessary Unfortunately, I don't currently have any pets, but when I buy a house in the near future I am considering getting a dog or two. I don't think I've ever been to New Orleans or Minnesota, but I am used to cold weather since I'm originally from Massachusetts. I absolutely HATE the heat down here.
  4. Hello everyone, My name IRL is Jerome (Primary IGN Pathnic along with many other names). Xotic recommend that I check you guys out since I recently got back into WoW. I have to say, after reading the outlined policies I am quite excited in finding out if this community will be a good fit (a big part of this is due to my work schedule and there being no play-time requirements). A Little Background: I am 23 and live in the South-Eastern U.S. and work as a network administrator. My work schedule is usually consistent, but I am expected to work after-hours sometimes, which has made it hard at times to put a ton of hours into gaming. I've been playing games for as long as I can remember, all the way back to playing Mario the NES. My gaming interest are broad and range from relaxed multiplayer games like Divinity Original Sin to character action games like Dark Souls and recently Monster Hunter. In the past, I have played a number of MMOs (WoW has been off and on for a while, Tera Online, Dungeon Fighter Online, Blade and Soul, Black Desert, and Vindictus to name a few). In MMOs I tend to focus on PVE content like raiding, but I haven't been a complete stranger to PVP in most of the games I've played. Non-gaming related hobbies I have are mostly athletic-based activities. I love going to the gym after work. It's pretty much cemented in my schedule. Making progress on different lifts and seeing small changes in physique happen over time has become a rewarding and important part of my life since I've started working out about 2 years ago. I also play Ultimate Frisbee on a club and recreational level. I started playing about 6 years ago when I started college and haven't stopped since. I look forward to meeting everyone, and if you want to know anything else about me ask away!
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